Rockman Online is Likely Cancelled, According to Artist (Updated)

Well, unfortunate news tonight, though probably news a lot of you were expecting. After concerns about the fate of Rockman Online after NeoWiz announced internal restructuring, the game's environments artist Kang Dong Hwa, aka Cantio75, has admitted that the project he was on was dropped (without mentioning Online specifically) on his blog. Furthermore, he posted numerous pieces of concept artwork (such as the above) he devised for Online over the years. This also points to the game being cancelled, since it would most likely be illegal for him to post the artwork if the game were still in development.

Of course, we'll wait for official confirmation from NeoWiz to say for certainty the game's cancellation, but honestly, after nearly half a year with no updates, and growing concerns, this development probably shouldn't be shocking. It is a true shame - Rockman Online was looking like a very interesting game, despite being one fans in the west may have never got to play.

UPDATE: An inside source has confirmed that the team working on Rockman Online was disbanded. If Online is even still in development, it would likely be a very different game than anything we've seen so far. We're choosing not to name the source

UPDATE 2: Mr. Kang appears to have removed some of the unseen environmental art from his gallery. Chances are he's just playing it safe with the advent of this news catching on - apparently it's since been widely spread among Korean and Japanese news sites and blogs.

We also wish the best to Mr. Kang, who says he's currently looking for new work, and that it's hard finding jobs that suit his specialty in science fiction imagery. At the very least, we have this additional artwork you can enjoy after the break.

Thanks to Amunshen for the information (based on a story originally from Protodude's Rockman Corner).

Bandai's D-Arts Line Is Going to Get Classic (Updated)

Earlier this year at the San Diego Comic Con, Bluefin Tamashii Nations showed off what they're hoping will be the future of the Mega Man X D-Arts figure line by Bandai (and we're hoping too). But recent info gives rise to another "future" for the line. According to Tonberi Tei, as well as reports on 2ch, Bandai is preparing a D-Arts figure of classic Mega Man to release in Japan this December. This information may be leaked from store owners, who have received details from Bandai set to be publicized September 5th. Because this is seemingly a leak, and no details are pictures are available so far, we're marking this as a rumor for now. However, the wait may not be very long at all. Bandai is prepping a Tamashii Features showcase event this Saturday, so if Mega Man is legit official word could be coming very soon. We'll also reach out to our sources at Bluefin to see what we can uncover.

I know many of you have been loving Bandai and Bluefin's Mega Man X goods, but how do you feel about the line going to classic Mega Man? I imagine some people might not be as excited, since Kotobukiya already covered classic Mega Man with their model kits. However, the features and detail of the D-Arts line could give a lot to Mega Man.

UPDATE: Although we don’t have any pictures or new details on the figure, it turns out that origin of the listing is from Bandai’s own online Tamashii Mail Magazine. So the figure is very much real. Hopefully information and media will be coming from this weekend’s Bandai event!

Rumor: VA for Mega Man in MVC3

The Mega Man in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 rumors will not die. After already seeing somewhat curious images, our latest report comes from IMDB. There, one Zachary Gordon is listed as voicing Mega Man in the game. I suppose we'd assume this is classic Mega Man, though there are a few other guys called that. It's a pretty popular name. According to Event Hubs, via Protodude's Rockman Corner, IMDB will list casting as rumors if they are unsubstantiated. Zachary Gordon is not as of yet listed as a rumor, although Kaj-Erik Eriksen is, who allegedly will take the role of X. Wait, really? Can't say I'm really sure how IMDB receives and verifies their info, so in the meantime we'll still just consider this a maybe. Hey, the game is out in a couple months anyway. We really ought to know by then!

Thank you, Glitcher!

Mega Man in MVC3 Leaked? Round Two!

A little while back we reported on the possible inclusion of Mega Man in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 based on some visual evidence, but that turned out to be a total wash. But hey, maybe it's worth another shot. The image on the right allegedly leaked out on IPlayWinner today, but like all good leaks was soon deleted afterwards. That didn't stop the image from spreading around however, and in this case was found again in an EventsHub comments thread. It's tough to read but it clearly shows Mega Man listed. I've also taken the liberty of editing out other leaked names, as they don't pertain to this site. If this is legit I'm not going to be behind spoiling so much! But you can find it elsewhere if you really need to. As mentioned before, it'd hardly be surprising to see Mega Man jump into the fray, already being a Marvel Vs. Capcom veteran. But perhaps we will find out later this week, when more MVC3 info is supposed to be coming out.

Thanks, Seiko!

Edit: I'm told this image is actually not quite new. But a rumor is a rumor, and so far this image is building a decent track record with Zero and She-Hulk included.

Mega Man in MVC3 Leaked? (Maybe Not)

We'll treat this as a rumor for now, but it may not be for much longer. The above New York Comic-Con image comes 4chan, apparently originating from, revealing Mega Man, among some other characters, in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Making matters shadier, Eventhubs pulled the images soon after. The consensus is that the characters are being held for a Sunday reveal.

