Our interviews section chronicles "inside" looks at various aspects of the Mega Man franchise. They are marked in order of addition, along with a small notation as to where the source was. If it's an TMMN-exclusive interview, it is marked with (TMMN) beside it. The Mega Man Network Interviews Archie’s Ian Flynn on Mega Man/Sonic Crossover (TMMN) - 8/14/12 We speak with Archie scribe Ian Flynn to get the skinny on all the questions you want to know about the upcoming comic crossover between the Blue Bomber and the Blue Blur.

The Mega Man Network Interviews Ian Flynn on Proto Man & More (TMMN) - 6/20/12 Archie will soon be attempting to go where few mediums have gone before-- deep into the past and the origins of the robot known as "Proto Man." We chat with the Archie scribe about what it's like to go about such a monumental task.

TMMN Talks to The Score’s Arda Ocal About Mega Man (TMMN) - 2/17/12 Sportscaster Arda Ocal has been known to wear Mega Man shirts on The Score's Aftermath show and tweet about his exploits in the games, so we decided to speak with him about the fandom he shares with the world.

TMMN Interviews Archie Mega Man Scribe Ian Flynn (TMMN) - 1/20/12 Yet more of your questions are taken to the source of all that is Archie's Mega Man comic book-- on the writing side, anyway.

The Mega Man Network Interview with Archie Comics: Your Questions Answered! (Part 1) (TMMN) - 5/10/11 Just like the title says: You had questions about Archie's upcoming Mega Man comic book series, and we did our best to get your answers.

Matt Moylan Gives Us the Straight Dope on UDON’s Upcoming Mega Man Books (TMMN) - 10/20/09 We talk to UDON's Matt Moylan about the upcoming releases of the Mega Man Official Complete Works, Mega Man X Official Complete Works, and the first volume of Hitoshi Ariga's Mega Man Megamix, all while letting Heat Man try to improve his street cred (it didn't work).

Inafune-san Answers Your Questions! - 9/5/08 Series producer Keiji Inafune stopped by the offices of Capcom USA for a visit, and Seth Killian was able to pull him aside for a few moments to answer ten selected questions from fans on the Capcom*Unity forums, including if there is a relation between Wily and Weil, and whether or not Zero wreaked havoc on Mega Man and his family in 20XX.

Random "MegaRan" Interview (TMMN) - 12/08/07 Rapper Random shares his thoughts on the Mega Man franchise, what got him into music, and his acclaimed MegaRan release, using Mega Man beats and melodies to create some fresh tracks.

Keiji Inafune Interview (GameSpot) - 9/23/07 Series producer Keiji Inafune takes a look back at the series and talks about his favorite characters and games in the franchise.

Patrick Spaziante (TMMN) – 05/23/04 Patrick Spaziante is a comic artist from Dreamwave comics. His most recent work can be seen in Mega Man #4, but he has also done numerous artwork of other famous characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog. A comic book artist for nearly twelve years, his talent and skill are known throughout the community. Recently, our own LBD "Nytetrayn" had the chance to sit down and ask Mr. Spaziante, or "Spaz" as he's also known, a few questions.

The Best Damn Mega Man Feature Period (Play Magazine) - 04/26/04 Keiji Inafune is the creative mastermind behind the Rockman/Mega Man franchises. He has been with Capcom for quite a while, and has worked on numerous other projects. Recently, PLAY Magazine sat down with him and discussed the 15-year history of Mega Man. This article was originally written by Chris Hoffman of PLAY, and contains the interview in its entirety.

Interview with Capcom’s Rey Jimenez (TMMN) - 06/03/02 Rey Jimenez is a Capcom Customer Service Representative. His quick, honest answers and friendly nature has gained him respect and trust in the eyes of many in the Mega Man fan community. We had an opportunity to ask him a few questions recently concerning his personal tastes in Capcom games.