Mighty No. 9 Hits Pushmo


Fans of Mega Man have been a pretty creative bunch over the years, bringing the Blue Bomber and other series characters to various games that feature player-generated content. Now as Mighty No. 9 takes shape, its titular character is starting to venture where the other blue robot once treadMN9 fan Wilford111 has created a playable puzzle for the Nintendo 3DS game Pushmo (Pullblox in Europe) that features the new blue robot.

For the uninitiated, Pushmo combines three-dimensional block puzzles with simple platforming to create one of the best puzzle games in years. On top of coming with over two hundred puzzles, players can also create and share their own puzzles through use of the QR Code. So if you have the game and have progressed enough through it for this size and complexity, snap a photo of the QR code with your 3DS!

Created or seen some Mighty No. 9-related fan works? Pushmo or not, we would love to read about it in the comments!

Source: deviantART