Capcom Unity Adds Mega Man to the Zazzle Store

If you actually have any money leftover whatsoever after preordering all these Kotobukiya figures and what have you, well, Capcom still wants it. They don't care if you have bills or need bread, they will wring it out of you like dirty water from a rag. But though you'll be left broke and defeated, at least you might have a pretty cool Mega Man shirt to show for it. Less depressing version: Capcom Unity has opened a Mega Man wing in their Zazzle store. Here you can browse designs, and then, perhaps in homage to Mega Man Universe, customize the apparel to your liking. Gotta say I like that "hands around the world" design a bit.

News Credit: Capcom Unity

These Rockman Shirts Are So Cool, You'll Probably Never Get One

I think it's awesome to have Mega Man apparel, but all too often it seems the designers just go to Sprites INC, grab some Robot Master sprites and 1Ups and just slap them on, maybe with a silly one-liner. Not too creative, is what I'm getting at. However, Inti Creates has come up with three pretty cool Rockman T-shirt designs. Problem is it's unlikely any of us will ever have one. The shirts are part of a special promotion for the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack, which released today. The soundtrack comes with an application form, which can be filled out and sent back to Inti Creates. Inti Creates will then draw the applications in a lottery at the end of August, and give out five of each shirt to a total of 15 winners. The shirts are not intended to go on sale.

Maybe if you're real lucky you'll spot one of these shirts on an auction later, and it will just happen to fit you fine. And then maybe you'll also find a legitimate gold Rockman 4 cartridge. Ah well, for now we can only dream, and check out the designs below.