The Escapades of MegaMan and Django Now Translated

As you may know, back in the days of Mega Man Battle Network, the series shared a connection with Konami's vampire hunting title Boktai. However, since the third installment of Boktai never released out of Japan, its special scenario was removed from the English version of Battle Network 6. But now a translation hack has been produced thanks to the efforts of fans, and translation by, eh, some guy.

The video above shows the translation an action. You can find out more about the patch and how to get it at The Rockman EXE Zone. Please, no emulation links in the comments! *waves finger*

Thanks for the tip, Django!

Capcom Knows What Happened Between Classic and X, but Ain't Telling (Or Did They Already?)

noanswers What happened in the time between Mega Man and Mega Man X, and how they connect, has long been a source of mystery, speculation, and fan fiction about Zero murdering everyone. Is it possible any answer exists at all? According to Capcom, it does indeed, but they're playing their cards close to their vest.

Coming from The Reploid Research Lavatory, which has been translating answers to fan questions from the recently released R20+5: Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works:

Q03: Has what happened in the interim between the Rockman series and the Rockman X series been decided? Or is there no canon version of what happened?

CAPCOM: Of course there is such an outline, but don’t expect an official announcement of it. Players have always enjoyed using their imaginations to come up with their own conclusions, and we wouldn’t want to take that away from them…

However, has Capcom really been so quiet on the matter?

While of course nothing has been explained in detail, dots have been connected here and there. In fact, nearly three years ago when Rockman Zero Collection was coming out, Capcom of Japan posted a timeline that seemed to indicate the X series had its origins from the events of Mega Man 10:

At least 200 years ago The birth of X

When an incident occurred where an unknown computer virus came from space and causes robots to become violent and riotous, Dr. Light completed the battle robot “X” worrying about the future of Earth. Hypothesizing X could battle robots infected by viruses, he gave X the perfect virus counter-measure. Meanwhile Dr. Light developed a great number of armors, but this presented the possibility of X becoming a threat to mankind. To confirm the safety of X’s cognition program, Dr. Light sealed away X in an analysis capsule.

1XX years ago The birth of Zero

Zero was produced by Dr. Wily, who schemed at taking over the world. But he contained a flaw in his cognitive program that made him violent and unwilling to obey instructions, so Dr. Wily himself sealed Zero in a capsule.

Curiously, though, this timeline has completely disappeared from the Rockman Zero Collection homepage, so far as I can tell. Perhaps a recent retcon? But to what end? Mega Man 10 and the Zero Collection are basically the last new Mega Man games to be released (not counting Xover).

Anyway, though, you should definitely check out all of Kobun #20's great translations!

News Credit: GoNintendo

Rockman.EXE WS Fan Translation Completed

Fans of Mega Man Battle Network have long known of a special Japanese-exclusive game for the WonderSwan Color, Rockman.EXE WS. Unlike the regular games, this one plays out as a platformer, much like the Classic series or, perhaps more appropriately, Mega Man Network Transmission for the GameCube. In addition, it follows the story of the first two seasons of the anime. Now, a group of fans at The Rockman EXE Zone have completed a patch which allows the game to be played with an English translation. Check out their video of it in action, but be warned of spoilers:

It's a shame that this was never released here, due to the handheld's Japan-only nature-- especially since it looks like it might even be more fun than Transmission turned out to be. It even has the Style Changes which the GameCube game lacked due to its placement in the timeline.

If you should happen to have a copy, then perhaps this patch is just what you've been looking for. You can find it here, but you're on your own for getting a copy of the game (and no linking to ROM piracy sites in the comments).

Thanks for the tip, Prof. 9!

Rockman EXE Phantom of Network: Initial Coverage and Goodies

One year ago today, Mega Man Battle Network celebrated its tenth anniversary. I guess that makes it a "grown up" series, so to speak; many of players who became fans at the start are beginning to enter adulthood today! (To say nothing of those who practically were adults at the time... eh.) In some regards, it seems like an afterthought now. It's hard to remember that it's still one of the most commercially successful Mega Man series to launch. In part to make remembrance of the series, though in greater part because I've been sitting on this for a while, let's take a look at one of the titles few fans outside of Japan probaby ever got to try. This would be Rockman EXE Phantom of Network. Launched back in November of 2004, it was an exclusive to NTT DoCoMo i-series mobile phones (the following year it was brought to au service too).

