Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch Gets V3 Update, V4 Teaser

Last week, Cut Stuff's extremely popular Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch got a content and refinement update. The V3b patch adds updates and fixes to various maps and weapons. Furthermore, maps for Shadow Man, Top Man, Gemini Man, Spring Man, Burst Man and Wave Man have been replaced entirely with all new maps.

What's more, as you can see from the above video, Cut Stuff is already teasing a version 4 update, which will bring even more content to the game.

Thanks for the tip, Beed28! And to whoever showed me the version 4 trailer; I don't remember how I came across it!

A New Rockman Xover Update Coming Shortly

over9 Rockman Xover has begun to advertise yet another new update, with the new form OVER-9 and a possible new world. More details will come with the update, but for now you can get a small look at OVER-9, who appears to be an electric themed form. Furthermore, Rockman Unity also noted upon a new Collection feature in Xover. This is a database that keeps track of every kind of card you've had, organized by series. A perfect tool for the collector.

Thanks for the tip, Django!

MM25: Full Cover and Other Information

MM25_cover_SM Here is the full cover to UDON's upcoming Mega Man and Mega Man X artwork extravaganza: MM25 Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works. With the full cover revealed, we can be assured that X is getting the same love and representation as the Blue Bomber himself. The suggested retail price is $59.99 for this 430+ page tome, but you can find it online for discount pre-order right now (see above link)!

Additionally, an update on the alleged hardback edition. The information from Diamond Distributors is apparently incorrect, and book stores will only be receiving a softcover version. That being said, a hardcover edition is in the works. This will only be available at conventions or directly from UDON Entertainment. The price is still undetermined.

Thanks for the intel, Matt!

Xover Gets New X8 World, Armor and System

over8 Another update has graced the world of Rockman Xover. This update adds a new world, which is themed after the game Mega Man X8. Optic Sunflower, Avalanche Yeti, Burn Rooster and Bamboo Pandamonium appear as bosses, with X8 Sigma as the final challenge.

Additionally, there is the new OVER-8 armor (as seen above). This armor is a dual wood/wind type, although a don't believe wind is an actual attribute in the game. But as you can see above, they outfitted the armor with propeller-like cuffs. This armor is strong against electric type bosses.

Last, Xover also brings the "Irregular Burst" system. Normally, Battle Memory cards have a limit to how much you can level them up and improve their stats. However, by combining identical cards, you can surpass the normal leveling limits and make them even stronger. In honor of this addition, players currently have a chance to receive "Golden Wily" and "Silver Wily" Battle Memory cards when they log in. Hit the jump for some additional screens.

News Credit: Rockman Unity,


Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue Gets a Revamp

mmfigurecompare Capcom Unity is still underway preparing their limited edition Mega Man figure, and has added some photos of the updated build. Above you can see the changes, with the originally revealed figure on the left and the revamped figure on the right. The changes, and other details, are as follows:

  • Darker blue with more metallic finish
  • Both feet are flat so the figure can stand on its own
  • Revised base now reads Mega Man instead of Capcom
  • Intensified LEDs for buster and helmet
  • On/Off switch for base lights
  • Slightly revised face
  • Finished item will come inside E-Tank packaging

Brelston notes on Unity that the figure is still a work in progress, so there may more changes until the final goes on sale. While I do personally think the figure is looking fantastic, the eyes are a bit off! Hopefully they get fixed up for the final product. Speaking of which, if you want to snag one of these figures, you'll have to pre-order at the Capcom Store by April 21st, Sunday. Otherwise your only way to get one will be going to San Diego Comic Con.

Rockman Xover Update: PVP, World 5 Nerfed, and Bug Fixes

Battle Arena Lots of news in the world of Xover due to today's patch, sure, it may not be breaking out of Japan anytime soon, but that doesn't mean it's never coming here either. Above is the new home screen, the friend button has been replaced with the "Battle Arena" button, the game's new Player Vs. Player mode. Players can fight each other five times a day, and it has no effect on the players EP or PP. Players are ranked, and those at the top of the leaderboard get prizes such as Arena Coins and for those that can hit the top 20, Super Rare Battle Memories.


