Reika Morishita's "Another Sun 2012" Single Coming Next Month

51ry1uDOdWL Last year we learned that Reika Morishita's arranged theme songs for Rockman DASH garnered enough support to get an actual single release. In case you weren't aware, that album is coming out pretty soon now. Releasing in Japan on March 6th, Another Sun 2012 contains the arrangements for both "another sun 2012" and "Anata no Kaze ga Fuku kara ~Your wind is blowing~". The single album will also contain the instrumental versions of both tracks. It will run ¥1,000 ($10.70 US).

If you can make an account on Amazon JP, you should be able to import the album easily. Of course, the tracks are still available to purchase digitally as well.

Morishita's Legends Themes Are Set to Go

Not too long ago, singer Reika Morishita informed us that production and fine tuning of her Mega Man Legends theme songs, "another sun" and "Your Wind Is Blowing" was coming to an end. At long last, she informs us today that production has indeed wrapped up, and the tunes now have a release date. The revamped singles, "another sun 2012" and "あなたの風が吹くから~Your wind is blowing~" will be released on September 12th, via iTunes and ring tone service Recochoku. The distribution is being handled by Victor Entertainment.

Morishita herself is relieved and excited to have the tracks finished and ready to go. She promises further updates soon on details about the songs themselves, and a jacket cover. And now Legends fans can mark September 12th on their calendars!

Mega Ran's Latest Track is Da Bomb

Yeah that was too easy, but BD would be proud. Anyway, Random, aka Mega Ran, has a new track out: "Take Your Turn," based off Bomb Man's theme. The track is a look back at Mega Ran's beginnings; appropriate that he's ringing in his own 5th anniversary album, which this track is a part of. You can grab it digitally or in a special edition box set - though I hear the latter is going quickly, so don't dawdle!

In the meantime, Ran has also made the single "Take Your Turn" available for free download. If you listen carefully, you might catch a reference to an old website. Warmed my heart a little, it did.

Mega Ran, The Megas, Reika Morishita, E Cans, arranged albums... this is really becoming the year for Mega Man music. In spite of all else, I'm loving it.

Here is Capcom's Rockman 25th Anniversary Plan

Perhaps you were hoping for Mega Man Legends 3? Or maybe Mega Man X9, or a remade, high definition Mega Man collection? Come now, your thinking is much too small. Capcom has something way better planned than any of that! Rockman Unity has the scoop that the three femme fatales of Rockman: Roll, Mayl and Luna, are collaborating to form their own idol group. Their first single, "Transmission of Your Heart," is set to release on December 17th, 20XX. Although not mentioned, the expected price is three billion yen. They will have to hurry and compete with AKB after all.

Furthermore, there will be a goods campaign to promote the single. You can pick up three limited edition posters featuring each of the sweethearts (while supplies last). On top of that, a live performance is also being organized to take place on the rooftop of the Capcom building. Which is nice, because those guys don't get to get out very much!

Alright, alright, stop clenching your mouse like that. (I assume it's because you're angry...) A fun little joke from Ucchy-san. Perhaps. I don't mean to fool with you, but all I'm saying is there's been a joke album in the past that turned out to have some truth to it. You can never be too sure what's going to happen!