New Mighty No. 9 Goal: Call Exclusive Stage

Even with the clearance of the support character goal, and the juicy next gen consoles goal lying just ahead, Comcept is still prepared to offer even more for Mighty No. 9 . Should the game reach 3.7 million in its final push, heroine Call will get her own single player stage and boss.

Coming from the Kickstarter page

Yes! We heard the feedback from our community, and at this level, we would be thrilled to fulfill this popular wish -- to add an all-new single-player level, including a boss fight, where you can play as Mighty No. 9’s heroine, Call! We agree it would be a fun addition and a great way to mix up the action, so fingers crossed we can make it this far!

As long as the funding keeps coming, Mighty No. 9  will keep offering more and more it seems! 

Front page artwork created by Simon Anderson.