The Much Await Results of the Next D-Arts Character Survey are Here...

winners Do you think your favorite character made it? Can you stand the anticipation? What? You say the top image sorta gives away the results already? Oh, well, moving right along...

First off, the response to the second survey was huge. The planned reveal was actually last week, but thanks to a hefty participation - nearly three times that of the first survey - the tabulating took a while! A total of 17,603 entries were received. Needless to say, Ucchy-san and co. were floored. As for the results...

In first place is Zero from the Mega Man Zero series with a whopping 4,985 votes. I find this a touch surprising, since MMZ seemed to spell the end for the Kotobukiya line of a few years ago. But people do like that Zero guy.

In second place is Legends' MegaMan Volnutt with 3,083 votes. I know how desired he is so let's hope this result sticks!

And in third place is Roll (MM8 version) with 2,997 votes.

Additionally, beloved underdog Iris managed to snag a close 4th place with 2,907 votes, and Ciel made it in 5th with 2,659 votes. Seems the females are starting to get their showing. Things were fairly close though, as everyone in the top ten got over 2,000 votes. We'll continue on with the top 24 after the break, but Rockman Unity has the entirety of the results spelled out (albeit in Japanese). Even Heat Man got a respectable seven votes! But at any rate, we'll have to see how these statistics figure into Bandai's future products!

Thanks for the tip, Fanciful Dancing Star!

06th - X Second Armor (2,471 votes) 07th - MegaMan.EXE (2,431 votes) 08th - Copy X - (2,353 votes) 09th - Axl (2,129 votes) 10th - Black Zero (2,128 votes) 11th - Mega Man (Ariga ver.) (1,994 votes) 12th - Proto Man (1,777 votes) 13th - Servbot (1,519 votes) 14th - Vile's Ride Armor (1,499 votes) 15th - Model X (1,292 votes) 16th - Metal Man (1,255 votes) 17th - Shooting Star MegaMan (1,016 votes) 18th - ProtoMan.EXE (892 votes) 19th - OVER-1 (760 votes) 20th - Mayl Sakurai (740 votes) 21st - Lan Hikari (604 votes) 22nd - Rush Jet (307 votes) 23rd - Eddie (300 votes) 24th - Beat (248 votes)

Arcademan and Co. Get "Xover-fied"

arcademanEarlier this month the winning fan-submitted ideas were chosen for Rockman Xover. Now those concepts have been given life by Capcom's designers. Arcademan here will appear as an original Master Boss and Battle Memory. You can see the other three runner-ups: Tabletman, There and Dharman, on the contest page along with their original entries. This content will become available in Xover in May. News Credit: Rockman Unity

And Your Glorious Rockman Xover Boss Contest Winner is...

arcademanArcademan! By Mr. boss13. This is the character that will be appearing in Rockman Xover as an original Master Boss and Battle Memory. As you can tell, his gimmick is to use attacks based on various Capcom games. Additionally, Tabletman, There and Dharman are runner-up winners, and will be featured as original Battle Memory cards. You can check them out on Rockman Unity with the full report from Ucchy-san. These fan-made contents will appear in Xover in early May.

Get Charged Up - These are the Elec Man Resin Kit Winners!

We had an interesting prize to give away this month - three Elec Man resin kits by Planeswalker. Not exactly a prize aimed at general fans, but great for those do-it-yourselfers who don't mind putting in a bit of effort. Well, without further ado, here are the three comments chosen via random selection lottery: tj4real

the first Megaman game, cutman’s stage! i don’t know, being it the first stage i tried, stage was simple and i found it very fun and found the music to be catchy. :)


I think I’d have to say Tengu Man’s stage in Mega Man 8. The feeling of flying on Rush in that mass open space of clouds just felt extremely cool to me! Heh, I remember as an 11-12 year old kid that I liked to re-imagine Mega Man in epic anime-action-style, doing the same things I was doing in that stage. Well, okay, I -still- do that. lol

Above all, though, the stage was just extremely fun to me in a unique way. I had the most incredibly epic time flying around on Rush without having to worry about an energy meter, and just pelting away at enemies.


My favorite stage is Cold Man from Megaman and Bass due to the great music and nice looking graphics.

Congratulations, you three! Notification emails have already been dispatched, so please get back to us ASAP. We also hope you'll show us your completed statues! And to the rest, thank you for participating! Don't lose heart, we'll have more great goods to give away before you know it!

