Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter Stretch Goal Update: Consoles Being Prioritized

mno9banner The Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter has reached a new stretch goal at $1,500,000, which means that New Game Plus and Turbo Mode are now a go. But that's not the only news to come from reaching this milestone.

The fans have made their pleas heard loud and clear, and as a result, the entire stretch goal arrangement has been reorganized. $1,750,000 is the new goal for the making-of documentary, and $2,200,000 is now the new goal for bringing Mighty No. 9 to consoles, with the mystery stretch goals being pushed back. "We realized the other stretch goals we had planned would be more welcome after this overriding priority, where they wouldn’t pale so much in comparison," the team stated in their latest update.

You can read all about their reasoning and decision here, and if you're interested in checking out some fan art and some new Q&A, then have a look at their "Communi-Tuesday" feature!