New M#9 Concept Art Forecasts Some Big Bosses

We earlier showed you Inafune's sketch providing a sneak peek at Mighty No. 3. However, as reward for solving the puzzle, Daniel was presented with some new, unseen concept art that he has agreed to let us share (thanks man!). And while Beck might have his hands full with his fellow Mighty Nos., the developers plan to throw some huge bosses at him, too.

This is a concept for one such huge boss. Rather than an actual boss design, I think it's meant more to be brainstorming how a giant boss battle would work. The text reads "Giant bosses. We'd like to have these... For each part that's destroyed, the camera angle could change, and such. The red part is a target. When you break it you can climb onto the hands and attack the head."

Thanks again, Daniel!