e-Capcom Introduces Rockman Nanoblock Sets

nanoYet more curious new Rockman merchandise coming to e-Capcom. There are now Rockman themed Nanoblock sets available for preorder. There is a Rockman set and a Cutman set. Each set comes with parts to make additional items and stage enemies. The sets are planned to release in October for ¥1,890 a piece (roughly $19.25 US). Nanoblocks does appear to have a presence in the US, so perhaps we'll see these sets coming our way as well!

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VGMM Takes a Look at Jazwares' X-Buster

Our friend Nightram56 of the Video Game Memorabilia Museum has uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel. And naturally (as per the theme of this site), the subject of this outing is Mega Man; specifically, the X-Buster role-playing toy from Jazwares:

Nightram56 notes in the description that this is "a rare piece to see. It was poorly distributed toward the end of the first grouping of merch when Jazwares had the Mega Man license the first time. Due to poor sales of their previous low-quality collection, many pieces of the new set were pulled." As for the Classic version he speaks of, you can see the unreleased version with an X helmet here.

And while we don't recall having much trouble finding it after its release, we don't recall it flying off the shelves, either. What's funny is that the size of the toy seems to take the term "X-Buster on his hand" from the ending of Mega Man X almost too literally.

Meanwhile, Mattel released a similar item around the same time for the NT Warrior line, only it was made of a hard plastic and could cover most of an adult's forearm. And in addition to firing darts (with a cool lock-and-load cocking action), it also came with a detachable sword blade! If you had to choose between the two, we'd say that's the better choice (and if you really want it to be X's, it wouldn't take much to say it's from Mega Man X8).

D-Arts Mega Man X Full Armor Now Available

Once again, it's Toy Arena who first flaunts the North American version of Bandai's most recent D-Arts figure in the X series. So if you didn't dig importing, now you can buy locally for $39.99! (If you live in North America anyway). With this, other online shops and hobby retailers ought to have their stock before long as well.

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D-Arts Full Armor X Arrives in Japan this Friday

The third in line in Bandai's D-Arts Rockman X figure line is a fully armored X (from Mega Man X). Tamashi Web has announced it's on course for a release this Friday, September 23rd. The figure seems to be equipped the same as the original X figure, coming with two facial expressions, a swappable buster arm, and effect parts for shots and a charged shot. This time, however, the figure comes with a whopping five normal shot pieces. The charged shot is not pictured, but this being the fully armored X I wonder if it's insane.

As we reported before, the figure's parts are completely interchangeable with the original X figure (not to mention Zero's as well). It'll retail for ¥3,675 (roughly $48 US), and can be imported from online retailers like AmiAmi and HLJ. Or you can wait a little longer since it will probably be out in the States next month.

With this figure out the door, there's still no word what character Bandai will tackle next. A 2nd version of Zero seems pretty likely, but perhaps we'll get a bit of a curve ball, like Sigma or Vile. Or Wire Sponge.

News via CAP Kobun

D-Arts Zero Hits Japan this Weekend

Bandai's D-Arts figure of Mega Man X has been getting all of the spotlight so far, but that's about to change soon. Bandai has announced their D-Arts figure of Zero will be coming to Japanese store shelves this Saturday, the 20th, for ¥3,675 (roughly $47.96 US). Similarly to Mega Man X, Zero comes with multiple expression face plates, exchangeable buster and hands, and a charged shot effect piece. Unlike X, he also comes with a mane of gorgeous blond hair. If you're dying to import, you can get it from sites like AmiAmi (which currently has a 27% discount). Or, if you can be just a little patient, you can wait for the figure to release in North America next month, as toy and hobby retailers should be getting their stock then. Also don't forget that Full Armor X isn't very far off!

Update: Additional in-package shots can be seen here. Thanks Lalam!

Alternate Color Zero Minimate at SDCC

If you've been interested in those Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Minimate figures, prepare for something special at San Diego Comic Con 2011. Marvel announced they will be putting out some special alternate color characters, including a Mega Man X-like, blue clad Zero. If you're going to be at the event you can pick them up at the Entertainment Earth Booth, #2343. If you can't make it, you can always try on Toys "R" Us's Comic Con 2011 online shop beginning July 24th. Either way you go about it, act quickly because they're only going to be available in limited supply. Be sure to grab alternate colored Zero while you're hearing about whatever crazy Marvel vs. Capcom 3 news Capcom apparently has planned to announce.

Thanks for the tip, Phaelin!

