First 4 Figures Reveals Mega Man Statue Prototype

First 4 Figures Reveals Mega Man Statue Prototype

First 4 Figures, makers of various video game statues and figures of classic characters ranging from Mario to Metroid to Sonic the Hedgehog to The Legend of Zelda (among others), has revealed on their Facebook page who the latest to join the family is. No prizes for guessing, because why else would we even be talking about it here?

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Silver Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue Available for Preorder

silverIf you've got more money to spend on Mega Man commemorative goods, feast your eyes here. While preorders of the previous special edition Mega Man statue have already shipped and gone on sale at SDCC, this additional statue, featuring Mega Man and X in a silver colored finish, is now available for reserve on the Capcom Store. Standing nine and a half inches tall and weighing six pounds, it's a beast of a collector's item. The statue will run you $$99.95, and the expected shipment time frame is this summer. Only 1,000 will be made, so be sure to grab it if it really tickles your fancy!

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Mega Man and X Together at Last

megamanandxstatue Well, in this commemorative statue at least. Originally mentioned back at PAX, this 10 inch resin statue is coated in silver coloring and features both Mega Man and X. The reason being, while last year was the start of Mega Man's 25th anniversary, this year will have Mega Man X turning 20 himself.

Much like the 25th anniversary Mega Man statue, this statue is also planned to be a limited edition purchase at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con in July, but a certain quantity will be sold via Capcom's digital store. It's mostly finished but will still undergo a handful of tweaks, such as the numbering plate. Further updates and other details, such as price, should be made available in the coming weeks.

FiguartsZERO Sigma Available For Pre-Order

164651_583070845045418_308472065_n If your wallets still haven't given up with all the Mega Man merchandise coming out, you can now pre-order Bandai's FiguartsZERO Sigma statue at BigBadToyStore. The statue (erroneously labeled as a D-Arts figure at the moment) is expected to be available in October and will run you $55.99 US.

Curiously there is still no sign of Ultimate Armor X's North American release, but it ought to come around before long.

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Figurarts ZERO Sigma is Here to Intimidate You

[gallery columns="2" ids="21561,21562,21563,21564"] We got our first look at Bandai's D-Arts Ultimate Armor X earlier this week, and now its time for Sigma to strut his stuff. As a part of the Figuarts ZERO line, Sigma will be a non-poseable statue, a result of his sheer size and detail. In fact, this statue stands at 180mm tall (roughly seven inches). In other words, big.

Sigma will go on sale in Japan in September, and run for ¥5,775 (roughly $58 US). Like previous villain products, he is only available here for those who pre-order through the Premium Bandai website. In North America, however, it ought to be a different story. We'll keep you posted!

News Credit: Rockman Unity

UPDATE: Tamashii Nations has officially announced Figuarts ZERO Sigma for release in North America in September/October. They also confirm it will come with a specially made display stand.

Final Images of 25th Anniversary Statue Appear with Pre-Orders Ending Friday Night

mm25thanniversarystatue Over on Capcom Unity, Brelston has posted what are the final images of the 25th anniversary Mega Man statue, and above, we've posted the pic which focuses on the most contentious issue so far: The eyes. So, what do you think?

Whatever it is, you'll need to think fast: Pre-orders for the statue end this Friday; once the weekend officially starts, your only opportunity to get one will be to venture out to the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con and get one there!

Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue Gets a Revamp

mmfigurecompare Capcom Unity is still underway preparing their limited edition Mega Man figure, and has added some photos of the updated build. Above you can see the changes, with the originally revealed figure on the left and the revamped figure on the right. The changes, and other details, are as follows:

  • Darker blue with more metallic finish
  • Both feet are flat so the figure can stand on its own
  • Revised base now reads Mega Man instead of Capcom
  • Intensified LEDs for buster and helmet
  • On/Off switch for base lights
  • Slightly revised face
  • Finished item will come inside E-Tank packaging

Brelston notes on Unity that the figure is still a work in progress, so there may more changes until the final goes on sale. While I do personally think the figure is looking fantastic, the eyes are a bit off! Hopefully they get fixed up for the final product. Speaking of which, if you want to snag one of these figures, you'll have to pre-order at the Capcom Store by April 21st, Sunday. Otherwise your only way to get one will be going to San Diego Comic Con.

25th Anniversary Mega Man Statue Now Available for Pre-Order in Capcom Store

64dfa7c5de69d19a4c32477047e8181eCapcom Unity has just announced that the limited edition 25th anniversary statue of Mega Man first shown at PAX East is now available for pre-order in the Capcom Store. "This was originally announced as a SDCC 2013 exclusive," notes Community Manager Brett Elston, "but the reaction was so strong we're opening the floodgates early and giving you all access months ahead of time! Take note, however - this pre-order extends only through April 25!"

The $99.95 statue is 10 inches on a 6-inch diameter base, and features USB-powered LED lights on the base, helmet, and Mega Buster. Each one is individually numbered as part of its limited availability as a Capcom Store Exclusive.

"[T]his was a labor of love between community and licensing," Elston said "and we're super happy to see it out in the wild. Along with the MM25 pin (which was a big hit during PAX, about 1000 handed out!) and the other news from the panel, this is how we aim to kick things off for the Blue Bomber's 25th - which, yes, was in December, but we're planning activity all year."

Click here if you would like to pre-order, or just check out some different pics of the statue, including some of it lit up! Do note, however, that "Images shown are not of the final product and are subject to change".

A Look at the Rockman Wares Coming to Winter Wonder Festival '13

wonderfest2013 The 2013 Winter Wonder Festival is taking place in Japan this weekend. The Rockman offerings seem a little sparse this time around, compared to last year's HOBBY ROCK bonanza. However, once the event kicks off, even more custom and homebrew kits may surface. For now, you can take a look at what we've managed to dig up!

2772823-image1 2772823-image8 2772823-image7

2772823-image6 2772823-image5 2772823-image4

2772823-image3 2772823-image2

First up is Fighting Fefnir by Seyou-san, part of Yama Tai Koku's Repliroid Moving Series. This is the same sculptor that has produced fantastic garage kits of Leviathan and Harpuia, as well as Iwamoto's original character Merti. To express Fefnir's position as a power character, Seyou gave him a bit of muscle definition. The kit is color cast, but would need additional detailing to look as good as these shots. And at a planned price of ¥10,000, it'll be a big dent in the ol' wallet!

2774227-image0 2774227-image9-1 2774227-image9

2774227-image8 2774227-image4 2774227-image2

2774227-image7 2774227-image5 2774227-image3


Next up is this completely adorable and completely poseable Servbot by Matadora. This garage kit has eight varaties of facial expression stickers and three heads you can use to display them. This kit is also color cast, and as Servbots aren't so detailed, additional coloring may not be necessary. This should be a real product! The asking price is ¥5000, with an additional ¥1000 for the stand and cooking accessories.



Last up is this Ciel statue by Shinshi Doumei (ever notice there are a ton of Zero series characters at these?). As you can see, being an unpainted statue, this will would certainly take some work to make presentable. The size is said to be comparable to Kotobukiya's Zero kit. There is no information on the price.

Sadly I won't be making to to WonFes this time - it's a bit of an expensive pain in the butt. But good luck to you, avid garage kit collector! Here's some of what you have to look forward to!