For the time, fans could only imagine what it was like. A whole new adventure for Netto (Lan) and Rockman (MegaMan), with new characters and new abilities. Here and there, small details would drip out, character artwork would become available, but the game itself would never be fully detailed to Western fans. That is, until now.

The following post will begin our coverage of this obscure mobile title, and hopefully give you a good idea of what it's all about. Like our coverage with 5 Islands Adventure, over time we will provide footage, music and translation of the game. But for now we have a little of everything. Read on!

Given the nature of Battle Network games, Rockman EXE Phantom of Network (hereafter referred to as PoN), has a much easier time bringing an experience true to that of the series than 5 Islands Adventure could do for Mega Man Legends. That being said, both games share a lot of the same structure.

As you may know, the story deals with Lan and MegaMan starting to look into the cause of a number of problems occurring with computer devices once Mayl's own PC malfunctions. In the incidents they pursue, they find strange balls of light that summon berserk Navis, either those thought to be defeated before or even known friends. With the appearance of FireMan it looks like a WWW scheme, but in truth the ringleader is an entirely new enemy. Although not implicitly stated, the game seems to take place between Mega Man Battle Network 3 and Mega Man Battle Network 4.

In PoN, the real world is entirely menu driven. Going to different locations, talking to people, and jacking in to various devices are all handled via a simple menu.

The cyberworld is where the game's action takes place, and these segments are fully as controllable as they are in the GBA titles. The major difference is the view is a perpendicular one instead of isometric. Besides that, it's much of the same talking to Navis and Mr. Progs, finding items and exploring networks, and, of course, virus busting.

Battling is exactly what you'd expect it to be. There are over 175 chips in standard, mega and giga classes, you can make Program Advances, set regular chips and exploit elemental weaknesses.The phone controls make play slightly more awkward, although this could depend on the type of phone you have, but overall it works well.

Despite the diminished real world, everything is more or less still there. Almost every location as people to talk to and things to jack in to. You still have chip shops, chip traders and a request board. Furthermore, unlike in a lot of the GBA games, all of the minor cyberworlds have unique maps.

PoN features a system called the Skill Editor for powering up MegaMan, which works like a streamlined combination of the Navi Customizer and Style Change. You place parts which you can find or buy onto a grid, which do things like increase MegaMan's HP, improve his buster in various regards, or give him other abilities. Unlike the Customizer, there are no real rules for how pieces need to be placed. The grid itself can be expanded by finding more Skill Slots.

Furthermore, each skill piece also has an elemental attribute. Whichever element is the dominant one among the pieces you use makes MegaMan that element and gives him a new charged shot. Battles also have elemental panels to help or hinder whichever element MegaMan is.

Nevertheless, the game still seems to be on the short side. Chapters (which were originally delivered separately over time) go by pretty quickly, and the game doesn't waste time in powering you up. By the end of the first chapter I already had 200HP, and the Skill Editor is given in the second chapter. Fortunately, chapter contents appear to stack. In other words, you can still access places later in the game even if they're not relevant to the present storyline. So it's not as though you need to reload an older chapter to grab something you missed. The game features eight chapters, along with a secret area.

Overall, thanks to Battle Network's easier adaptability to cell phones, the mechanics of the game work well, there's decent depth, and you get the same story and character experience you'd expect in a BN title.

Anyway, now for the goods. This initial offering includes a translation of the first chapter of PoN, done by Sensei-Hanzo and myself, and recordings of the music I've encountered so far. The game has a little more musical depth than 5 Islands Adventure, though not by much. So far, the real world and cyberworld seem to have a continuous theme regardless of the location, which is disappointing. A formal, complete soundtrack will be released once I clear the game. But for now, enjoy these goods!

Chapter 01 translation

Music pack

Screen shots via GAME Watch

Script Translation for Chapter 5 of Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands Now Available

It's been a long road, but here we are: the fifth and final chapter of the Japanese cellphone-exclusive game, Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands, is finally translated and awaiting your perusal. Join MegaMan Volnutt and Roll Caskett as they set sail in the skyfaring Flutter and come upon a mysterious formation of towers. Where did they come from, and what is their purpose? And what relation, if any, do they have to the tablets MegaMan has collected on his previous adventures in the series?

Just hit the link and read the script to see how this untold (well, outside of Japan, anyway) chapter of the Mega Man Legends saga unfolds, including a rather bittersweet ending.

