The Dream is Real: Mighty No. 9 is Funded (Update)

mno9funded Keiji Inafune came to PAX and presented a request to fans: to help support his new game that would carry on the spirit of Mega Man. And the fans responded. With over 15,000 backers, and in just over 39 hours, Comcept's Kickstarter campaign for Mighty No. 9 is officially funded. The game is going to happen, and the supporters made sure it happened fast.

Of course, there is still a long road ahead. While it's fantastic the project is a go, the game can continue to get better with more funding. It may be a big stretch, even in spite of the rapid funding Mighty No. 9 received, but I'd really love to see this title grace consoles. There's still plenty of time to reach that 2.5 million mark, so keep spreading the word and rallying support!

A very big thanks to everyone giving their support! Keep it up!

Update: The Kickstarter has now surpassed one million dollars. That doesn't get us anything new, but it's a nice, round number to quote until it reaches $1,200,000, the first stretch goal.