Dr. Wily Voice Actor Suffers Stroke

While his name might not be greatly known outside of Japan, it's one you surely know if you're a big time Rockman fan. Takeshi Aono has portrayed Dr. Wily in nearly every Rockman game with voice acting since Rockman 8. This includes Rockman X4, Rockman Battle & Chase and Super Adventure Rockman. He most recently gave voice to Wily in Inti Creates's Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack, which released a mere two months ago. Fuji TV has announced that this past Saturday in Japan, Mr. Aono suffered a stroke that was the result of aortic surgery he had performed back in May. While information that Mr. Aono's condition is already improving, it's uncertain if he'll return to work, and Fuji TV is already finding replacements for his current roles in anime such as Chibi Mariko-chan and Dragon Ball Kai.

Already aged 74, Mr. Aono has a very impressive history of performances in both animation and game voice acting. Our hearts go out to Mr. Aono for a speedy recovery, and our thanks for portraying one of gaming's most memorable characters.

News Credit: CAP Kobun, Anime News Network