See Mega Ran and Grab a Special New Shirt

Clover Shield Mega Man version 1 complete sample Rapper and game enthusiast Mega Ran is going on spring tour. If you show up at one of his gigs, you can get a special edition "Clover Shield" shirt, with artwork by Thormeister (who is the Official TMMN Bad Ass if you didn't know). Not a bad little design to wear for spring! You can check the tour dates following the break.

Thanks for the tip, Thor!

SXSW: 3/12 @ Spiderhouse Outdoor Stage - The Day Shift Meet & Greet, Austin, TX 3/13 @ Laugh Lounge at Austin Java - The Doozers Showcase, Austin, TX 3/14 @ Dive - Scratched Vinyl Showcase, Austin, TX 3/14 @ 512 Rooftop - Fake Four Inc. Showcase, Austin, TX

3/15 @ Spanish Moon, Baton Rouge, LA 3/16 The Feed & Seed, Lafayette, LA 3/17 @ Taste, Orlando, FL 3/18 @ Black Flower, Raleigh, NC 3/19 @ Velvet Lounge, Washington, DC 3/20 @ Bohemian Cafe, Baltimore, MA 3/21 @ Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA 3/22 @ PAX East, Boston, MA (several appearances) 3/26 @ The Black Shire, London, ON 3/27 @ Comet Bar, Cincinnati, OH 3/29 @ Shadow Lounge, Pittsburgh, PA 3/30 @ Singers Karaoke Club, Solvay, NY (early show) 3/31 @ TBA, Ithaca, NY 4/1 @ Public Assembly, NYC

Some More Outstanding Mega Man Apparel

Feeling a little out-of-style, my fellow fans? Feast your eyes on these shirts. I love it when we get some Mega Man themed clothing that's as stylish as these "paint explosion" T-shirts. If you really dig them you can head over to RedBubble for the Mega Man version or the Proto Man version (or both for complete fashion power!). Thanks for the tip, kijan! (via Fashionably Geek)

Split Reason's Mega Man Shirt is Now Available

A little while back, we reported on a design submission for a Mega Man shirt on Split Reason that was in the voting process. Well, the results are in and the design received enough votes to be approved! This is one of the few Mega Man shirts out there that actually features original art rather than blown up sprites. Show your Mega Man love to the world (or at least everyone within sight of you) and order this sweet shirt. You can find the order page here for the price of $18.95.

Mega Mistake design @

Mega Man shirt up for a vote at Split Reason

Split Reason, an apparel site for "geeks and gamers," as they put it, is letting viewers vote on a Mega Man themed design candidate for potential production. Saying "Happens to the best of us," this design really does capture the feeling we all tend to come across now and again when playing Mega Man games. Considering a lot of Mega Man shirt designs tend to use just sprites, I find this design pretty cool, and I hope it gets made. Take a look at the design below, then head over to Split Reason and make it happen, my MMN minions! News Credit: Main Finger

Mega Mistake @ Mega Mistake design @ ©

UNIQLO reveals Mega Man shirts

Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO, which we have reported has been introducing a line of game inspired shirts, have today revealed their Mega Man themed shirt. Available in blue and black, the simple T has an E-Tank sprite on the front, with a Mega Man sprite silhouette on the back and the text "GIVE ME ENERGY." Rather cute, although considering the amount of sprite-based Rockman shirts Capcom of Japan has already produced, I was hoping for something a little more interesting. The colored trim on the collar and sleeves is a nice touch, though. The shirt goes on sale April 20th, along with numerous other themes. Additionally, another Mega Man shirt will release on June 22nd, which you can see scrolling to near the bottom of the page. This seems to just feature a large Mega Man sprite on a black or fuchsia shirt (really, fuchsia?). Unfortunately, UNIQLO's Japan outlet does not ship internationally, but hopefully their gaming line will spread beyond Japan as they do have a US presence. uniqlomega

UNIQLO Rockman shirt coming April 20th

Japanese casual wear designer UNIQLO will be releasing the first shirts in their brand of video game-inspired fashions soon, and its been revealed their shirt in celebration of the Rockman series will be coming on April 20th. Featuring shirts focusing on various franmchises by Capcom, Sega, Hudson and more, the first styles go on sale in Japan March 16th. The Rockman design isn't available to see yet, but the March 16th designs are and they ought to give a good idea of what to expect - simple and stylish. It is unknown yet if the game shirts will be available outside of Japan.