Mega Man and X Tennis Battle is Totally Canon

Here's a curious treat. So far as I'm aware, this is the first video footage to be taken of Rockman Tennis, one of many cell phone Rockman games released exclusively in Japan. The game lets you play as Rockman, Roll, Blues, Cut Man, Wood Man and Shadow Man, plus Rockman X is a downloadable character. According to COCOROG, where the video originates, the game features follow:

-No story at all. -Each character had their own theme song. (Roll's is "Kaze yo Tsutaete.") -Each character has different stats. -You can equip characters with items to improve their abilities. -You can direct lobs and return hits. -Hitting left or right will change the ball's angle. -A gauge fills up allowing you to do a super shot.

If only the Maverick Wars had been handled this way instead of all the bloodshed... Wait, X loses? What the heck!?