PXZ Site Updates with Tron and Servbot Details, Voices (Updated)

Can't get enough of Tron and her followers? The Project X Zone official site has updated with the latest announced contents. You can see this fine artwork of Tron and the Servbot, as well as hear samples of their voice acting. They again have messages from the voice talents, and we'll see if we can get translations up sometime. You can also check out some nice screens of Tron and her loyal Servbots in action. Go check it out, you Tron nuts!

UPDATE: With many thanks to TMMN viewer Amunshen, we now have a translation of the actresses Iizuka and Chisa's personal statements.

Hello Everyone, I'm Iizuka Mayumi, playing Tron Bonne.

Wow, it's already been over 10 years since I met Tron! But I still feel very happy about this reunion with her.

She's so energetic and positive...well she's sometimes also stubborn and clumsy. whenever I act as her, I think that I have so many things in common with her, too, but she's the one who always gives me lot of energy.

Anyway, It seems like a lot of characters from many different games are joining this game! I'd be so happy if Tron becomes a help to you and you like her amongst them!

So! This is Iizuka Mayumi as Tron Bonne! See you!


Hi, This is Chisa Yokoyama as the Servbots.

Well, actually I'm already appearing in this game as another character....Sakura Shinguji.

I wouldn't ever think that both of those characters could appear in same game, but I was so happy seeing the scene when the Servbot says "Imperial Flower Combat Troop!" because I love him very much, too.

And one more thing I'm happy about... a game I'm totally crazy over, Street Fighter II, well, I got to say "Hadouken!" as a Servbot.

So, since I absolutely want everyone to hear this, please play this game with Servbots!

By the way, to tell you how much I love Servbots, I even have a Servbot head which becomes a neat mug when I take the cap on its top. I really treasure this mug.

Anyway, I'm Chisa Yokoyama.

Dr. Wily Voice Actor Suffers Stroke

While his name might not be greatly known outside of Japan, it's one you surely know if you're a big time Rockman fan. Takeshi Aono has portrayed Dr. Wily in nearly every Rockman game with voice acting since Rockman 8. This includes Rockman X4, Rockman Battle & Chase and Super Adventure Rockman. He most recently gave voice to Wily in Inti Creates's Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack, which released a mere two months ago. Fuji TV has announced that this past Saturday in Japan, Mr. Aono suffered a stroke that was the result of aortic surgery he had performed back in May. While information that Mr. Aono's condition is already improving, it's uncertain if he'll return to work, and Fuji TV is already finding replacements for his current roles in anime such as Chibi Mariko-chan and Dragon Ball Kai.

Already aged 74, Mr. Aono has a very impressive history of performances in both animation and game voice acting. Our hearts go out to Mr. Aono for a speedy recovery, and our thanks for portraying one of gaming's most memorable characters.

News Credit: CAP Kobun, Anime News Network