Rockman Xover is 100,000 Strong

Looks like Mega Man Legends 3 isn't the only thing to have nabbed 100K supporters now. After only a week of being available, Rockman Xover is patting itself on the back for surpassing 100,000 registered players. To commemorate the milestone, users are receiving a free premium Gacha ticket (for redeeming one premium card), and an E Tank.

I can't say if garnering over 100K users necessarily means the game is popular, even though it did reach the top three on iTunes in the week it came out. This may be par for the course for social games; especially those with a well known brand name attached to them. However, the real question is, if Capcom deems Xover a success, what does it mean for the future of Mega Man?

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Rockman Xover is Available in Japan Now

After seemingly missing an earlier release time frame, the iOS social RPG Rockman Xover is now available for download in the Japan iOS app store. Coming with this is the renewal of the Rockman Xover official site, although there doesn't seem to be much new information beyond what we've covered before (however, there is a silhouette of a yet unseen form).

As stated before, Rockman Xover is free to play, so as long as you can make an account for the Japanese iOS network, you should be able to try it out (although I've found having multiple iOS accounts to be tricky). We'll keep you updated on details about the game.

Finally some catharsis, perhaps.

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Rockman Xover Launching Later This Month

Last week, news from Famitsu App indicated that the iOS social RPG Rockman Xover may be releasing sometime soon. Some new details indicates that is very much the case. According to the latest issue of Dengeki Game App, Rockman Xover is expected to release sometime in the tail end of October, i.e. the last third of the month. That means the game could hit the Apple Store as soon as this coming Monday in Japan. Whatever your stance is on this controversial Mega Man title, one thing is certain: it's coming. It's coming soon and there's nothing you can do about it.

News Credit: CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog

Plenty of New Rockman Xover Gameplay Details and Images

Famitsu has posted an article concerning the Rockman Xover contents set to appear in their upcoming coverage in Famitsu App. The details give us the biggest look at the game we've had yet.

The article introduces Dr. Cossack's daughter, Kalinka. She acts as your navigator in the game. She is 14 now, compared to age 9 from the events of Mega Man 4. I don't know if that really adds up with the series timeline, but just run with it...

First in gameplay, the game is composed of various areas, and each area has a certain number of quests. In quests, as explained before, you run ahead automatically and press buttons to jump and shoot. You can also choose "Auto Play" during a quest. As you might expect, this is a feature that pretty much makes your character attack automatically as well; essentially making the game play itself. It's an option for those wanting to make some quick progress in the game. However, it's not recommended if your aim is to gather up items and upgrades.

Next, the card system. This is where you place the Battle Memory cards you collect to upgrade OVER-1. Setting Battle Memory can of course increase your various stats, including HP, attack and defense. But Battle Memory can also alter other factors, such as your element type and particular skills. It's said it will be important to set your skills appropriately to bolster your given stats. OVER-1 also has a cost indicator, and Battle Memory cards each have a particular cost. The combined cost can't exceed what OVER-1 is capable of.

Battle Memory cards themselves come in elemental flavors, indicated by their background. White is neutral, red is fire, green is wood and wind, yellow is electricity, and blue is water and ice. Determining your elements maximizes how effective you can battle enemies with elemental weaknesses. However, it's not exactly indicated how setting cards changes/manipulates your elemental status.

Next up is the armor change system. This relates to the silhouettes we saw in the trailer. New armors can be acquired by collecting their parts - five in total. These new armors give different benefits for how Battle Memory cards can be used, such as "bonus lines" and "bonus spots." For example, the attack-centric OVER-2 armor gives you six spots for Battle Memory cards instead of five. Three of the spots are red, and improve attack power. Furthmore, if cards that are linked with lines have the same element, attack power is increased even more. A defense-centric OVER-3 armor is also shown.

Next are the Master Boss and Team Battle modes. Master Boss battles can be unlocked by collecting map parts in regular quests. Accessing them lets you fight a powerful, large boss. You can summon in your friends' characters to fight the boss with their equipped skills as well. Beating the master boss will reward you with special items, but the reward payout changes depending on each character's contributions to the battle.

