Setting Sights on Mighty No. 8

In what's seemingly the final boss reveal for the Kickstarter updates, Comcept shows off the stealth and sniping themed boss robot Mighty No. 8. Decked out in a cape and radar dish hat, this combatant is so serious he doesn't even bother to repair his missing right arm. Although he's a little brightly colored for a stealth fighter.

Unlike with some of the other boss characters, Mighty No. 8's design was seemingly nailed right from the start, despite that he was originally supposed to be a she. Even Inafune's input didn't reflect much in the final design this time. What do you all think of this brooding hunter? 

As this is said to be the final boss update, it remains to be seen how we'll find out about Mighty Nos. 4 and 7. Hopefully some kind of info comes soon!