New Videos Detail Mighty No. 9's Actions and More

Wow, there's all sorts of new Mighty No. 9 stuff coming up all of a sudden, isn't there?

Following the announcements of a new funding initiative and an animated series, Comcept has now updated their Kickstarter page with several short new videos to demonstrate the basic gameplay of Mighty No. 9.

In this first video, we get to see some of the basic actions familiar to Mega Man fans: Running, jumping, and shooting. Some have seemed worried that dashing would be required to beat enemies, but as you can see here, that's not the case-- you can still blow 'em to bits, oldschool-style.

Next up, it's climb-time! Beck may not sport the wall-kicking abilities of a Mega Man X, but he can climb ladders and hang with the best of 'em!

Though his wall game may not be as dynamic and exciting as an X or a Zero, Beck is still a rather dashing hero, and his acceleration might even put the Hunters to shame! Dashing has been shown as a part of the gameplay from early on (well, earlier on... we're still pretty early on in this whole thing), but this gives a better example of what it's all about.

Some have expressed concerns of having to keep track of an enemy's damage to know when to dash at it, but from what we can tell, an enemy susceptible to the dash attack will have a certain glow to indicate it's sufficiently weakened.

Comcept notes that if you're not careful about when you dash, you can end up taking more damage and recoil than if you just ran into the enemy normally, so be careful! "And if there’s a pit or trap there… Well let’s just say abuse the Dash/Dash-Absorb action at your own risk..."

But the risk may well be worth it, as the maneuver allows Beck to absorb the enemies' Xel, which is not only what the robots in this universe are made of, but also what seems to allow Beck to transform into his various alternate forms, such as this one:

Seems like this would be more fun than grinding for energy capsules when your weapon power runs low, but that's just one opinion.

Beyond demonstrating Beck's abilities, the update also notes that they realized some things from the Anime Expo need further explanation, and are working on a new FAQ. In the meantime, they offer this regarding the issue of voice acting:

"Of all the feedback and suggestions we’ve received, one of the most prominent requests so far has been making both Japanese and English voice acting available for the first stretch goal. Truth is, we had intended to have both VAs as stretch goals all along, and to that end we launched the Japanese side of our new crowdfunding campaign at the Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake at the beginning of the week.
"We were running on the idea that Japanese fans would be more motivated by Japanese voice acting, and English-speakers by an English one. We were surprised (pleasantly so!) by the Mighty Beckers that came out in droves to support the idea of Japanese voice work, asking us why they weren’t included in the Stretch Goals to begin with.
"This led to our decision to combine both stretch goals into one, larger stretch goal, as you can see now on the Mighty No. 9 site. We understand that you still have concerns about this new process, and please know that this is an ongoing dialogue we want to maintain with the backers.
"We hope you take this first step as an olive branch, and that you continue to ask us the important questions that guide our internal decisions. We look forward to your feedback!"

There is still more to be seen in the update, including KIMOKIMO and Imaeda talking about the development of Mighty No. 2's design, a look at a new stage which received some harsh feedback from none other than Inafune himself, and more. You can find all of that here.