Zero 2nd Contest Entries - A Mega Man Merchandise Party!

Even after wrapping up this contest, it still haunts me! As promised, Tabby and I have collected together all the entries for your viewing pleasure. I think when you look over them, you'll come to understand why we had so much trouble deciding on a winner. Be warned, this is a very image intensive post - I hope the site will be able to take it. Some of you sent in so many images, we had no choice but to offer them entirely in zips. Nevertheless, beyond the break you'll see a truly impressive trove of Mega Man toys; some stuff I didn't know existed, some stuff made entirely from scratch!

I cannot think everyone enough for taking the time to arrange and send your pictures and videos. They're all extremely cool! Also, rest assured, we are working new giveaways to come soon. Stay tuned!

Moogy - Grand Prize Winner

My MegaMan figure collection, along with the rest of my other figures, are a small number. But "small" does not mean "not cool enough" now, isn't that right?

Well I can definitely say my collection should not be briefly set aside. My collection is scarce, yes, but in their companionship, my figures have learned humility, dignity, and to treat those around them with the utmost respect..

They are the few,

they are the proud.

My figures.

Gallantly taking reign on my dresser are our favorite reploid trio: X, Zero and... Zero, riding on their majestic steeds claiming their place in my household. Rest assured, however, they are willing to spare a place for one OTHER red-clad blondie.

... especially when the most unfortunate events today occurred to poor D-arts Zero, while taking this picture.

While I was preparing for more photos, to show off MORE of the wonder that is my collection, fate had something else in mind.

And apparently, Zero's hair was no longer needed.

Fate can be so cruel.

And just mere minutes after the unfortunate loss of ol' Zello's golden locks, the ball joint that connects to his wrist fell out as well!

"It's okay Zero. They'll grow back! ... right?"

Clearly fate is also quite biased in this situation.

... it has not been a good day for our dear hero.

Oh well. It's nothing a little super glue can't help!

"... you SERIOUSLY want to put GLUE in my hair? REALLY?!"

Yes, Zero. Yes I do.

But for all the disasters that have occurred in the past 12 hours, they are still a proud three. A strong three who, as we can see, will always stick together, no matter what may happen!

That, in my opinion, makes my collection pretty cool.

And an extra blonde partner would just make it even cooler!

"Please! So we can share joints or limbs, or hair, or SOMETHING!"



. . . . . . . . . . . .

"Thank you for your time."

Alexx1083 - Grand Prize Winner


Dash My in-progress Zero helmet for my Otakon costume. The LED assembly mock-up (it's been installed since). A mosiac my friend made for my for my birthday. My Zero figure collection so far. Aaaaand finally, my Zero tattoo.


DL: donald's collection









DL: Runner - Zero Contest




The Gov



L, E

The bad guys have captured Roll! It's up to every Megaman ever to join the fray!


DL: Gileum Model Contest Entry


DL: Andrew Collection






Mr. K





Lunaar has a huge collection! Click here to see more of his photos!

Cainer san



Robert has a large collection! Click here to view the rest of his photos!


Undamned also has photos of his collection! Click here to view the photos!




Majinman has a huge collection! Click here to see all his photos!


glitchy *Asked that we do not display their entry on the site.



DL: Avatarofnyx's Megaman Figure Collection


RDG and Ginga




Nick Man X

Oscar (Lumine Infinitus)

Angie Bass

Announcing May and June's Contest Winners!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I sort of hate to admit this, but being able to announce these winners lifts a huge weight off my shoulders. This is far from the first time I've had to apologize for the lateness of a contest this year, but I'd like to explain something. See, I love doing contests that encourage you guys to make things. There is no lack of talent in this community, and I see awesome fan creations on a weekly basis. That being said, a few burdens have come up in trying to do contests like this every month. First, it's tough to keep thinking of ideas that cover a varying range of skills. It would be easy to do fan art contests every month, but not everyone thinks themselves a great artist. Next, judging these contests also becomes difficult, as I've painfully found out. Not only does it take a lot of time, it takes making some harsh decisions as well. We often just get too many cool entries to make such a simple decision on. A lot of you put in fantastic efforts, but only a few can win.

But, that's largely my own sob story. And I'm very thankful for the efforts you all continue to put up in spite of how inadequately we've handled some of these contests. In the end, I just hope that we can provide some joy and fun in these times where Mega Man is on the back burner. So, without further ado...

Woah! A sudden page break! For drama!