Players are given a list of others randomly, and fight in a tug of war style, each time you defeat an opponent you gain Arena Coins for use in the shop to buy Buster parts and Gear to improve  performance in PVP mode.


The Battle Arena seems pretty interesting; it's basically a tug-of-war with each others health bars until the player with better Battle Memories or luck wins, but it could give people a reason to continue playing thanks to the leader board.


 In other news, this patch also included a nerf to the entirety of World 5, something that needed to happen, as not even I could beat Cancer (the 4th boss in world 5) with a set of fully leveled up Battle Memories.


Post patch I was able to finally take out Cancer and Andromeda without too much effort, but it was still a close call. The new armor you get from world 5 is pretty neat, though it's completely worthless if you don't have any high level fire element Battle Memories.


And finally, bug fixes/version changes, this is from what I've noticed at least.

  • The image above no longer happens
  • All boss battle music has been changed to a short sample of "X Vs Zero" by Rock-Men
  • You can now press the Home button on your iDevice and return to the game where you left off, instead of returning to the menu
  • Because of the above fix, it's harder to quit a hopeless battle and save your EP

All in all, this patch was something I think Xover is really going to benefit from. World 5 is no longer impossible, the Battle Arena gives you something quick to do, and not having to load the menu every time you boot the game makes pick up and play a whole lot easier. Did I miss something? Be sure to leave it down in the comments below.

Street Fighter X Mega Man Update Coming this Friday

passwordWe first got word of a SFXMM update coming via our podcast, and now Capcom Unity has announced that the new version will be available this Friday, 8PM EST/5PM PST. The most notable change in the update is that it will add a password screen, ending the need to play through the game in a single sitting. Other updates include:

  • Confirmation prompt before exiting (ESC) or resetting (F12) the game
  • E Tank glitch and various other bugs fixed
  • Improved controller support (Game defaults to keyboard on launch; make sure controller is plugged in prior to opening the file, then go into Options menu and set keys)
  • Take screenshots using F9
  • M Bison buffed a bit

Additionally, those reporting slowdown may find it's due to Intel Integrated GPUs, according to Brett. Personally I don't know if anything can be fixed or changed about that, but it's something to look into. At any rate, thanks again to Zong Hui and Capcom Unity for their efforts!

Thanks for the tip, Phaelin!

Xover's 25th Anniversary Surprise Revealed

photo A couple weeks ago it was announced that Xover was getting a 25th anniversary surprise, Another banner came along yesterday, announcing a "Special World" would be revealed, again the banner used Rockman Volnutt and today that "Special World" has been revealed.  Are we going to finally get a Rockman DASH world? not exactly.

Instead we're treated to four Robot Masters, one from each of the first four Mega Man games (each with some odd choices for attributes).


These stages are a little different too, instead of getting one song for every Robot Master in the world, each Robot Master has their respective stage and boss music from their original titles, a nice touch that I wish would be added to every stage in Xover.


Items dropped in these "Special" stages are a little different too, Screws are commonly dropped to be spent on 25th Anniversary Battle Memories in the shop, and the Battle Memories found inside the stages are usually the special 25th Anniversary ones


The final boss of these "Special" stages is Wily from Mega Man 4, and he'll actually put up quite a fight, if I hadn't been playing this game way more than anybody should, he probably would have been able to take me out easily. All in all, it's cool that at least Xover has something to celebrate Mega Man's 25th, even if it's not the DASH/Legends world I had initially wanted.

Rockman Xover Picking Up a Chat Function

For being a "social RPG," Rockman Xover isn't terribly too social, to be honest. Yeah you can send friend requests, but even then those "friends" just appear in your battles as AI controlled drones. Other games of similar nature have features like messaging and even creating groups or teams. However, it appears Rockman Xover is getting equipped with a chat feature soon (if not already). The circled button on the bottom of the menu is a chat button, although it doesn't seem to be available yet (I'm unable to play Xover myself at this time). With the ability to chat with friends, players may be able to develop more of a sense of purpose in the game aside from just constantly leveling up. But this remains to be seen with how the feature is implemented.

Image courtesy of Kenny.

