A Parade of More Wonder Fest Garage Kits

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="title"] In my opinion, Yama Tai Koku's Leviathan would have been Best In Show at the Winter 2011 Wonder Festival, but then it's not like I even went. But it was far from the only Rockman themed garage kit appearing at the show. Here are a few more, via Tomopop. Check out their gallery to see more pics, as well as non-Rockman themed figures.

Thanks, CronoLink!

Leviathan Garage Kit Revisited

Just giving an update from our previous post to show off the finished sample of Yama Tai Koku's finished Leviathan garage kit, and boy, this is a thing of beauty. The full list of features include being completely poseable, having four face plates with different expressions, coming cast with six colors (resin kits are often entirely unpainted), and comes with decals for the pupils. Aside from the kit, you get a bonus postcard.

Again, it's going for ยฅ8,000 and is only being sold at the 2011 Winter Wonder Festival in Japan. But if you're diligent enough, you might find a way to get it! Good luck! Check here for more individual photos of the kit.

Thanks Viku-Asakura!

Mega Man Drawn in 60 Seconds

Last week I tweeted about a little challenge on 4 color rebellion. Following a trial of having people draw Sonic the Hedgehog blindly, Josh put out call for people to try drawing Mega Man in 60 seconds. Did any of you rise to the challenge? At any rate, here are some of the results. They're pretty varied, and some are pretty decent! But some, well, some are as skillful as I can draw. Except it'd take me 60 minutes.

Mega Man 2 Retro Remix Album

Looking for yet another fix of arranged Mega Man music? Artist The Greatest Bits has recently released a Mega Man 2 themed album containing the majority of Mega Man 2's music, given the retro treatment but with a bit of a kick. I really do love chiptune music myself and I definitely got into some of the samples, especially Heat Man, Quick Man and Flash Man. On the other hand, Mega Man 2 is an especially popular choice for game music arrangers, and with as much variety out there I felt a couple track seemed a bit too plain, such as Air Man and Wily Stage 1-2. But overall, I might see myself grabbing this. If you do dig the album, or at least some of it, you can purchase individual tracks or the full album digitally via Amazon, iTunes or CD Baby. Just to note, the iTunes shop is quoted in Euros instead of US dollars, so using the other two options will save you a little money.

Thanks, The Greatest Bits!

GutsMan Gets Gutted

Its been awhile but dose anyone remember that cutaway Mega Man figure? Yeah me either. Well KodyKoala has done it again, this time with one of the most brute members of the Mega Man family: Guts Man.

This figure has been repainted in a metallic paint giving it much more shine and a more robotic feel. You can also take closer looks at the custom skeleton structural and notice the high detail that has been put in it. This is truly an amazing work of art.

As for writing this, the figure has three days left and is at a whopping price of $76! Not nearly as much as his Mega Man went for, but we still have three days so who knows how high it will go!

Ridiculously Cool MVC3 Move Sets

A lot of people seem to be convinced already Mega Man is gone from Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and while I'll admit it's not looking real great, I still think it's a bit soon to give up all hope. However, it does inspire a little regret when artist Availation shows us what could have been. What's really impressive is not just how detailed the move sets are for each character, but just how well they reference the content of the Mega Man games; especially the special weapons. They say Mega Man was allegedly cut for bringing nothing new to the table, but with these plotted out, I very much beg to differ!

Via Capcom Unity

A Superb "Esperanto" (MMZ4) Remix For Your Listening Pleasure

A Superb Esperanto (MMZ4) Mix For Your Listening PleasureThe Mega Man X Series album from the Overclocked ReMix community is nearing completion (just look at all the finished tracks!). As if the gigantic track list wasn't enough, it will also feature a bonus remix of Esperanto from Mega Man Zero 4 (one of my personal favorite tracks from the series). While there isn't much new to report on the album itself, the bonus track is available in it's entirety right now. You can stream it on YouTube or grab the mp3.