And stay tuned, as we will soon return to the world of Mega Man Battle Network as Heat Man works to translate the script to another Japan exclusive, 2004's Rockman.EXE: Phantom of the Network!

Script Translation for Chapter 4 of Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands Now Available

It's here! Heat Man's script translation for the fourth and penultimate chapter of the Japanese-exclusive Rockman DASH story Great Adventure on the Five Islands is now available for your reading enjoyment. Join MegaMan and Roll as they land on a volcanic island explored long ago by their grandfather, Barrell, as they seek to find the cause of the earthquakes which could threaten the surrounding area-- and much more! Of course, finding the source of these tremors is but one problem the duo encounter along the way towards accomplishing their mission.

And with that, there is only one chapter left in this "lost" story of the Rockman DASH saga. Stay tuned for the conclusion!

Translation of "Clockwork Apple"

For you Mega Man Zero knowledge buffs, here is a translation of the drama track "Clockwork Apple" from the album Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero: Telos, by Sensei-Hanzo. This track recounts a Reploid simply known as TK31, working under Harpuia, who stumbles upon some frightening information from the past. Wonder who he could be...

You can also look back on translations of Ciel's Memories, Alouette's Good Day and Elf War. I should also mention that Mr. Hanzo is helping out with another translation project, which you may already know about. TMMN is starting to become some kind of... crazy translation place, or something!

Script Translation for Chapter 3 of Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands Now Available

As promised, we now have the latest script in Heat Man's series of translations from the Japan-only cell phone-exclusive Rockman DASH title, Great Adventure on the Five Islands, uploaded and ready for your reading enjoyment. This time out, we finally get to find out what old Grandpa Barrell Caskett has been up to. But before MegaMan and Roll can find out why he had been called to Ilks Island, they must deal with an ever-vigilant long arm of the law... one new to them, but familiar to longtime Legends fans.

So that's three down, two to go. What adventures await our heroes next? What adversaries will they have to face? Stay tuned!

First Round of Rockman Online Questions Answered

This is a translation of the Rockman Online Q&A part one by Amunshen, with some assistance from Heat Man. These answers do not include questions collected by Amunshen from western users. These should appear in the next answer post, if they are answered.

Good morning hunters, this is Alia (the blog manager).

As per our announcement last week, we prepared a place where we could answer questions submitted by users. Mr.M, the chief of the Rockman Online development team has written his answers while going through every question.

Development is still ongoing, so in cases where we're unable to answer questions concering elements we couldn't made public, we respectfully apologize.

We will be continuing to takes questions until November 13th, so by all means, if there's something on your mind please leave a comment and ask us!

01. (from 신디루비)

Q: As Rockman Online is an online game based on the original games, have the developers played any of the previous Rockman games before...!? Of course I think you've played many to completion, but I'm curious if there are any truly passionate fans on board.

Also, the "version development"... Is that related to the development of Online?

A: There are indeed passionate fans among the development staff. (Though exactly who is a secrety... ^^)

And yes, the "version development" at the top of the Rockman Online blog is certainly a Rockman Online development thing.

02. (from 페릴로드)

Q: Does the scope of the characters appearing in Rockman Online include every series? If not, what series is the game limited to?

Please state your answer exactly in form of like "from the classic to Command mission". it seemed to appear to be references to Rockman Zero characters, so I have my hopes... hehehe.

A: The basis of Rockman Online is to contain every Rockman series. (However, since there are certainly far too many elements in all, we are planning the appearance of characters to balance the story. So, it's difficult to say what series we'll definitely use.)

03. (from 하뉴)

Q: It seems like Capcom is abandoning Rockman, so will you continue Rockman Online on your own?

A: Rockman Online differs from the console Rockman series in that it's a game concentrated on being developed together with Capcom and NeoWizGames. So, even if Capcom cancels their console Rockman series, Rockman Online is in a state where work will continue to progress.

04. (from 열정의버너맨)

Q: When I watched someone's G-Star video of play footage, the characters' functions and the bosses' characteristics seemed totally different from the source material. Why are they so different?

A:In the case of Online, we thought we should especially emphasize the multiplayer with various users. So, while considering this kind of multiplayer, we thought of bringing characteristics that are a little different from those of the earlier series when adding up each character's characteristics. (The characters and the bosses ^^;)

This is the very first Rockman game made in the online genre, so to some extent we will feel saved if the existing can understand these circumstances.

