Mighty No. 9 Puts Handhelds on the Horizon

With only a few days to go, Mighty No. 9  has added a new monumental goal to its Kickstarter fundraiser. If the pledged dollars can reach 3.5 million,  Beck will be blasting his way onto Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita handhelds as a digital download! Currently, Mighty No. 9  is at roughly 2.7 million, so it will be quite a push. But the mighty Beckers have already shown they can make numbers, so nothing's out of the question!


One way that Comcept is giving the backers to push up their pledges is by offering additional "physical copies" of the game.  For an additional $26, you can get a Steam version of Mighty No. 9  on CD, or for an additional $36 a Steam version on a USB fashioned after a cartridge (with both NES and Famicom variants). These are great collector's items, or a nice way to get a copy of the game for your friends! (The above images are placeholders.)

And finally, in case you missed it, Comcept released an introductory installment of 2 Player Productions' Mighty No. 9  documentary. This shows the work and mindset going into the project leading up to its announcement. Not to mention a sneak peek at Mighty No. 7, and a quick word from our own James McKinney! Check it out below!