Rockman Online Update Discusses Force Metal

It's been quite a while since we've seen any activity from pmang's Rockman Online blog. Considering other unfortunate occurrences this year, I'm sure some have wondered if Capcom would go for the hat trick and pull Rockman Online too. However, it's still alive for now! Anywho, this time the new article focuses on Force Metal, the MacGuffin of Mega Man X Command Mission. The explanation follows that a large asteroid crashes to Earth in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, releasing a vast amount of energy. The asteroid is so big it essentially forms an island, which would later be the foundation for Giga City. Scientists exploring the new "island" discover curious ore not found anywhere on Earth, which has the property to absorb energy from any kind of shock or blow and become stronger. This ore would be dubbed Force Metal, and scientists began to experiment with what kinds of energy it could absorb and what its limitations were.

Ultimately they would be converted into equipment used for making Reploids stronger. However, Reploids with an especially high concentration of Force Metal energy would go mad, and their body would twist into a monstrous form. Though the world governments and hunter agencies themselves utilized highly purified Force Metals and monitored their circulation, they could were helpless to defend against the Mavericks that abused Force Metals. It would eventually fall to X and his companions to stop this "Rebellion" group and their plot to use a Force Metal bomb.

Presently, due to the war between the UCA and URA, the need for powerful Reploids and Mechaniloids has pushed both sides into gaining more and more Force Metals. The UCA's Dr. Gaudile continues research in his Force Metal Engine for creating highly purified Force Metals with no side effects. Meanwhile, the URA's Dr. Psyche is working to utilize the Force Metal's mutative qualities and making the most powerful and warped Reploids possible. While both sides approach Force Metals from different angles, as time goes on the results are becoming more analogous. The UCA regulates Force Metal use based on a hunter's strength in body and will to withstand the metal's side effects. Meanwhile, the Force Metal remaining in the Earth is absorbing its natural properties, and taking on elements such as earth and fire.

MML3 Prototype Contest Update: The Contenders

Alright now. Submissions are officially wrapped up. I scoured our inbox for all e-mails concerning submissions, even the spam folder, and wrote up the names in no particular order. If you do not see your name in this list but you definitely sent something in, please comment in this post immediately and e-mail us your entry again! Otherwise judging will be taking place over the next few days on what we have received. There was at least one case where someone inquired about the contest but never sent any follow-up comments or entry. If you put in the effort we really want to include you! Anyway, without further ado: Devil_Twin01 MegaMac Press Start Rocket Jordan Mays Laura Lanford Servbot #286 sonicchic1 Daniel Jreisat Omar Perez PreacherDudeRox Michael Campbell Joseph Faber Delgado Niki Geoghegan Curtis Kam Eliana Rubio greatmuffin1

Names listed are based on those received in the e-mails, either through signature or the e-mail account itself. If you wish to be represented under another name please contact us about it ASAP. Thank you, and good luck! We're very excited to look over your entries and we hope to have the results by this weekend.

MML3 Prototype Contest Update: This Is It!

Goodness! Coming off of my recent vacation, I almost forgot that the deadline for submissions in our Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version contest is up this Tuesday at midnight! It feels like this has been going on forever now, and to everyone entering we appreciate your effort and patience. Here's how I think we're going to settle this. If you've wrapped up your project, go ahead and send us an e-mail with all the details. Even if you've already sent a final update, just resend it again so it hits the top of our inbox. The Wednesday following the end of submissions, we'll go through our inbox and find all the entrants, then post them on the site. This is to assure we don't miss anyone; if you don't see your name please email us your last update! With everything accounted for, we will go ahead and judge and hopefully have the results up by the weekend. Prizes will go out after we contact the winners and get their mailing info.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly, although this contest has a lot of components so anything can crop up. We'll just have to take things in as they come, and hopefully work out the results as swiftly as possible. Thanks for all your contributions! After this, it's just a matter of getting Legends 3!