05. (from tlsdnr07) Q: Question heeere! Naturally I expect this to be a subscription game, but just how much are you thinking of charging? (And please tell me about a virtual currency in the game too. ^^)

A: That's yet to be settled so we can't say with any certainty. ^^;;

06. (from 스카이)

Q: Will Axl be joining the appearing characters? Also, I'd like to hear about the multiplayer fearures with the shop and such.

A: For the time being, Rockman Online is basically being planned as a multiplayer system with many players playing at the same time. Also, of course we plan to expand the systems for things like the shop while we add to the growth of characters... As for whether or not Axl is appearing...Anyway, please look into the characters after we have a structured service. ^^ (I know it's boring to answer this way...)

07. (from Crisopraz)

Q: Will more illustrations of the bosses with their new features be publicized?

A: This is still undetermiend, so we'll decide whether or not to publicize those considering the progress of development.

08. (from 김찬스)

Q: Rockman isn't a game that puts heavy emphasis on just its action, but its story as well. Although it's an online game, I think Rockman Online should have a deeply fascinating story. How is this being handled?

A: We plan on pieces of the world view being published on the blog from now on one after another. Keep an eye out for them!

09. (from 천영)

Q: I would like to hear about what extent of influence Rockman Online will have with existing Rockman players' game skills. I'm also curious about boss weapons and dash jumping being added.

A: When we have a structured service you'll be able to experience these things immediately by playing... Please. ^^;;;

10. (from 쿄우렌)

Q: Will I be able to do group play like in other online games?

A: Rockman Online is in development with the foundations of group play and multiplayer.

11. (from 유령님)

Q: The final attack in boss fight actially wasn't seemed cool, and...In a way, it felt a bit like God of War. Why was a system like this put in on purpose...?

A: We're considering various ways to have more fun in the game. The one that you pointed out is one of those ways, so things like this will be reconsidered in various ways during development... We're working hard to make things more cool for when we have a structured service. ^^

12. (from 로제)

Q: Are you planning on putting animations in the game? Like the teaser movie animation!

A: We plan to consider using various production elements like animation if it's necessary to tell the game's story.

13. (from Leeyeezhy)

Q: I'm really interested in who the voice actors are who perform Rockman Online's characters. Please tell me.Also, what's the story to the prologue and ending? (Note: Do online games have endings in the first place?)

A: There is a chance will will talk about the voice performers in future updates~. Also I think we ought to be able to inrtroduce story elements as well... ^^;

14. (from 시이아스)

Q: It's been said the open beta test is next year... Do you plan to continue telling the stories of incomplete series such as X and DASH in Rockman Online?

A: We plan to only tell the story of Rockman Online, rather than further the story of any existing series. (Of course it's not as though we're completely removing the contents of the existing series, but... hmmmn, that's all I can say for now. ^^;)

15. (from 로엔)

Q: Will DASH and EXE be referenced too?

A: Rockman Online is being developed with the intend to include contents and scenarios from all existing console Rockman series. Since it's difficult to discuss what series have and haven't been used right now, please look forward to the upcoming updates concerning the story and system. (This probably sounds like a way of driving hype... hehehe.)

16. (from 로엔)

Q: Following the posted materials up until now I think things are progressing as a single story, but I'd like to know whether you're using the classic and X series stories, or making a completely original story. With nolstalgic characters being used it seems existing story like may also appear...

A: Rockman Online is progressing as its own story. To some extent, because existing characters and bosses do appear, I think there is intention to preserve particular stories regarding them.

17. (from 이정규씨)

Q: Can I play as Roll in the game? Please let me use her. >_<

A: As of now the only characters are those which we've announced. We are preparing new characters, but we can't announce them yet.

18. (from Zero멜로)

Q: Will characters' armor and parts be sold as fee items? Or can they be bought in the game with Game money? Also, I'm curious how much the characters' functions (their movements and balance) have changed since G-Star2010...

A: The movements, balance and various other aspects have evolved a great deal since the G-star version. We continue to toil in this regard. T_T As for billing and paid contents, we have not determined these things so please wait for further information.

19. (from 풍천낭아)

Q: I want that helmet~~~. Will Axl be appearing with the original X and Zero?

A: The helmet... is expensive... It's probably difficult to get... hmhm. Anyway, please keep an eye out on the opening of the service concerning the appearing characters.

