Happy 20th anniversary, Game Boy!

gameboyhipSure this really has nothing to do with Mega Man, but the Game Boy is a legendary handheld gaming system, and Mega Man V for Game Boy is probably one of my favorite Mega Man times of all time. To be honest, with all the 20th and even 25th anniversaries that have been going on in the gaming world, I'm surprised the Game Boy is only 20 now. Almost seems young. But man, what a great system. I literally played my original Game Boy to death. Had a knack for losing them too — I probably had three Game Boys in all but for the life of me I can't recall what happened to them. Fortunately though, I still have every Mega Man game that was released on the system, and I still enjoy them on my Game Boy Advance.

With so many great titles on the Game Boy, outside of Mega Man too of course, it's a little sad that the system has been unsupported for some time. Maybe either via the DSi store or other means, classic Game Boy games will somehow be able to enter the market again for a new generation to enjoy. It's also unfortunate that the Mega Man Game Boy collection that was supposed to be released on the Game Boy Advanced, and then was rumored for a short time to release on the DS, seemingly went up in smoke. With Capcom remembering the potential of classic Mega Man with Mega Man 9, I hope they remember the Game Boy titles too. Who wouldn't like to see Rockman World 6?

Nevertheless, thank you, Game Boy! For all those good times when my parents dragged me to the boring furniture store!

Image courtesy Retro Junk