The winners of the D-Arts Zero Type 2 figures are alexx1083 and Moogy! I want to point out here, the above images are only portions of their entries. I plan to put up everyone's entries in their entirety, but it's going to be a ton of work. Many entries were loaded with images, text, and even video! alexx1083's entry made good use of figures in a series of panels to tell a funny story. Moogy's meanwhile, well... it had a charm straight off the bat that we weren't expecting. Again, it was exceptionally tough. Many entries were deserving of prizes, and would that I could award them all.

Next is the D-Arts VAVA giveaway, the burden of which I put entirely on a random number generator. In this, the honor goes entirely to HeatGutsV3. V3's comment reads:

My favorite moment in the X series is in Megaman X2 after you collect all the pieces for Zero and your on your way to fight Sigma and a fake Zero is there waiting for you. Just when you think you have to fight him three blasts come through and destroy the fake Zero and it was the real Zero that did it. That shows that original is better than a copy.

Phew, and that wraps it up. Winners, we've already notified you via e-mail. Be sure to get back to us at your soonest convenience! Everyone else, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your contributions. Even though I've talked at length about the difficulty of upholding contests, I still pledge that TMMN will continue to have monthly prizes, likely in the form of the giveaway we did with the VAVA figure. This will definitely be the case in the next couple months, since I'll be taking a pretty big vacation in August (though I'll still find a way to be active I'm sure).

Until then, keep your eyes out for future chances of goodies! And thanks always for supporting The Mega Man Network!

Some TMMN Contest Results, Finally!

Alrighty folks, I'm using the last of my Golden Week break to finally wrap up a couple of contests (though one has technically been wrapped up a little while now). I do apologize for the amount of time it's taken; same excuses, just been busy and forgetful for a large part. First off, congratulations go to PressStart and Chris for winning the Dot Strap contest! This contest has been finished a while now, and prizes already sent off, but I'm only now getting to posting the results here.

Next, the Roll! Roll!! Roll!!! Puzzle contest. I'm happy to announce the two winners here are Glitcher and Emmy-Roll! This one got pretty few entries, and there was a very tough split decision. It can be really tiring just to make a final decision if you let yourself get engrossed over it. Anyway, the winners here have just been emailed.

Of course, I must apologize again for the time it took, and the general poor management of these past couple contests. I also realize apologies become a lot less meaningful when you make them over and over. Regardless, there will definitely be more prizes to be won coming up on TMMN! For now, I'm just gonna leave it to LBD.

Edit: You can see the winning entries, along with all the others, in the above links to the contest pages.

Results for the ASIAGRAPH 2011 Rockman Award

This one probably hasn't been on a lot of minds, but ASIAGRAPH finally announced their results from judging their special Rockman themed digital arts contest, and held their main exhibition in Tokyo on October 20~22. I'd have liked to have seen it actually, but it slipped my mind too, not to mention Tokyo isn't exactly down the street from me. The grand prize winner was the work "Battlefield" by VOFAN of Taiwan (pictured right). ASIAGRAPH has posted many of the winning pictures organized by their placement in the judging, though unfortunately they're merely cropped thumbnails. However, you can also jump over to Rockman Unity, where Ucchy-san has a report on the exhibition with his own photographs of many of the works being displayed.

I sure hope they release prints of these or some such. I'd pay good money to have this fantastic artwork brightening up my room!

Thanks to Amunshen for the tip!

The Bright Bats Chose "Tinker" as Their Mascot

The results of the latest Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom event have been announced, and the winning concept for the Bright Bats' mascot character goes to the little ferret Tinker by Devroom member Espiownage (Servbot #1061). Congratulations, Espiownage! Quite an accomplishment being picked from over 450 entries from Japan and the west. He seems like an adorable little pal for Barrett and the gang. From Espiownage's own details:

Tinker is a mischievous little ferret that the Bright Bats found while exploring ancient ruins, where Tinker had accidentally wandered inside out of his own curious nature.  When he was found, he seemed like a normal ferret except for a strange belt with a reaverbot eye around his waist.  Oddly enough, Tinker seems very protective of it when people even try to touch it.  When the Bright Bats took him in, they couldn't think of a name for him until Barret noticed the curious ferret would observe Grill as he made his inventions, one day seeing him try to create something himself out of the junk Pic had collected.  Barret came up with the name Tinker due to the way he would play with the parts and his curiosity.

