TMMN's September Giveaway Winner is...

We got nearly one hundred people submitting their ideas for how they'd pay tribute to the Blue Bomber this 25th anniversary. There were definitely some pretty amusing ideas! But in the end, only one could be chosen. And that chosen one is... Anthony Martinez! Here is his tribute:

My tribute to Mega Man would be to dress up in the Mega Man costume that I made for a marching band video game show and walk around town, shouting to the world the many wondrous things about Mega Man. In doing so, I would recommend people to play my favorite Mega Man games (which would be all of them). And to top it all off, I would offer people to play some of the Mega Man games and read some of the comics and mangas.

Very neat, Anthony. I'd really like to see this Mega Man costume of yours! We've emailed you via the address you commented with, so please respond soon! And to everyone else, thank you for your comments! Sorry we didn't have much to offer this month, but there are already more prizes headed down the pipeline. Your chance to win could be coming as soon as October! Keep your eyes peeled, and keep loving Mega Man!

Rockman Online NPCs Named: Say Hello to Deneb and Phoebe

A couple weeks ago, a Valentine's contest which was not much Valentine's themed was launched on the Rockman Online blog. The goal of the contest was to name two human NPCs who will appear in the game's world. The chosen winner would be bestowed a pass for the upcoming closed beta test of Rockman Online. And wouldn't you know it, that winner turned out to be TMMN reader and good friend, Amunshen! Congratulations! First we have Deneb, the male. The goal here was a name that reflected the character's great admiration of Commander Signas. This was derived from the fact that Signas sounds a lot like (and may be named after) Cygnus, a mythical swan that a constellation is named for. Deneb is the brightest star in Cygnus, hence the name.

Meanwhile, Phoebe doesn't have quite a clever meaning. It's more just a cute name for a girl. It has Greek origins, and conveys the meaning of bright and pure, which seems to fit the character's appearance well.You can find other details about the characters in our previous report.

Naturally, there will be other chances for people to get closed beta access, but the rest will be determined by lottery at a future time.

Of course, a lot of you probably wonder if you'll get to play the game at all, much less have a crack at the closed beta! And sadly, decision there remain to be seen, but I have a little good news for you still. Because Ammy's the winner, you can look forward to an exclusive report on the beta right here! Barring any non-disclosure agreements, we'll be sure to bring you all the coverage we can grab!

Results for the ASIAGRAPH 2011 Rockman Award

This one probably hasn't been on a lot of minds, but ASIAGRAPH finally announced their results from judging their special Rockman themed digital arts contest, and held their main exhibition in Tokyo on October 20~22. I'd have liked to have seen it actually, but it slipped my mind too, not to mention Tokyo isn't exactly down the street from me. The grand prize winner was the work "Battlefield" by VOFAN of Taiwan (pictured right). ASIAGRAPH has posted many of the winning pictures organized by their placement in the judging, though unfortunately they're merely cropped thumbnails. However, you can also jump over to Rockman Unity, where Ucchy-san has a report on the exhibition with his own photographs of many of the works being displayed.

I sure hope they release prints of these or some such. I'd pay good money to have this fantastic artwork brightening up my room!

Thanks to Amunshen for the tip!

Mega Man X Takes the DLC Vote Crown

The voting is over, the dust has settled, and the results are in. And X fans should be accordingly happy! Because in the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC fan poll, the big blue guy won it with 2,568 votes, a whopping 542 votes ahead of second pick Phoenix Wright. In fact, 34% of all people who voted chose X as one of the three picks. Additionally, Classic Mega Man came in 9th with 967 votes, Bass.EXE came in 10th with 889 votes, Sigma came in 13th (barely falling behind Ryu (other Ryu)) with 790 votes, and MegaMan.EXE landed in 19th with 548 votes. But hey, great going X! Of course, gotta be Mr. Killjoy now and reiterate this was not an official Capcom poll, and does not have any official bearing on future DLC choices. However, should Capcom look to fan feedback in making a selection, I'd say X has a pretty strong resume.

But hey, we can still discuss it. Now that we know Mega Man X is the top pick among voting fans, just which Mega Man X would you like to see? His usual form? Perhaps his slimmed down X8 form? Maybe his stealthy Command Mission form? Or how about one of any number of armors? How do you see X being a formidable opponent?

Thanks for the tip, Racerman!

Here is Your Winning MML3 Reaverbot Design

With over 400 entries from Japan and the west for the devs to choose from, they finally settled on this truly unique and fascinating design "Calamity" by Capcom Unity Devroom member kankan. Congrats kankan, we look forward to battling against your design! With the devs fancying designs this interesting, I can bet Legends 3 is going to have some of the strangest Reaverbots yet. The special runner up was Japan Devroom member beatinggun with his design of "Dantragoty." And the additional runner ups are Ziifee, NOCO, Boris and Invader Dan. Check out their designs and details in full in the Devroom post, as well as the honorable mentions by various Devroom staff! And really, good work on everyone who entered! Also be sure to check out Kinako's two latest reports, one concerning "Mr. Famous" and the other delivering some Valentine's sweetness.

And of course, the Town Easter Egg Event is still running!

Prepare to Battle This Winning Mecha Design

It is decided. The winner of the Bonne mecha design contest is Donner Wels, coming from the Japan side of the Devroom. The entrant of this design may actually be someone familiar to you, he goes by CAP Kobun. We credit CAP's online journal here at TMMN quite a bit. Omedetou gozaimasu, CAP Kobun!! I happen to know that CAP is one of the biggest DASH fans in all of Japan, so I'm sure he must be speechless! You can read about the specifics of Donner Wels here. You can also see Eguchi-san's take on the whole contest.

The runner-up is Seeteuful, entered by Dashe, though to my understanding this design was actually a collaborative effort among many of the members at Legends Station. Great job, all of you! I really cannot think of two more deserving finalists.

Let's all keep up the good work now!