20. (from Ryun)

Q: Will you be able to look for things like hidden parts in special stages, like in the original games?

A: That's a secret... hmhm. (Actually since the game is still in development those things are... a bit hard to answer...)

21. (from 펑포)

Q: Question here... will you be able to play as the bad guys? For example Vile, Red, etc...

A: Enemies are just enemies... We want the players of Rockman Online to be heroes, not villains.

22. (from g_ga_a)

Q: Will it be possible to gain skills from beating bosses, like in the existing Rockman games? If not, will we learn them from the skill masters by leveling up like in any other RPG? Who among the characters are those that players can play as?

A: Since the game is still in development, we can't explain this in great detail...(When characters outside of X, Zero and Duo, who were shown at G-Star are determined, we will announce them on our blog post haste.)

23. (from 마츠모토미츠키)

Q: Will instance dungeons appear?

A: Currently Rockman Online is being developed in the way of entering to battle fields from the Town. (Note: Both the question and answer given were very vague, so I'm not certain of the meaning.)

24. (from 골숭이)

Q. How's the criteria for voice actors?

A: The voices match the characters... plus very cool...*cough*! Please check future updates pertaining to the voice actors.


Q: Looking both objectively and subjectively, compared to other famous online games, do you think that this game will give value that appeals to gamers more than other games? Can the player be considered from the standpoint of a game company?

A: For now, the focus is the players. The core of development is always "What are the players thinking of." Certainly we can't expect to account for every single player's opinions... But it's reasonable to do everything we can, and we promise to take this into account as much as we can.


Q: To put it simply, can you make a better Rockman game than Capcom presently can?

A: Personally, all of us think that the series Capcom has put our previously are amazing. The goal now is to make games that are much better than the games that came before, even if there are only a few, because they are games made in the present day.


Q: If the game still seems incomplete as the release date draws near, are you prepared to postpone the release date so you can make it more complete?

A: We're already in the processing of stretching our open schedule to make the game complete as we're working. Ahahaha.... T_T


It appears, to a certain degree, Rockman Online is using a managerial strategy when you look at the practice of marketing via a blog. In this case I'm concerned about the most important element: the needs (desires) of the customers (players), that is, how much their desires are being grasped. Moreover, today's gamers are not the gamers of old. Especially because in the Korean game market, if desired elements are not delivered, these products will be weeded out. Countless games that were extremely trendy simply ended because they couldn't satisfy desires. The truth is, while I'm looking forward to this game myself, I'm worried whether or not it will fall under the radar when it starts. Personally, I don't think it would be bad if this game were developed in cooperation with Keiji Inafune. Well anyhow, I even would like to send the development team a box of nourishing drinks to cheer them, so I'll quietly pray that a good quality game is made. I pray for that result above all else.

A: Generally speaking, we plan to continue gathering data by any means available in regards to the needs of the players, and we think we ought to accomplish making a good quality game from this sort of research.

29. (from 콜드커스텀)

Q: When's the closed beta test gonna staaaaarrt.... I'm gonna die if I keep waiting... When when when.

A: The service schedule will be decided soon... Right now we're concentrating with all our might, so it's difficult to answer on the open agenda and such.


We will provide additional details in our second round of posts.

Thank you all very much!

Now Available: Script Translation for Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands: Chapter 2

Ladies, gentlemen, Servbots of all ages! We would like to direct your attention to The Mega Man Universe wiki, where we have just added the translated script for the second chapter of the Japanese cell phone-exclusive Rockman DASH game, Great Adventure on the Five Islands! In this chapter, the ever-reliable Flutter malfunctions, and Roll must once again make an emergency crash landing on the nearest available island. To get things working again, MegaMan must hunt for parts, but trouble lurks close behind as Teisel leads the Servbots in an effort to avenge the wrongdoing his sister, Tron, was forced to endure during their last encounter!

This script is full of fun moments, particularly those between Teisel and the Servbots, who note that Tron hasn't been acting quite like herself lately. But can they succeed in foiling MegaMan and Roll's plans to get off the island without her help?

In addition, there is one line in particular which will no doubt be a sticking point for those waiting for the ending to Mega Man Legends 2 to be resolved; can you guess which one?

So check it out, and stay tuned, as we'll soon have Chapter 3 on the way! And we'll let you know when Get Me Off The Moon brings you their fandubbing of this chapter as well!

