Mega Man Gigamix Vol. 1 Hits Stores Tomorrow

Rejoice Ariga fans, your first big helping of Mega Man Gigamix comes tomorrow! Via a notice from UDON's Matt Moylan, that's when you can expect the manga to hit stores. Online orders ought to be forthcoming soon after. We've gotten numerous tips over the past couple months concerning how much Gigamix vol. 1's release date has been bouncing around on Amazon. It's currently listed for July, but I imagine it should be much sooner. This time UDON followed through on the release promise! For now, though, you can enjoy these preview shots of Mega Man Gigamix vol. 1. Thanks Matt!

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UDON Officially Announces Mega Man Gigamix

And here it is! The official announcement of the Mega Man Gigamix trilogy, coming in May!


UDON to release Mega Man™ Gigamix manga series

Toronto, ON – January 27, 2011 –  This past year, Hitoshi Ariga’s classic Mega Man™ Megamix manga series was finally brought to English readers, much to the delight of Mega-fans who had been waiting to read the manga since its Japanese release over a ten years ago. Now, with another decade of experience under his belt, Ariga is back with the all-new Mega Man Gigamix, an epic 3-volume manga series set to become known as the greatest Mega Man story ever!

Cover and interior art previews:


$12.95, 224pp, B&W

ISBN: 978-1926778235

UDON's post also has some great page samples. Nothing filled in with dialog yet, but the artwork is definitely the best the series has seen!

Thanks, Matt!