Newly Arranged "another sun" and "Your Wind Is Blowing" on Sale

It's been quite a while that we've followed this - over half a year now. But finally the result is met. Reika Morishita's freshly arranged "another sun 2012" and "あなたの風が吹くから~Your wind is blowing~" are now available. Well, they definitely are in Japan anyway. While a September 12th release is indeed intended for the worldwide market, digital retailers may hold back the song until it really is the 12th in your time zone. You have two choices for downloading. You can either get them from Amazon's download store or purchase them from iTunes for $0.99 per track. These links go to stores for North America, but they should be available on the respective stores for Europe, Japan and so on as well.

In the meantime, Morishita released a video of thanks to all the fans, and encouragement to get the song. If the digital sales run well, she hopes to make the songs available on CD and karaoke in the near future.

I have to admit, I'm really digging the new arrangements! If you happen to pick them up too, feel free to leave your own thoughts.