In Team Battle, you will encounter a boss in the middle of a quest. However, the boss will try to flee instead of attack, making your goal to crush the boss. One of you friend's characters is randomly chosen and selected to battle with. You're then paired up against another team of two, and the two teams compete to be the first to beat the boss. Your partner is controlled automatically in this mode, and is updated once a week. Beating the boss first wins you rare Battle Memory.

And last, the promotional OVER-1 card that Famitsu App is giving away in its magazine. This card can be used in the game once you clear the tutorial. It will strengthen OVER-1's attack power during boss battles. The code for the card is redeemable up until the end of December 17th.

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TMMN's Hands-On with Rockman Xover - TGS Gameplay Footage

 Be sure to watch in full screen HD!
Granted, it's a very brief hands-on, but considering this game is revolutionary in that it's the first Mega Man game you can play entirely one handed, this much should suffice. I only got to play part of the Rockman Xover demo - the Capcom Mobile area was always just being closed off when I got to it, so I managed to play a bit off of a nice woman who was carrying an iPad.

So having gone all the way out to Tokyo to give it a try, what do I think of the title? Well, not much honestly. Which is pretty much what I expected. Everything about the game lived up to what I imagined it being since reports started coming out. And while I'm certainly not taken by it, I can't find it in me to be angry at it since, for what it's supposed to be, it might actually be amusing.

In truth, there is still a lot to Xover that has yet to be shown, making it difficult to wholly judge this game now. It's really surprising how brief the demo was, considering this is such a simple game that's probably coming out by the end of next month.

Anyway, time to go more in depth (on what little we can).

The video above may be brief, but it gives a solid idea of how a stage in Rockman Xover plays. You automatically run forward in a forced scrolling stage, and jump and shoot at the oncoming enemies. In the demonstration stage, this was as simple as it could get, with enemies just sitting in the ground or hovering in midair at the height of OVER-1's jump. You automatically charge your weapon as well, enticing you to wait until the last moment to attack so you can blow through a row of enemies. A graphic appears for hitting chains of enemies (1 Hit, 2 Hit, etc.) but I don't know if there's a bonus for getting chain attacks. Defeated enemies drop life and weapon capsules, as well as cards (presumably "Battle Memory" items).

For the boss battle I didn't get to play, I'm relying on Conrad Zimmerman's fantastic hands-on at Destructoid. When facing bosses, the game becomes a simple turn based RPG system. You and the enemy take turns attacking, and you have a couple different attacks to chose from. You also build up energy from taking damage, allowing you to fire more powerful attacks in return. Presumably, you will be able to summon friends' characters into battle to help you out, or at least do so in another mode.

There is still much left to be revealed, however. There was no sign of how the card-based upgrade system works, briefly shown off in the game's promotional trailer. There was also no look into OVER-1's various forms, also hinted at in said trailer. And of course, there are other modes, such as "Team Battle" and "Master Boss" were not playable in the demonstration. Personally, I imagine the customization aspect of the game may be its true meat and potatoes, while much of the gameplay itself will just be grinding for experience and new cards. But, that really depends on how much depth the customization system has.

If there is anything I can gripe about on Xover, it would be its production value. Granted, I wouldn't expect much being a mobile game and all. But most games for iOS by professional companies tend to look better than this. Perhaps the character animations are so stilted in an attempt to harken back to classic Mega Man visuals, but I think it's more likely that the small production team just doesn't want to create too many sprites. And for a game that's meant to be a crossover for all Mega Man series, it's a shame the enemies all seem to be ported over from the Mega Man X iOS game so far.

As well, I couldn't really hear the audio to the game in all the ruckus of TGS, but according to CAP Kobun, the music and sounds are from previous games; the demo used X1's opening stage and boss battle themes. No indication if there's going to be any other original music like the catchy tune from the trailer, which is also a disappointment.