Rockman Online Introduces the Sky Fortress "Atlas"

Been a bit of time since we've heard about Rockman Online, but the official blog finally has a new location update. This time we're introduced to the floating fortress named Atlas. As the wars between the UCA and URA have spread across the world, it's become necessary to gain ground in the sky as well. This establishment belongs to the UCA, and is their biggest military installment next to the base on Gaia. Designed by Dr. Gaudille, it's made from a powerful Force Metal frame and has the latest Force Metal engine installed. Despite its size it has impressive speed, and can even self-repair basic damage it endures. The facility is also used for charging up and maintaining dozens of large battleships. The overwhelming power of Atlas serves as a symbol of the UCA's might over the URA. However, recently URA attacks have gotten more aggressive, and the state of affairs is growing worrisome. Scientists saw to completely safeguard Atlas' AI system from all viruses, but there are uncertainties surrounding entering URA controlled territories, where the level of virus contamination is highly serious. With intel pointing to a planned URA invasion on the fortress, it's possible Atlas could serve as a battlefield at some point. (Of course, as far as the actual is concerned, this is a guarantee!)

Thanks for the tip, HeatPhoenix! Now please stop commenting about Rockman Online in unrelated posts! :)

MML3 Prototype Contest Update: Whole Kit and Caboodle

Good day folks. I hope you are all getting very excited now that we know just when Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version is coming out! I also hope you've been working hard on your contest entries. Remember that the time for entries is up on midnight, May 31st. That's a Tuesday, so you have just a little more than two weeks left to devise and execute your campaign. Especially because now, we finally have the entire gamut of prizes figure out! Not only is this our biggest contest ever, I'd be pretty amazed if we could ever top it. Before I get into the prizes, however, I want to speak on some things we're looking forward to from all of you. We've gotten some emails so far, some showing off works in progress and some asking questions. While we can't help you out too much, I can personally say you're all on the right track. I've yet to see anything that conflicts with the meager rules we've set. You all need to keep in mind, however, that we want your projects to be launched upon an unsuspecting public! While making promotional items or setting up a website is one thing, you need to also make sure people see it, and better yet get them interested in Mega Man Legends 3! To this end you need to document as much as possible. If you hold a party or hand out fliers, for example, take pictures! If you launch a support fansite, make sure you track how much it gets around!

It is up to you to figure out how to promote your project, but I will throw you one bone. Capcom Unity is a great place to show stuff off. You can post in their forums and your own CU blog (just be sure you follow their site rules). Heck, if it's cool enough, Capcom Unity may even toss it on their front page. That's a major publicity score! Additionally, we want you to document everything as detailed as possible not just for the sake of your entry. After the contest is over, we plan on making a mega-post showing off everyone's efforts, which we hope will be a white-hot supernova of fan support, and show the world just how big a deal Mega Man Legends 3 is!

Oh right, so prizes!

[audio:|titles=Theme - Price Is Right] You may want to play this music as you look over the prizes for added effect.

First off, we naturally have our Nintendo 3DS. This was announced at the onset of the contest and goes to the grand prize winner. Oh, and just so you know, that's MY 3DS box in the picture, simply for effect. We are still waiting to pick up the winning 3DS. We also have three D-Arts Rockman X figures. Along with the grand prize winner, a second and third place runner up will get one as well.

Next up, we have five Servbot Bobble Buds, as well as five 15 x 20 Mega Man Legends 3 posters. This is the first time I've been able to show the full poster, and I can assure just how awesome they are. I've been tempted to keep one. So, the grand prize winner and second and third place winners will be getting one each, as well as two honorable mentions.

Finally, we have our "special prizes." You may have noticed that though we have "second" and "third" place, they're getting exactly the same things so far. This is what tips the scale. The grand prize winner and runner ups will be able to choose which special prize they want, in order of placement (I guess, technically, third place doesn't get to choose, eheh). What are the special prizes? Well first we have another Legends 3 poster, but this isn't any ordinary poster. This one is signed by the Mega Man Legends 3 devteam! Next, we have a complete copy of Mega Man X. It's not a mint copy; the box has a bit of wear and the manual has been written in, but it's still pretty rare to find a complete one of these today. Finally we have a more or less mint copy of Mega Man 8 for PSX. It comes with the game and case, the manual and the special 10th anniversary booklet. I've not been able to test the games, although they're more collectors items today anyway.