The artist (who goes by "melody") had this to say about the track:

With this arrangement i sought to singularize the multi-faceted gem that is esperanto. the original seems to take on the narrative voice of zero; his response to the oppression and genocide that run rampant in rockman zero's dystopian reality. he awakens from century-long stasis to mere traces of the world he fought to protect in the past, and the song speaks of his noble decision to ultimately press onward in the face of insurmountable odds. an old war hero against the backdrop of a crumbling world, one gets the sense that he truly understands the futility of war and there are overtones of finality as he resolves to make the ultimate sacrifice to propagate his ideals.

Don't let the YouTube time display fool you, the remix clocks in at around five minutes with the other three and a half filled with Zero 4's ending.

Warning: The video below does contain spoilers so if you've never played the games, you might want to go with the mp3 version.

A Musical Tribute to Mega Man

Looking for some new arranged Mega Man tunes? Karakasa Music has just released their fanmade album Mega Man Renaissance, which you can download entirely for free! Having sampled some of the tracks, it's definitely a bit out there, but I know a lot of people look for Mega Man arrangements that are off the beaten path, so this one might be for you. And who can argue with a free soundtrack? Thanks for the heads up, Karakasa-kun!

Celebrate the New Year with X and Friends

New Years with X and the gang

Here's a special treat for everyone today! Artists kaiten and teatea have brought us this new year card to share with everyone. A beautiful image of X, Zero and Axl celebrating with the Command Mission crew in the Sky room. (Leave it to Axl to be underfoot.)

Definitely a great way to start the new year for Mega Man! Thank you kaiten and teatea!

Robot Enemies Less Dangerous When Plush

For the Mega Man fan wanting a softer approach to robot baddies, Etsy seller RabbitHollow has a plush Bomb Bat available for... B.. Bomb Bat? BOMB BAT?? It is called a BATTON you ignorant unwashed #$*&@#!!!... *huff* *huff* Ok... Yes, you can buy the Batton plush. There is also a Metool METALL available as well. I feel faint.

The plushes are available for $50 a pop, which is very much on the pricey side. But on the other hand, they are large sized and look extremely well made! I may pick them up myself since I have a lot of trouble keeping friends for some strange reason.

News Credit: GoNintendo

Look Cool as Proto Man this Halloween

Got a little Mega Man fan in the making? Then give him or her an extra boost this Halloween with this constructable Proto Man costume. Even comes with a shield and a light up buster! You can find the instructions to create the guise over at Instructables. Furthermore, there's a Mega Man costume that was posted the previous year to boot which made waves.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Waiting for Legends 3: A Tribute

Ok I'm taking a risk here. I'm posting this video without really having watched any of it yet, because I CANNOT watch more than a few seconds without completely cracking up. I apologize, Dashe, I know I'm a horrible person. However, I've been assured that the video is entirely clean. And really, when fans go to these lengths to create something like this, you just know the game is hotly anticipated. I know the rest of you have been creating your own Legends 3 themed musicals at your computers. Start recording them!

Thanks, Cleveland Rock!

More Lega Man Goodness

Yes I decided on Lega Man, even though the artist himself officially calls it Lego Mega Man. After making Lego-fied versions of the Mega Man 2 weapons, Raphael Phillips has now tackled the Robot Masters themselves. You can check them out on The 8-Bit Cubist, along with a short interview with the artist himself.

Thanks, Raphael!

The Mega Man Bosses Have Had Enough

Capcom*Unity posted this, it gave us a few chuckles, and so it was decided to pass it along to you, the Mega Man fan. CollegeHumor.com, purveyors of comedy both relating to video games and not, has put together a short back and forth conversation between Cut Man and Dr. Wily about the latter's way of doing things. Specifically, his constant tendency to make robots whose weapons are capable of destroying his other robots. And just when it seems like Cut Man is about to get through.

The unfortunate thing here is that this isn't one of the site's famed videos, which usually tend to be pretty funny. Rather, it's more like a script reading... and hopefully someone will build on that.

Oh, and we know that Cut Man isn't one of Wily's... but we'll let it slide, this time.