Originally published on June 3rd, 2002. The Mega Man Network: What is the most interesting or odd thing that has happened in your experience working for Capcom? A question you recieved, a problem or situation that occurred, that sort of thing.

Rey Jimenez: I see something almost everyday that is interesting or noteworthy. I can't really narrow it down to one event. Most of them are just things that make us laugh. For instance, this is the latest e-mail that made us laugh here. It just made me want to say, "What?". This is the whole e-mail, cut and pasted. "why must do i have to what to see if i did or didn't when an xbox"

TMMN: Do you personally play Capcom games?

ReyJ: I sure do. I play pretty much all genre's of video games, including Capcom games. Many gamers seem to forget that many of us are in the industry because we ourselves are gamers and we like to play video games.

TMMN: What is your favorite series that Capcom produces?

ReyJ: I like to play Street Fighter games and Resident Evil and mostly every Capcom series out there, but the single Capcom game that I play the most is Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.

TMMN: Do you have a favorite Mega Man game or series?

ReyJ: Honestly, I play Mega Man X, but it's just too hard for me to fully enjoy. I was never too good at playing platform games. But I really like the Battle Networks [sic] series. I think it's pretty innovative in it's gameplay and I like RPG's.

TMMN: What do you think of the Capcom, or more specifically Mega Man, fandom?

ReyJ: Personally, I feel that Mega Man fans are some of the most enthusiastic and loyal game fans out there. They are pure gamers. They like a game for it's characters, story, and level of gameplay. On the same note, they can be very hard to please. I just hope that as Mega Man evolves, fans will like it.

TMMN: What do you think of Capcom's localization of games?

ReyJ: As an employee here, I understand that there are complications in the localization process that I cannot go into. I feel that Capcom does the best job that we can do to do bringing a game to the US. I'm pretty easy to please, so infractions in the translation process do not bother me.

TMMN: Have you heard of any plans to localize the Rockman.EXE anime that is currently airing in Japan?

ReyJ: I have not heard any such plans.

TMMN: Do you, or have you ever, visited Capcom of Japan?

ReyJ: I did a brief layover in Yokahama AFB years ago, but that would hardly count as visiting. I was only there for 5 hours. I would really like to go there. Me and my girlfriend are planning to go sometime next year or the year after. She has been studying Japanese for a while and she loves the culture.

TMMN: What advice would you give to someone who would like to enter the gaming industry as you have?

ReyJ: Don't worry where you start in the industry. Just get your foot in the door. Many developers start off at the bottom rung of the ladder. Start as a tester, CSR, anything really. Once you are in, you can always move up. There are many developers that got their start by just testing or doing CS. Once you are in, most companies are very good up about moving people up in the ranks. Just get the necessary education that you need for your ultimate goal. It varies depending on the job that you are trying to get.

TMMN: What do you hope to see over here?

ReyJ: Specifically from Capcom, I would like to see more racing games, RPG's, and a new Street Fighter. I love good racing games and RPG's and I don't think that we do enough of either. A good, 1 on 1 Street Fighter game would be good to. I just want to see the evolution of the characters that we know and love move on to the next level.