The Trademarks Continue - Capcom of Japan Grabs "ROCKMAN"

Last month, we reported the curious though otherwise unassuming story of Capcom registering a new trademark for "MEGA MAN" back in August. Now it seems that Capcom of Japan is following suit, having just registered the term "ROCKMAN" (in all Roman letters, and not in Japanese characters) among other reported trademarks. There are no details on what kind of products the trademark covers, and I'm not even certain how similar Japanese trademark regulation is compared to the US. Similarly to what I thought about the trademark of "MEGA MAN," there is speculation that "ROCKMAN" may just be related to Rockman Xover, but otherwise those reporting on the details seem to be curious as to what it could indicate. I wouldn't say to get your hopes up, but... maybe just get your hopes up a little? A teensy bit?

News Credit: Hachima Kikou (via Tarbo-san)

Capcom Trademarks the Term "Mega Man"

Here's something a little bit interesting. A scant three weeks ago, Capcom filed a trademark for "Mega Man" in the US. What could this Mega Man thing be? What do they have up their sleeve? Of course, in all seriousness, it's not that they never had "Mega Man" trademarked before. It's common to make multiple trademarks depending on the type of product. This particular trademark covers the following:

Providing computer games to others that may be accessed via the Internet; Providing non-downloadable Internet games to others; Providing electronic games for mobile phones and smart phones via the Internet; Providing images, motion pictures, video games, music videos and music via the Internet; Providing images, motion pictures, video games, music videos and music through communication via mobile phones and smart phones; Electronic publishing services, namely online publication of the text and graphic works of others featuring computer and video games and strategies thereof, not downloadable; Providing on-line non-downloadable newsletters in the field of computer games and video games; Providing on-line non-downloadable electronic publications and documentation, namely articles and reports featuring computer game strategy and video game strategy; [...]

And it just goes on. While I'd just be taking a shot in the dark, I suspect this trademark was filed for the eventual release of Rockman Xover in the west. If you can bother to read through all of that mumbo-jumbo, a lot of it is aimed at delivering games, entertainment and other media via smartphones, mobile devices and the internet. On the other hand, I do find the entries of "Motion picture theater services;" and "Production and distribution of motion pictures in the form of films, video tapes and optical disks;" to be very intriguing.

I'm not going to say this is a hint at some jaw dropping thing to come. With the 25th anniversary on the horizon, Capcom may just be safeguarding the trademark for potential projects down the road. But to those of you saying Capcom isn't doing anything for Mega Man, better eat your toast! We got a trademark!

We May Need to Change the Name of Our Wiki... "Mega Man Universe" Trademarked

Why might we need to change the name of our wiki, The Mega Man Universe? The answer is so simple, and yet it may astound you. Simply put: Capcom might be using it themselves.

According to Siliconera (via Destructoid, Capcom USA has trademarked the name "Mega Man Universe," leading them to believe that perhaps this is what Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian recently hinted at.

Siliconera goes on to validate their report by noting that they had also previously uncovered trademarks for Okamiden, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, and Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. Capcom USA has "a pretty good track record when it comes to using trademarks," they add.

Reference: TARR Trademark

Capcom Trademark Points to Mega Man... or Not Mega Man (Update: Not)

Here's a curious little story from GoNintendo. Apparently two Capcom trademarks have surfaced in the US trademark database. They are EXE D and EXE S. Already speculation has it that these are pointing to the Rockman EXE series, and if this were in Japan I'd say that's a good possibility. But as the series is known as Mega Man Battle Network here, that makes it a little more shaky. It may, small chance, be indicative of a US release of Operate Shooting Star, but for now it's just too little to go on. I'll put an Operate Shooting Star image in this post regardless. Edit: A couple commentors are saying this trademark is probably related to a Capcom game known as Exed Exes, but I think they're insane and can't be trusted, and you should mock them. By the way, have you checked out our Mega Man 10 contest?

Edit again: And hey, it's not like Exed Exes and Mega Man have nothing in common.

News Credit: GoNintendo