Of course, Mega Man is a Marvel Vs. Capcom veteran, and his inclusion would probably come as no surprise. Additionally, this wouldn't even be the first MVC3 leak that's come out of New York Comic-Con already. Be that as it may, we can only still speculate for now.

Edit: We are aware that the artwork comes from Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, but it remains to be seen why it's been posted at NYCC at all. If all else we can ask Joveth about it on a podcast or something, hahaha.

Edit 2: I've been informed that these pictures do not come from Capcom's booth, but rather IGN's booth. Why they would advertise MVC3 with MVC2 art is certainly unknown, but it takes away the officialness of the images.

Ippo Yamada Hints at New Album

It's another instance where digitally stalking members of the games industry pays off. In a recent tweet, Ippo Yamada made this comment:

Presenting a soundtrack project summary. I must get to writing it up.

Of course, there's no mention of this soundtrack having anything to do with Mega Man, but honestly, I can't think of a time when a soundtrack from Ippo HASN'T had to do with Mega Man. Plus, the fact that Ippo has to make an project outline for it (presumably to get approval) would indicate it's based on an existing property. Well, I suppose it could be a Gal Gun soundtrack... if that game even has music over the squealing girls. We'll just have to see.

Keiji Inafune Vows to Make "That Game"

Edit: Well, looks like kept his word! Keiji Inafune is facing some interesting times these days. He's come out very vocally against the gaming industry in Japan, and the stagnation of games in general. Over at his Daletto blog, he occasionally takes the time to discuss his feelings, his desires and his hardships working in the game industry. In a post today, Inafune takes the time to talk about a certain game he wants to make.

There are games I want to make but am unlikely to be able to make. Or perhaps it's that there are less people who can make the games they want to make. Being a game creator, when is the time you feel the greates happiness? Surely it's when you can sell a product you made through great hardships? Or when you make a game that you wanted to make? It varies from person to person, but for me, I like the moments when I'm making a game I want to make. I can't help but enjoy the time I'm thinking "Would it be interesting if I do it like this, or like that?" Of course I'm probably happy from the excitement of a game going to market, but that's the expectation when you reach the end.

There are works that I love even though they didn't sell. I don't want to erase these from my game making history just because they didn't sell. And even if they don't sell, they're games I made with all my heart. Games that, with all the happiness and excitement [of making them], I'm confident they share those feelings with the player. I have such a game.

I swear I will still make that game one of these days. A game that not just myself, but almost the whole staff swears on. Even in interviews I am so often asked "Supposing you were allowed make a game you've neglected again and again, what game would you make?" I replied without uncertainty, every time. I would make a sequel to that one game. Before I knew it, the fans who share that sentiment multiplied. All of a sudden my feelings have begun to reach out? Why now?

In the past, there've been times I was told by my subordinates "Your games are ahead of they're time. You make them too soon." Then perhaps that [game] is also too soon. But now, the voices calling out for that [game] are the most numerous. What do the fans request of it, and what do they expect of it? No, what do they want to let me do with that [game]? What sort of ways do they want it to evolve from that [game]? Surely they are waiting for that evolution throughout the world, I think.

So, I have to respond. But, I'm not doing this per usual. I am again challenging myself with a game that is ahead of its time. This time it's a challenge at a speed that everyone can follow. The fans' encouragement has made me inspired, and as long as the fans are there I will not abandon the revival of this work.

Truly I thank you. From here on out this game will be made with the fans.

Of course, Inafune never directly mentions what game he's talking about, but I don't think it takes much to imagine a game he is likely talking about. What game has he shown a great interest in in the past? What game does he keep getting asked about in interviews? I don't think it's Kabu Trader Shun.

To not beat around the bush any longer, I would say it sounds like Inafune is mentally prepping himself in making another Legends title. It is certainly a challenge, as we know it's a game he wants to make, and definitely a game we fans want him to make, but it has a lackluster history of sales. So you can see why it would cause him some mental anguish. It is his own sort of conflict of giri ninjou at Capcom, if you will.

Whatever game he may be considering, I certainly hope it works out for him, if just for the fact I hate to see someone be so troubled. But if it does turn out to be a Legends title, I can pretty much assure to Inafune, and to Capcom, this site will stand by it.

*It must be noted my fluency in Japanese is not the most proficient, and so some statements may be worded strangely or incorrectly. However I am confident I have correctly conveyed the main idea of Keiji Inafune's post as he intended to write it.

More Ruminating with Mega Man Legends

Yet another dose of Mega Man Legends rumors have appeared over at Protodude's Rockman Corner. Of course, rumors are just rumors, but there's a little twist here: the source this time is The Shadow, a name you may be familiar with. That is, the same The Shadow who previously leaked information on Mega Man 9 some time back (though for whatever reason was silent on Mega Man 10 and Mega Man Universe). According to The Shadow, a Mega Man Legends game is indeed in the works, but those involved are being tight lipped about it. Additionally, the game has no working title yet, so it is not necessarily Mega Man Legends 3.

While I am of a very skeptical nature, I have to concede the good possibility that something is going on with all this. While the rumors have all been sketchy, there's something still to be said of frequency. If an owl cries in the woods three times, you may never see it but you can still be pretty sure it was an owl. Frankly, we too have heard from "sources" months ago that a new Legends title was in the work. But as is common in these cases, there's usually so little to go on to merit reporting. But it certainly may be more relevant now.

