And Here Are the Winners of TMMN's October Giveaway

It's hard to believe we're getting toward the end of our year of contests and giveaways. We keep tossing up prizes, and you keep coming in the hundreds trying to win them! It's a pleasure that I truly don't want to end. At any rate, this time around we had the newly released 25th anniversary Rockman rock and techno arrange albums to giveaway, and two have been chosen. They are...

BaconProcurement! Taking the Rock Arrange Ver.

The first time I’ve heard Shade Man’s stage, it didn’t really leave much of an impact on me. It made me go, “Eh, whatever.” After hearing several remixes of the track from various artists (especially PRC 26's 20+ submissions) I’ve grown to really like it. I don’t know how this happened but I do like the general feel of the song as it definitely fits the stages’ theme. It even has a really cool techno feel to it despite me preferring rock music over anything else.

And Okko! Taking the Techno Arrange Ver.

I was actually not very fond of the megaman x8 boss battle theme but after fighting through all the bosses and didn’t hear it after that I started missing it and now it’s on my playlist.

Congrats you two! We'll be sending out the albums ASAP. And to everyone else, as always, thank you so much for participating. November will bring an eleventh chance to grab something awesome! What will it be? Honestly, I'm still not entirely sure. We'll see!

Announcing the Winners to the Vile's Revenge August Giveaway!

This month we gave you all another chance, no, a triple chance to win a D-Arts Vile figure. And Vile himself has chosen. I hope you're ready, because frankly, war's coming to you. You brought this on yourselves. Now without further ado, the winners are:

Blazingdude "Elec man is hands down my favorite villain. The design, the powers! He can kill mega in 2~3 hits!! Crazy ! :D"

Michael "i get hard time choosing between Bass and Vile, but i guess i'll choose Bass he's one of the legendary villain i guess :D"

Gaia "Well, I always loved how Gutsman was considered his own villain archetype in many continuities, making him one of the most uniquely looked at bosses throughout the series, plus I liked his music, and one of the most popular posteriors of the internet, quite literally if you look at him below the belt from behind.

Perhaps his greatest achievements for being one of the most personality-driven roles was the ariga mangas and the spaz comics, after the mega man 1 scenario, he had a great turnaround as a fallen hero, making up for the trouble he’s caused in both continuities by helping out rock when he needs it, as he can’t do it alone, and a great source for satire too as people seem to base their characters off him at best. Just look at that chin, Chin Up!"

This time around, prize communication is being handled by staffer mainfinger (aka Jesse), so if you haven't yet, be sure to look for his e-mail and get back to him ASAP! If we don't hear back from you, we'll have to chose someone else! And for everyone else, thank you for participating! We had a record number of entries this time - nearly 400! The next giveaway is around the corner, so there will be more chances to win cool stuff!

Post artwork by Bonsai Muraoka

Announcing May and June's Contest Winners!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I sort of hate to admit this, but being able to announce these winners lifts a huge weight off my shoulders. This is far from the first time I've had to apologize for the lateness of a contest this year, but I'd like to explain something. See, I love doing contests that encourage you guys to make things. There is no lack of talent in this community, and I see awesome fan creations on a weekly basis. That being said, a few burdens have come up in trying to do contests like this every month. First, it's tough to keep thinking of ideas that cover a varying range of skills. It would be easy to do fan art contests every month, but not everyone thinks themselves a great artist. Next, judging these contests also becomes difficult, as I've painfully found out. Not only does it take a lot of time, it takes making some harsh decisions as well. We often just get too many cool entries to make such a simple decision on. A lot of you put in fantastic efforts, but only a few can win.

But, that's largely my own sob story. And I'm very thankful for the efforts you all continue to put up in spite of how inadequately we've handled some of these contests. In the end, I just hope that we can provide some joy and fun in these times where Mega Man is on the back burner. So, without further ado...

Woah! A sudden page break! For drama!


The winners of the D-Arts Zero Type 2 figures are alexx1083 and Moogy! I want to point out here, the above images are only portions of their entries. I plan to put up everyone's entries in their entirety, but it's going to be a ton of work. Many entries were loaded with images, text, and even video! alexx1083's entry made good use of figures in a series of panels to tell a funny story. Moogy's meanwhile, well... it had a charm straight off the bat that we weren't expecting. Again, it was exceptionally tough. Many entries were deserving of prizes, and would that I could award them all.

Next is the D-Arts VAVA giveaway, the burden of which I put entirely on a random number generator. In this, the honor goes entirely to HeatGutsV3. V3's comment reads:

My favorite moment in the X series is in Megaman X2 after you collect all the pieces for Zero and your on your way to fight Sigma and a fake Zero is there waiting for you. Just when you think you have to fight him three blasts come through and destroy the fake Zero and it was the real Zero that did it. That shows that original is better than a copy.

Phew, and that wraps it up. Winners, we've already notified you via e-mail. Be sure to get back to us at your soonest convenience! Everyone else, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your contributions. Even though I've talked at length about the difficulty of upholding contests, I still pledge that TMMN will continue to have monthly prizes, likely in the form of the giveaway we did with the VAVA figure. This will definitely be the case in the next couple months, since I'll be taking a pretty big vacation in August (though I'll still find a way to be active I'm sure).

Until then, keep your eyes out for future chances of goodies! And thanks always for supporting The Mega Man Network!

At Long Last, the Valentines Blues Winners

Folks, I gotta get something off my chest. I love these contests we do, but I find it harder and harder to settle on winners with each one. It seems like each time we get more entries, more passion. And frankly, the response to this contest blew all of us away. I feel like we could have offered more. And if we keep getting strong responses like this, we just may! It took quite a bit of deliberation to pick two winners, to the point that we actually brought on a special guest judge, jgonzo from Capcom Unity! Thanks for the assist, jgonzo!