Tomopop's Review of D-Arts Rockman X

Been wanting to know more about Bandai's newly released D-Arts Rockman X figure? Toy and collectable site Tomopop has a very fine review up covering the figure's quality, poseability, and how it stacks up to previous Rockman X toys from Bandai. The consensus is its a pretty darn good figure, but by all means read the article yourself, and check out the nice photos! Thanks for the tip, Brian!

Grab Your Kotobukiya Mega Mans from Capcom

If you've been looking forward to Kotobukiya's Mega Man model kits, but haven't felt like importing or would just rather they be Mega Man branded, you should head on over to the Capcom Store. They currently have Mega Man, Roll and Proto Man on pre-order, $29.95 each, and shipping on out in July. Of course I'm sure many other outlets are prepping them as well, but hey, this way you get them from Capcom!

Enter Bandai's D-Arts Zero

With X coming out this week, it's natural his partner should come to light. While we've known it was coming for some time, Big Bad Toy Store offers us our first real look at Bandai's D-Arts Zero! According to the site:

Following the popular D-Arts launch of Megaman X will be the popular Megaman Zero! Potraying Zero as he first appeared in the MegamanX game , fighting alongside X, this figure features superiour D-Arts articulation- even Zero's flowing hair is articulated! This high-tech figure set also includes a full array of accessories, including interchangeable facial expression, right-arm and hand parts, as well as blast effect parts!

BBTS has the figure listed to ship in September, though the figure itself could release as early as August based on X's release timeframe. Of course, we ought to be getting an official announcement from Bandai soon.

UPDATE: A couple more Zero pics here on Bandai's blog.

Via Protodude's Rockman Corner!

A Couple D-Arts Rockman X Reviews

It's been a little quiet on the Bandai front lately, but don't be fooled. Their D-Arts Rockman X figure should be releasing in Japan this week! Not to mention we ought to be getting it here in May. Given this, overviews of the figure are beginning to surface. First, Blog-like Review Place has a general overview of the figure. It's in Japanese, but it still has a nice array of photos of the figure in poses and its accessories (though the Metall seems to be absent, hmm). It's also the first look we've got of the figure's packaging.

Next, Bandai's own Tamashii Web has an overview of the joint structure of the figure, showing off just how much articulation is possible with the numerous ball joints.

If you're too impatient to wait til next month to pick this figure up, remember you can import it via AmiAmi and HLJ! Amazon JP has it as well (site in Japanese).

Thanks to Hmmm and HeatPhoenix!

Rockman Mini Figures Close Up, and Import Solutions

Just a couple more details to throw at you for the latest announced Rockman toy that eeeeeverybody's gotta have. First of all, MegaHouse has updated their own site with extremely high res images of each of the figures (save for the secret one). To be honest, they're definitely not so immaculate looking this up close. But of course they are small little trinkets that aren't meant to be held right up next to your eye. So if that doesn't bother you, Amiami already has pre-orders going for the box set, which is probably the only way these will be sold online. But it's only ¥3,640 ($43.90 US) after a nice discount, and it saves you the hassle of getting duplicates.

MegaHouse Releasing Rockman Figure Line

The toys, the toys, the toys. They just keep coming! This time figure manufacturer MegaHouse is jumping in on the action, and plans to release a Rockman themed lined of their "Game Characters Collection Mini" series. You can see an example of the line here. A total of 12 are being produced for this series, including Rockman, Roll, Blues, Robot Masters and color variations representing boss weapons. There will also be an E Can bonus item. Each figure will be roughly 30mm in height. The line is expected to launch in Japan in the middle of June, and run ¥399 per figure (roughly $4.82 US). While not explicitly mentioned, there's a good likelihood that these are trading figures, meaning you can only buy random figures unless you pick up a whole complete set. This is how MegaHouse has released other figures in the same series, like Persona 3 & 4. Pre-order details should be announced soon. (Thanks to Jonathan of Tomopop for the insight.)

Update: A listing at Happinet Online has revealed the entire set, which includes Elec Man, Air Man (can't beat 'im), Snake Man and Skull Man, as well as the respective special weapon colorings for Mega Man. The 12th figure is a secret figure, although it appears to be just Rock without his armor. The box set will be available for ¥4788 (roughly $57.81 US) but many online retailers will probably have a pre-order discount. They're certainly cute, and give an idea what MMPU might have been like if it carried on.