That all being said, this will probably be our last rumor post until something more substantial comes along.

Hideki Kamiya Teases Mega Man Legends

While I don't see so much in this at this point, I suppose it's worth passing on. Hideki Kamiya, former Capcom and Clover designer, tweeted the night before about meeting Yoshinori Kawano, the director of the Legends games. Roughly translated, he wrote:

"Oh, finally, I was introduced to Capcom's Kawano-san today, who was also the maker of Rockman DASH. But when I told him the wish to "make a sequel to DASH" from a certain person, he gave me some sort of grin... If it's good it's good I suppose... Goodnight."

More recently, in response to someone who asked about him mentioning Rockman DASH, he wrote (in English): "If you're Dash fan, you'll be happy soon," and soon followed up (in Japanese): "I'm astounded at the number of reactions to some murmuring over Rockman DASH... It is loved by its fans." He finally response to more inqueries about DASH (in English) with: "But you gotta believe Kawano san!"

The second statement is definitely the most provocative, as it implies he knows something, but the initial exchange indicates Kawano did not actually give him any information about any projects. Therefore, Kamiya could be speaking of most anything (such as Marvel Vs. Capcom 3), and is informing us to give our encouragement to Kawano. But anything is possible really. One thing that has been misinterpreted, however, is Kamiya never declared any personal desire to make a sequel to DASH, so probably best not to get your hopes up for a Legends 3 delivered by Platinum Games.

Original report via Protodude's Rockman Corner

Inafune Announcing New Game at Comic Con

Get the speculation train a-chuggin'. At this year's San Diego Comic Con, on July 22nd, Keiji Inafune will be making a surprise announcement at Capcom's corner. Quoting from the show schedule:

4:45-5:45 Capcom 2010 and Beyond!—See the latest trailers and get the inside scoop on all of Capcom’s most highly anticipated games for 2010 and beyond:Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Sengoku Basara, Okamiden, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Ghost Trick, Dead Rising 2, and more. On top of all that, hear details on an exciting new game announcement by Capcom legend Keiji Inafune, the father of Mega Man!Room 6BCF

Of course, there's no confirmation if the new game has anything to do with Mega Man. But considering Mega Man Universe is being trademarked all over the place, and we went through a Mega Man-less E3, I'd say there's a pretty good possibility of the Blue Bomber poking his head up. While we have no plans to attend the event as of yet, we are organizing some means of coverage to bring you up to the minute info.

News Credit: Destructoid

Rumor: Will Rockman Online Connect Series?

Late last week we broke the story of Rockman Online's latest developments, and gave the details. However, there was one detail I was remiss in pointing out at the time. Given that I don't know Korean, and machine translations are sketchy at best, I didn't feel confident about putting it out. But after looking into it more, and getting some consulting from some Korean associates, I will now lay this out, but as a rumor. Apparently, Rockman Online is intended to tie the classic and X series together.

At least according to the reports that came out, such as this one on This Is Game, where a line calls Rockman Online "A side-scrolling 3D action game that connects Rockman Classic and X." Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean tying their stories together, but what else would it mean? Mechanics-wise, the series are rather similar. At any rate, if this is true then forthcoming media should show it. According to the news posts, the next updates will show off more characters, so we will probably see soon.

What Are Quick Man and Air Man Doing in Microsoft's Game Room?

Over on Kotaku, it's reported that a blogger found some interesting unused achievement graphics in the PC version of Microsoft's Game Room, a service that allows people to play and compete in classic game titles on the Xbox 360 and Windows PCs. So far Game Room has a modest collection of arcade, Intellivision and Atari 2600 games. However, could Mega Man be coming in a future update? One of the unused achievement graphics, shown right, appears to to have Quick Man, Air Man and Pac Man (one of these things is not like the other). Of course the unused graphic may be just that -- something that wasn't ever intended to be used. But it is curious nonetheless. News Credit: XD375

A sign of Mega Man Legends 3? *Updated*

legendsFile this one under curiously hopeful. Gaming news site N4G has listings for Mega Man Legends 3 under both PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. I'm not much a traverser of N4G myself so I'm not sure how these things pan out there, but then again recall how Mega Man 9 began with a curious entry on the Australian OFLC. Still, with no info listed at all, including even a developer and publisher, we'll just have to wait on this one. Should it hold any water, I imagine info will trickle down in the near future. News Credit: Dan

Update: Nope, this is pretty much wishful thinking on the part of a N4G user.  Their moderation system doesn't check against the existence of a game before they list it and anyone can add a game to their listing for any platform.

Sorry guys, but until someone actually references Mega Man Legends 3 in an announcement, it's not happening for a while.

On a side note, while watching G4TV I noticed they had a poll up asking which game needs a sequel.  Contenders were Misadventres of Tron Bonne, Okami and I forget the last one.  Naturally, Okami won with about 66%, but that the game was even mentioned on G4 should count for something... right? --- LanceHeart