BitF Celebrates its Milestone with a Tribute to Mega Man

Online comic and Nintendo love letter "Brawl in the Family" has reached the milestone of 500 funnies. And as a special tribute, creator Matthew wanted to show support for his favorite non-Nintendo character: Mega Man. In fact, by Matthew's own admission, he'd planned on the tribute for a while but wasn't sure how to execute. With perfect timing, Mega Man joining Super Smash Bros. gave the answer.

That result is a charming and inspiring video portraying the history of the Blue Bomber and the hard times he'd fall upon, but nevertheless still comes through with the support of those who love him. How the events take things to the end is a very nice touch.

Thanks for sending word, Kapus and Andrew!

Art Buster: The Mega Man Tribute Fanbook

tribute sampleWhen UDON announced the Mega Man Tribute book, every Mega Man fan artist had a stroke. Right there on the spot. Once medics were called and the artists revived, thousands got to work on their entries. UDON had over 3000 entries. Sadly, being a 300 page book, not everyone got a chance to get in. I didn't envy UDON's job, sorting through all those entries. The entries they picked are going to look awesome once the book comes out. Congratulations once again to all you who got in! But what of the others?

If you frequent deviantART and its Mega Man clubs, no doubt  you've seen some of the amazing artwork that didn't get picked.

That's where deviantART user Soul-Rokkuman comes in. She has decided to collect all the non-winning entries and display them for all of us to enjoy. It's still undecided whether the entries are going to be displayed in a gallery or maybe a downloadable free e-book, or other means. However, she's sending out the call to everyone interested.

If you entered UDON's tribute contest or know someone who did, and they didn't get in, please send the entry her way! Spread the word so we can enjoy all the work that these artists put forth!

For more details, visit Soul-Rokkuman's deviantART journal here.

A Musical Tribute to Mega Man

Looking for some new arranged Mega Man tunes? Karakasa Music has just released their fanmade album Mega Man Renaissance, which you can download entirely for free! Having sampled some of the tracks, it's definitely a bit out there, but I know a lot of people look for Mega Man arrangements that are off the beaten path, so this one might be for you. And who can argue with a free soundtrack? Thanks for the heads up, Karakasa-kun!