Keiji Inafune Delivers a Special Message About Funding of Mighty No. 9

Now that Mighty No. 9 has been funded, Project Lead Keiji Inafune of Comcept has made a quick video to thank everyone for helping reach the initial goal within 40 hours:

Since making the video, the Kickstarter has gone on to reach its first stretch goal as well, which the Mighty No. 9 addresses at further length here while highlighting a piece of fan art from Kevin Bolk in the process.

Additionally, they offer a few words regarding this success and what it means for their former colleagues in other companies, which we've highlighted for you below.

One of the things we’re most proud of is the overwhelmingly positive vibe we all share in this mission. There are no losers in our success here, and no bad guys to rail against. We all know that none of the amazing stories and fond memories you've all been sharing would've ever been possible without the games that came before us, the developers who created them, and the companies who promoted and sold and spread them throughout the world. Yes, we are aiming to revive and reinvent this genre, but we do so with the deepest humility and all due respect to those who came before us, or in many cases worked alongside us -- our ex-coworkers and ex-employers, for example; whatever success we achieve here is ultimately a validation of their efforts. So we salute them -- as we do all of you -- Beck-style, with two fingers! (`_´)ゞ

Beyond this, the team says to look for a "Communi-Tuesday" update later today that will highlight some "amazing" fan art, an FAQ update based on common questions from fans, and some new reward tier ideas based on early feedback. So stay tuned for more!