The Much Await Results of the Next D-Arts Character Survey are Here...

winners Do you think your favorite character made it? Can you stand the anticipation? What? You say the top image sorta gives away the results already? Oh, well, moving right along...

First off, the response to the second survey was huge. The planned reveal was actually last week, but thanks to a hefty participation - nearly three times that of the first survey - the tabulating took a while! A total of 17,603 entries were received. Needless to say, Ucchy-san and co. were floored. As for the results...

In first place is Zero from the Mega Man Zero series with a whopping 4,985 votes. I find this a touch surprising, since MMZ seemed to spell the end for the Kotobukiya line of a few years ago. But people do like that Zero guy.

In second place is Legends' MegaMan Volnutt with 3,083 votes. I know how desired he is so let's hope this result sticks!

And in third place is Roll (MM8 version) with 2,997 votes.

Additionally, beloved underdog Iris managed to snag a close 4th place with 2,907 votes, and Ciel made it in 5th with 2,659 votes. Seems the females are starting to get their showing. Things were fairly close though, as everyone in the top ten got over 2,000 votes. We'll continue on with the top 24 after the break, but Rockman Unity has the entirety of the results spelled out (albeit in Japanese). Even Heat Man got a respectable seven votes! But at any rate, we'll have to see how these statistics figure into Bandai's future products!

Thanks for the tip, Fanciful Dancing Star!

06th - X Second Armor (2,471 votes) 07th - MegaMan.EXE (2,431 votes) 08th - Copy X - (2,353 votes) 09th - Axl (2,129 votes) 10th - Black Zero (2,128 votes) 11th - Mega Man (Ariga ver.) (1,994 votes) 12th - Proto Man (1,777 votes) 13th - Servbot (1,519 votes) 14th - Vile's Ride Armor (1,499 votes) 15th - Model X (1,292 votes) 16th - Metal Man (1,255 votes) 17th - Shooting Star MegaMan (1,016 votes) 18th - ProtoMan.EXE (892 votes) 19th - OVER-1 (760 votes) 20th - Mayl Sakurai (740 votes) 21st - Lan Hikari (604 votes) 22nd - Rush Jet (307 votes) 23rd - Eddie (300 votes) 24th - Beat (248 votes)

Capcom and Bandai Reopen Character Survey to Fans

charsAs hinted at by Ucchy-san when he referred to "that plan," Capcom has started a new character survey for fans to provide input on who they want to see made into Bandai figures next. This time, the survey includes the likes of poor, dejected Iris, Hitoshi Ariga style Mega Man, MM8 style Roll, MegaMan Volnutt and characters from other series. They were even ballsy enough to add on OVER-1. Black Zero and Vile's Ride Armor are also present, which is curious since prototypes have already been shown. Of the choices you can select up to three. You can also opt in for one write-in vote as well. Besides your favorite characters, you must also indicate your age range, and choose your favorite Mega Man series (which reads Mega Man, X, Legends, Battle Network, Zero, ZX, Star Force, and Xover). This survey will run until May 16th. While it is probably intended for Japanese audiences, it won't hurt to throw in your own two cents. Of course, Bluefin Tamashii Nations may be preparing their own survey as well.

Thanks for the tip, Oakie620!

The TMMN Megacast #20 – Episode 25: The Search for the Episode Number

megacast-25We made it! 25 years of Mega Man... where has the time gone? Capcom's Greg and Brett return to talk all things Mega Man on the little guy's big day alongside MegaCast hosts Adam (Heat Man), Tabby, and myself (Jesse / Main Finger). We get into Street Fighter X Mega Man, the recent Capcom public survey, merchandise, and more all before Brett gets a Game Over.

In our second half, Greg takes us on a whimsical journey through tangents about Capcom's FMV games. Also many, many other tangents. What did you expect? It's the MegaCast! Of course, we bring it back around by sharing our early Mega Man memories and look to the future. Also, we spend too long talking out a drawing that you can't see while listening... or can you?

Join us in our celebration of a gaming icon with The TMMN Megacast #20 – Episode 25: The Search for the Episode Number.




What Is Your All-Time Favorite Mega Man?

We're conducting a fun little survey for the next couple weeks here. As 2010 comes to a close, we want to know what is your favorite Mega Man game of all time! And to tell us, all you need to do is write us at this e-mail with your favorite Mega Man game ever as the subject. No commentary necessary, and you can only pick one. Yes, out of the entire franchise. I know how hard that will be, but do your best. We are hoping to get thousands of responses, since there are quite a few Mega Man games, so be sure to tell your friends too! We will announce the top ten answers on this month's upcoming Megacast (incidentally there is no Minicast this period). I may even randomly select one mailer to win a prize. I don't know what though. I literally just thought of it right now. We look forward to your responses! Please e-mail!

UPDATE: Couple things. First, I've decided that answers given in the comments here will count too. So, either e-mail them in or post here. Second, please remember, you can only pick one game. I don't want to see multiple titles. And I certainly don't want to see arguing pertaining to peoples' choices.

UPDATE 2: You can find the results in our latest podcast post!

Famitsu: Rockman DASH/X among sequels Japanese want most

famitsu_logoThe latest issue of Famitsu contained a reader survey of which game series people want most. And wouldn't you know it, of the fifty games included in the list, both Rockman DASH and Rockman X landed on the list. In fact, they placed fairly high, with Rockman DASH coming in 7th and Rockman X coming in 13th. DASH I can see pretty well, but X does surprise me slightly (I'd sooner have expected EXE or the like). Nevertheless, great to hear that enthusiasm for Rockman is still pretty strong in Japan. I'm telling you people, it can only be so long that Capcom can ignore the cries for Legends.

News Credit: Kotaku