A Sample of the 5 Islands Adventure Dubbing

Here is a sample of the Get Me Off The Moon team's translation efforts for the mobile game Rockman DASH: The Great Five Islands Adventure (or its many other localized names). It now appears to have stepped up from a simple subtitle project to an actual dubbing! Color me very impressed.

Have to admit, in some regards I got closure with Legends 3's cancellation (at least in terms of cause), but hearing fans provide the voices, and extremely well too, does bring me to wondering what could have been. I can't help but feel a little regretful for it. Nevertheless, I hope the GMOTM crew keeps up the great work!

You can find more direct footage from Five islands Adventure on the Rockman DASH 3 Revival Project Blog.

Thanks to Amunshen for the tip!

Now Available: Script Translation for Rockman DASH: Great Adventure on the Five Islands

Our devious plot to rid ourselves of Heat Man by sending him to Japan under the cover of getting more information about Japan-exclusive Mega Man has actually managed to bear some fruit. Less than a month ago, he sent back a detailed report which outlined the cell phone-exclusive Rockman DASH game, Great Adventure on the Five Islands. And now, he has given us something new from that game: a translation of the first chapter's script!

Though Heat Man said the game is light on content, it still seems to have plenty of the character dialogue and interactions which have made the series so popular with its fans. The portions with the Servbots are as entertaining as ever, particularly their continued efforts to stop MegaMan and the bit about getting a big reward from Miss Tron.

So Capcom has no plans for Mega Man Legends 3 for the time being, but would it kill them to give us a little something, like this game in the Nintendo 3DS eShop? Or WiiWare (as Square Enix did with Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, itself a one-time Japanese cell phone exclusive)?

Image courtesy of our affiliates at The Mechanical Maniacs. Thanks, guys!

Interview with TOM-PON Translation Started

Capcom's TOM-PON, aka Naoya Tomita, is a "living legend" of the company, having started work at the companies in the late 80s. He's been involved with a number of classic Capcom titles, including Mega Man from the start. He was even involved with Legends 3. Needless to say, the guy is quite decorated in the history of Mega Man. A while back, Ucchy of Rockman Unity started posting a video interview of TOM-PON in segments, which has gone on for at least seven installments now. Earlier this month I actually went to Greg and DEMANDED he translate these for all fans to enjoy. But he was already on it, the smart chap!

Today Gregaman has posted the first two parts. When you watch them, his the CC button to see the subtitles. Thanks much, Greg!

New Adventures of Mega Man Now Available in English

You may know of The New Adventures of Mega Man, or more colloquially called That Portuguese Mega Man Comic Where Roll's Naked A Lot. This peculiar comic was published in Brazil by Estúdio PPA in the 90s. Personally speaking, I don't even know much about it myself. But I can start since the comic has been translated to English by Optical Internet Translation Gang. You can head over and download all 16 issues. Lots of Mega Man comic goodness to  enjoy these days! The files are in CBR format, which is a special format for digital comic books. If you're unfamiliar with it, Google search "CBR viewer" for some options. I found a freeware program called Comical that did the trick alright.

As you may have gathered from the introduction, despite featuring Mega Man characters in a strange and original story, there's also a fair bit of violence and nudity in the comic, although specifically it's "robot nudity;" really nothing more raunchy than a Barbie figure. Still, take some caution when taking a look. TMMN is not responsible for you being sent to military school.

Thanks to Alice for the heads up!

Records of the Elf War

Here's yet another drama track localization from Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero: Telos by Sensei-Hanzo. This track is Retrospect 1: Elf War, and covers X and Zero's original last stand against Omega, and then Zero later being sealed up (yet again, knowing he had another series ahead of him). Pretty interesting stuff for those craving the background details to the Zero series, and I know there are a lot of you. You can also go back to Hanzo's work on Alouette's Good Day and the Ciel's Memory tracks.

Ciel's Memories Translated

On of the neat things about the Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero albums is drama tracks a lot of them contain. While I've glossed over some interpreted machine translations, however, I don't believe I've ever seen a direct translation of these tracks. But that's changed now that Sensei-Hanzo has notified me of his current translations of the Ciel's Memory tracks on the original album on YouTube. You can check out his full set here as well. Sensei-Hanzo also tells me he intends to translate the rest sometime, so we'll be sure to inform when they're done!