Putting Out the Call for Call! Character Design Voting Begins Now!

As promised, Comcept is giving users the chance to vote on their favorite design for Beck's partner character in Mighty No. 9 , Call. But they're not making the choice easy, as they're not offering just two or three designs to muse over, but a whopping nine

Call is introduced with these details: 

  • Call is a female robot originally created by Dr. White’s friend, Dr. Sanda, to help assist him with his research; she somehow avoided being infected by the virus causing all the other robots to go berserk and has pledged to help Beck. 
  • Call was not imbued with the human characteristics that make Beck unique, so she’s more of a pure robot -- as you might imagine, this contrast can lead to some interesting differences and misunderstandings whenever they interact!

From now until Tuesday, October 1st at 5:30 PM PST, you can use this survey to chose your favorite design from the nine. While I'm still partial to the classic design we were first introduced to (F), I won't lie - there are a lot of cute designs!

Right now the voting is simply for the actual design. The coloring and such will be decided in activities down the road. The results to this poll will be shown on the Kickstarter live stream this Tuesday! So get in there and vote!