News Credit: CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog (Image via Protodude's Rockman Corner)

Zero as Your Minimate

Your dreams of having Zero as sort of a funny looking Lego Man are growing nearer. Here is a picture of Zero in Minimate form, albeit likely a prototype. You can also check out some of the other Marvel vs. Capcom 3 crew here. From the images, it seems the figures are planned to go on sale in July. They'll come in box sets for $17.99 US. Seems like Zero's getting a lot of merchandise love this year! Via Protodude's Rockman Corner (image via ComingSoon.net)

D-Arts Rockman X Figure Detailed

The toy news has sure been rolling in as of late. Tamashii Web has a new post up giving some in depth details on the D-Arts Mega Man X figure. We get some detailed looks at how the figures joints work, as well as the various face plates you can change X's expression with. What I find most interesting is how the buster effect parts for his normal shot can be disassembled and rearranged into different patterns. For a mere figure, this looks like it's going to have a lot of customization potential!

Thanks for the tip, Hmmm!

GutsMan Gets Gutted

Its been awhile but dose anyone remember that cutaway Mega Man figure? Yeah me either. Well KodyKoala has done it again, this time with one of the most brute members of the Mega Man family: Guts Man.

This figure has been repainted in a metallic paint giving it much more shine and a more robotic feel. You can also take closer looks at the custom skeleton structural and notice the high detail that has been put in it. This is truly an amazing work of art.

As for writing this, the figure has three days left and is at a whopping price of $76! Not nearly as much as his Mega Man went for, but we still have three days so who knows how high it will go!

Rockman Kubrick Now Available for Pre-Order at NCSX

A MMN reader (not sure if he wants us using his real name or not, so redacted for now) passed a tip along to us from Kotaku that lets us know that the Rockman and 1-Up Bearbrick Kubrick figures we reported previously are now available for preorder at National Console Support, Inc. Unfortunately, there is currently no sign of the Blues and Blues 1-Up Bearbrick set yet, but if the Blue Bomber will suffice, then theirs will ship in mid-January. However, the price seems to be a point of contention; as of this writing, the Price field says $30.90, but the description says "JPY2800 or US$40.90." I would think the listed price is what it would ring up as, plus the earlier report which listed the price as being closer to the lower point. However, buyers may want to play this one with caution.

Edit: Corrected the price of $30.90.

Retro Rotos Return

Remember Jazwares' line of Mega Man "Retro Roto" toys, the six-inch action figures from the Classic series based on actual production art from Capcom? We received only one wave, with subsequent waves lingering in limbo until all hope had been given up that we'd ever see them.

But now, it looks like the first wave-- or four of them, at least-- are seeing a re-release exclusively through online retailers such as BigBadToyStore. Instead of individually-carded figures, however, the figures of Mega Man, Shadow Man, Elec Man, and Proto Man will be sold together in a four-pack for $43.99 (though BBTS is offering them for $39.99), and are expected to arrive in December.

In addition, Protodude has learned from a Jazwares representative that a "follow-up" box consisting of "four Wave 2 figures" should arrive in the Spring of 2010. Unfortunately, specifics were not divulged as to the identity of the Wave 2 figures, but we may be able to determine the remainder by looking at the back of the original Retro Rotos' box.

On the back, it featured the five figures which made up Wave 1: Mega Man, Proto Man, Elec Man, Shadow Man, and Guts Man. Since Guts Man isn't included in the first box, he seems to be a likely candidate for the second. In addition, the Wave 1 figures all contained "Build-a-Bot" parts to create a "Fully Charged" Mega Man, representative of when he charges energy into his Buster. That seems like a likely inclusion, since having a Mega Man would theoretically help the set sell better (or at least, it would at regular retail, where these figures won't be available).

The remaining two on the back of the box were two "Coming Soon" figures in Ice Man and Wood Man, who were never originally released, and were scheduled alongside he likes of Heat Man for a later release which never came.

Of course, that's all only a guess; we'll have to wait until Spring to find out for sure.

Rockman and Blues to grace Kubrick toy set

mmkubrickNo, I don't mean the director. Kubrick is a Japanese figurine, somewhat similar to a Lego figure. However, a large variety of Kubrick figures are modeled after characters from movies and so forth, including a number of limited edition figures, making them a popular collector's item. In February of next year, Rockman and Blues will be among the collectibles. Both the Rockman and Blues figures will stand at 7cm tall. Rockman has a additional parts so that you can make him helmetless and comes with two facial mmkubrick2expressions and a removable buster. Meanwhile, Blues has his optional Breakman face and removable shield and buster. Both figures also come with translucent Be@rbrick figures which have sprites of the respective 1-Up of each on the front. Each figure will run ¥2,940, or roughly $31.94 US by today's conversion.

I imagine these will be fairly sought after by Rockman toy collectors!

News Credit: CAP Kobun