Anyway, since the winning images are staring you in the face, I must now congratulate the two winning artists: Ruby and HJ Hikari!  Congratulations to you both, you should be receiving e-mails on how to collect your prizes already. I also have a special message from Tabby, who of course was pretty central to this contest:

"This was probably the hardest art contest we've ever had to judge on TMMN. There were so many great entries, and it made it extremely tough to pick through them. You all should be very proud. I know there can only be two winners, but every single person in this contest accomplished their goal. They melted my cold evil heart. Well done. I shall now be printing these out and rolling around in them happily."

And you can too, because we've made up a gallery of all the entries. So, I guess that's another contest wrapped up. Again, thanks to everyone who entered! And remember, there are always going to be more contests, so keep on entering!

Check out the entries!

Kotobukiya Roll Contest Winners

Hey folks! I'm sorry it's taken this long to announce the results of our New Year's themed Kotobukiya Roll model kit contest. I'm sure some of you have been a little anxious! We got an amazing number of responses, over 250! It was a pretty simple contest, but that's probably the biggest response we've ever had! But we here at TMMN went through the responses, chewed it out, and concluded on two lucky people to win the kits. And those two people are...

Sarah and Aldaric!

First and foremost, congratulations to you both! Sarah has already been sent her prize. However, Aldaric, we have emailed you twice now and not yet heard back from you! Please check your Hotmail account or email us ASAP! If we don't hear from you I'll probably have to give the kit to jgonzo. He has a thing for Roll. (Edit: Thanks Ald, sent your kit!) Hit the break to see their entries.

And to everyone else, thank you for participating! I'm sorry you didn't get selected, but we'll always be having more contests in the future, so stay tuned!


Aha! Sweet contest!

Hmm… now, what would she resolve to do-aha!

Roll’s resolution (in note-to-self format)

Dear self,

This year, I resolve to go out and have some fun! Last year was nice and all, but beating people up with a broom tends to give them the wrong idea. I now have to do all the cleaning up around here!

This year, I resolve to get Rock to do it for once!

Then again, he can be pretty stubborn about cleaning… I might just have to chase him to do it. Ah well! Barring that, I’l just tie a mop to Rush’s tail.

That should do it!


To be as strong as Gutsman. To be as fast with her thoughts as QuickMan. To be as cool of personality as ColdMan. To be as stealthy with her problems as SnakeMan. To be as funny as ClownMan. To look like a dame, like SplashWoman. To have brilliant ideas, like BrightMan. To have a blazing spirit, like HeatMan. To accept her defects within her other self, like GeminiMan. To be more independent, like ProtoMan. To be as intelligent as like Dr.Light. And most importantly, to be as brave, correct and have her own will power as Megaman.

All this while still being as cute and adorable as herself, Roll.

Townspeople Event Winners Announced

It's been some time since the announcement of the Townspeople Event in the Devroom, but tonight the winners are known. You can head over to the Devroom to see all the details on the winning entries. For now, though, congratulations are in order for the winning participants!

Congrats to Stephen, Alex, Austin, Megamanmegafan, Dashe, Protodude, Cleveland Rock, liquidcross, Mimi, David, Nightshade, Kyle, Antumbra, MegaMac, Ryan, Orbulon, and Antubmra and liquidcross again! And of course congrats to all the Japanese participants, who we only know as mere numbers.

Good work everybody!

Here Are Our Mega Man 10/Rockman 10 Package Design Winners

It seems almost like forever ago that Capcom announced their contest in creating a package design for Rockman 10 or Mega Man 10, a game that requires no package. Well the day has come that the three main prize winners, as well as five runner ups, have been decided. And here they are! Winner of the Capcom Prize Artist: Y.K of Aichi

Artist's comment: I gave it a shot drawing this on my first PC. Since I'd used Forte by then through downloadable content, I tried drawing him in as well.

Comment from MM10 producer Takeshita: This picture overflows with the happiness of children pleading when lining up in a toy shop. The production of the brightly shining effect behind Rockman and co. is also very deep. The package designs for 3 and 4, and 9 too, now that I think of it, have this direction. And being full of the boss characters' faces drawn in, it's wonderful.

Winner of the Rockman 10 Prize Artist: YUJIN of Hiroshima

Artist's comment: I tried making this with a serious and dramatic atmosphere. Besides that, I'm happy with how many Rockman figures are being sold this year.

Comment from MM10 director Ito: Making this with CG models must have taken a lot of time and work. You really feel affection for Rockman. It's very pleasant how this picture is created with CG models, without destroying atmosphere of classic Rockman. With Wily appearing a little bit kind, I wonder if this takes influence from this game's scenario. It would be very interesting to see CG models like these of Rockman and the bosses moving around.

Winner of the Nico Video Prize Artist: Jintaro Shinsaka

Artist's comment: In the tradition of "Mega Man," I drew this while being conscious of the odd American comic book style. I couldn't express the original character designs suspiciously very well, so I resolutely changed them all into old men. I would enjoy people finding fun in guessing at which is who.

Comment from Nico Video manager Megane: I was going to choose a Nico Video-like work, one overflowing with gags. As the creator himself indicated, this American comic book quality is extremely cool! Rockman's (Mega Man's) facial expression, and of course the bosses too, are made incredibly well, and impressive! By the way, Commando Man looks just like one of our employees. (laughs)

And below are the five runner ups.

by azi

by em

by Miyako

by Rio

by Neomaru

Seeing the "Mega Man" pieces really makes me wonder what Japanese fans think of us... Anyway! I also expect the Capcom*Unity Prize to be announced soon, so stay tuned!