But as much as the game is underwhelming, I just can't get irate over it. Namely because it's not in my nature, but also because for being a simple mobile game, I think it could be interesting. It's definitely nothing that will satisfy the cravings in dedicated Mega Man fans, but I always expected that. The game is reportedly free to play, so if you already have a supporting iOS device, there's no reason you shouldn't at least try it.

I do get where the anger comes from. This simply isn't the Mega Man game that fans want to see. And heck, I'm with you guys; if I had my way I'd love to see a luxurious new Mega Man game on dedicated game hardware and packed to the brim with content. But I don't think that desiring some imaginary super Mega Man game that Capcom just won't make automatically turns Xover to crap. Xover would still be Xover, regardless of what climate of emotion it were released in.

Rockman Xover will be releasing for iPhone 3GS/4/4S and iPod touch models generation 3 and higher. It is also playable on iPad although its resolution is not designed for iPad. Capcom has confirmed that the game will release in North America and Europe, but have not yet given a time frame.

Many great thanks to Kyle Fyfe, my on-hand cameraman, who braved getting yelled at every time he held up his camera! You were a tremendous asset, Kyle! Also, a shout out to Sensei-Hanzo. It was nice to meet you finally, if only a brief time!

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Yet More Rockman Xover Details - Getting to Know OVER-1

Following up from our Famitsu scoop yesterday, now we have more details and some nice visuals from The bulk of the information concerns the background of the newly named character, OVER-1. As you know, OVER-1 is a robot created in a collaboration between Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack, in order to save the Crossover World that has become threatened by Dr. Wily, Sigma, and other forces of evil now cooperating together. Originally, OVER-1 was a mere all-purpose Reploid with no battle capabilities to speak of. However, OVER- has the special ability to equip "Battle Memory," which can change his abilities and unleash unfathomable potential.

Uhh... wait... Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack made a Reploid?... Like, is this before Dr. Light made X? Was Dr. Cossack ever involved in Reploid research? I mean, my head is kind of...

Anyway, the various heroes of the Rockman universe have become trapped in a gulf of space-time within this strange Crossover World, and now only OVER-1 can save them AND the future! (Though whose future, we're not too certain.) Use Battle Memory to customize your own OVER-1, grab your friends, and save Crossover World from certain doom!

Besides that, the only other info we have is confirmation that Rockman Xover will be appearing at Tokyo Game Show, coming up later this month. I imagine the lines will be incredible.


A Couple New Rockman Xover Details (Updated Artwork, Images, Details)

Well, it's about time we looked back at this, no? I'm not certain of the source (perhaps Famitsu), but fan blog COCOROG is detailing some new facts on the iOS social RPG Rockman Xover (crossover).

First and foremost is the revelation of the protagonist's name: OVER-1 (over one). Have to admit, Light and Cossack have really slipped in naming their creations these days. Then again, OVER-1 is supposed to be a mass production model, so perhaps it has little use as a personal name.

Other than that, it appears players will use "Battle Chips" to customize their own OVER-1s. Despite the name, it's thought that these Battle Chips don't have any connection to the Battle Network series (and instead pertain to the usage of "Battle Memory" mentioned on the official site's dossier).

UPDATE: With the added Famitsu scan, we've come to learn some additional details. First, the game will indeed be free to play, but will charge money for items and such (although that doesn't mean paying money is the only way to get items, as is the case for many games like this). The game's stages, called quests, appear to be modeled after tradition side scrolling gameplay, but there is still no information specifically about controls. Finally, it appears you will be able to summon your friends' own unique OVER-1 characters into battle, as demonstrated in the D-REX fight screen.

UPDATE 2: Here's a previously never-seen screen grab from Famitsu. It seems to show a boss battle with one other OVER-1 character, complete with different palette. Also added is the official artwork for OVER-1.

We'll keep an eye on this and see if we can't find any other bits of data. You can also check our previous story for other details.

Thanks for the tip, Reploid 21XX!