Mighty No. 3 Struts Her Stuff

The weekend is over, and a new evil Mighty No. is revealed. And this week's boss feature, Mighty No. 3, might be the most striking yet. You had a taste from the puzzle 100,000 Strong and us provided, but how do your musings from that compare to the real deal?

Mighty No. 9 is coming right out the door with a female boss (which took its predecessor a while to get to). But gender aside, she's certainly a candidate for the most terrifying boss we've seen. On the Kickstarter updater, you can see that her design went through a number of revisions and checks, to make sure she had themes like "frenzied" and "face-clawing." Be sure to check out all the concept pieces!

With that, we just have three more Mighty Nos. yet to be revealed. Furthermore, the Kickstarter fundraiser is incredibly  close to reaching the much sought after console stretch goal. Now would be a great time to make a push to 2.2 million!