And that's that! Although we do have some very special thanks in order. First of all, many thanks to Jaxel, a former TMMN member who still offers help time to time. He provided the copies of Mega Man X and Mega Man 8. Next is special thanks to Greg over at Capcom Unity. He's already been working tirelessly to connect you guys with the MML3 devteam, but for this occasion he also provided the signed poster and Bobble Buds. As is with so many of our major site projects, we can't just do things on our own, and it's thanks to others we can give so much.

And of course, thanks to all of you entering! Even if it's just a little, your support and activity is helping to make Mega Man Legends 3 a reality and a success. Please show us your best!

MML3 Prototype Contest Update: Sweetening the Pot

We're a week into our contest supporting the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version, and a chance to win a Nintendo 3DS! So far we've got some emails from people showing off the start of their projects, as well as some general questions. I just want to take this time to reiterate that, so long as you follow what few rules there are, there's no "wrong way" to do this contest. Anything you can think of the promote the game is great, and the more people it reaches the better. We're sure there will be numerous ideas that we'd never even dreamed of, and we look forward to seeing them. You still have a few weeks so keep at it! Anyway, you may have seen the above photo of my messy room via our Twitter account. But specifically, the box with the three D-Arts Rockman X figures and five MML3 posters. Today I'm announcing that these items are also part of the contest prize pool. While the 3DS is certainly a rewarding enough prize, we really want to increase the appeal and the number of winners as much as we can. I can't exactly confirm the final distribution of prizes, but I can say that the grand prize winner will get one of each along with the 3DS!

And we're still not through either. We're actively acquiring even more prize fodder to add to the pile. I ought to have some news for you on that in another week or so. With stakes this high, how can you not enter? Give it your all! Do it for Legends 3! And prizes!

Rockman Online Update: The Deserts of Gaia

We have a new update with Rockman Online today concerning an unfortunate circumstance. The report states that the outskirts of Gaia, where an environment an environment enrichment facility is located, instantly became desert after the facility's artificial sun was infiltrated by a virus and went berserk. The sudden beams of heat released left little more than the remain of plants and Mechaniloid bones. During the wars many years ago, humans and other living creatures were forced off of land that gradually became uninhabitable. They began to create settlements around the frozen lands of the north and south pole with the aid of environmental equipment like artificial suns. Many of these facilities still remain in the present, such as in the area of the northern hemisphere managed by Gaia.

A number of repair teams were sent to deal with the artificial sun, as well as the spreading virus, but they were unprepared and perished to the sun's effects. Now the Hunters Agency is preparing a military operation to defend against the spread of the desert regions as well as the virus infected robots that remain.

Many thanks, HeatPhoenix.

Sigma Ruins the New Year

Over at the Rockman Online blog, Alia was about to wish all the hunters a happy new year, when suddenly the transmission was hacked and this came through:

Young masses, a new revolution is drawing near! The sun you all knew from long ago has disappeared beneath the horizon. As the new year dawns, everything you know, ladies and gentlemen, will change.

We, for example, were born as far greater beings than the humans, yet... we are bound to their principles. Throw off the bonds of the ancient humans, and join the evolution of the new generation! Yes! We will evolve and progress! For our revolution! Please do not forget the day the era our new evolution began! Yes! Once again, that new age is drawing near!

The day of the Reploids!

Until that day comes, pray you're one of the chosen... and a survivor.

Yep, that sounds like good ol' Sigma. Alia appears astonished that he came back after all, and dismays that the war is once again beginning anew.  The plot thickens...

Musical Updates for a Lazy Sunday

Well then, been a while since we did one of these. Our music archive has seen the addition of some new material thanks to Splashman's efforts, albeit it's mostly just clean up stuff. Still, some decent and interesting tracks to be had! Here's what today's update consist of: Mega Man The Wily Wars (Mega Drive) Mega Man's Soccer (SNES) Mega Man (Game Gear) Mega Man Anniversary Collection (GC/PS2/Xbox) Wily & Right's Rockboard (Famicom) Rockman Battle & Fighters (Neogeo Pocket) Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star (DS) Rockman EXE WS (Wonderswan) Rockman EXE N1 Battle (Wonderswan) Rockman 7 BomBom Special CD (album) Rockman Kiki Ippatsu (album) Various Remixes Mega Man Cameos

As always, enjoy!