You can also check out the runner up and honorable mentions entries in the report. Thanks to the Devroom, Mega Man Legends 3 will never be short of interesting ideas. Keep thinking them up and pumping them out! More Devroom events are bound to come soon!

Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version Contest: The Results

Well folks, we've finally reached a conclusion, and it's taken a lot out of us. Not so much physically, but definitely mentally (and maybe a little monetarily). As always there were a lot of great entries; not so many this time but I feel that owes to how open and complicated the contest allowed entries to be. But that certainly doesn't mean it was any easier to judge, and more is riding on it than ever before. it was very tough, but at the same time fun to see all of your entries. Furthermore, GregaMan himself of Capcom Unity and the MML3 Devroom weighed in on the entries! First though, I need to bring up something of huge importance. Those of you who have worked hard to promote Mega Man Legends 3, you can't just kick back now. Yes, this is technically a contest, but the prizes were always meant to be an incentive, not an end. There is no "end" until we get Mega Man Legends 3 in our hands. So I implore to all of you who entered, and even those who haven't: keep going. Keep getting the word out and getting people interested. As Devroom members, that's one of our top responsibilities!

Anyway, with all the judging completed, we can now present the winners... right after this break! Oh, the drama!

Grand Prize Winner: Press Start - Press Start ran an impressive online campaign, accented with amusing artwork and Flash games. Furthermore, he was able to grab quite a deal of promotion, as his work appeared on a number of other major websites. I think Press really grasped the concept of what this contest was all about.

Second Place Winner: Omar Perez - Omar produced some very cool Servbot charms, as well as developing a plan for sales and cost requirements. He then distributed the charms with flyers, making good person-to-person connections. Omar, definitely get on the horn with Capcom, I think you have something with these charms!

Third Place Winner: Daniel Jreisat - Daniel partnered with a friend and went gigging at clubs, playing music from Mega Man and other games flamenco style! This was used as an opportunity to distribute handbills promoting Mega Man Legends 3, which sounds like it went over very well. This entry really reignited my personal wish to open a video game themed bar/club.

Runner Ups: greatmuffin1 and Servbot #286 - greatmuffin1 streamed a 24 hour Mega Man liveplay as a means to promote Mega Man Legends 3, and Servbot #286 executed multiple flyer promotions at GameStop as well as made information sheets for the staff of the Nintendo World Store.

Of course, I'm sure you're wanting to see all the entries for yourself. We have assembled them in a page you can see here, directly transferring over the text from the entry e-mails. I hope the entrants are fine with this; you may have wanted to check your spelling! There's a lot of cool stuff here; again it was tremendously difficult ranking it all. Every time we do one of these contest I always feel bad we can't give more.

So that's a wrap on TMMN's biggest contest ever. Many thanks again to everyone who put forth the hard effort in entering. And once more, continue getting the word out about Mega Man Legends 3! Let's make this happen!

Returning Reaverbots to Haunt You in MML3

After polling the Japan and Western devrooms for the Reaverbots people would like to see return in Mega Man Legends 3, the results are in. Coming in top is Gorbesh, the infamous , Joe-esque shield and gun Reaverbot. Following that is Mimic, the classic trap treasure box, Filshdot, the sonic wave emitting fish Reaverbot, and Poh, the strange, mummy-like Reaverbot that transforms into a frightening beast. Additionally, two more were selected based on strong user comments. The first is Arukoitan, the remote controlled bipedal Reaverbot (which would lead me to think Ordakoitan is returning as well). The other is Mandomantal, the large and friendly ray fish Reaverbot.

So what do you think of the turn out? Personally I'm pretty stoked, three of my top picks made it! Mandomantal is definitely the shocker though. While certainly a cool Reaverbot, I'm not crazy about having more underwater ruins in Legends, unless they have some type of improvement.

The Results of Capcom's Desired Figure Vote

It's been about six weeks now, with the vote having begun back on April 1st. But voting is done and the results are finally in. 6,602 total votes were received, and now as promised Ucchy-san delivers us the results. The top three most desired characters to be turned into figures are... 1st place: Zero (MMX version) with 1,927 votes. Well this is pretty convenient, since Bandai has already announced a D-Arts figure of the guy!

2nd place: Full Armor X with 1,367  votes. Again, good news for Bandai considering they've hinted at such a figure being released.

3rd place: Vile with 1,093 votes. Now here's one I can really get behind; villain figures are pretty rare. And it's hardly inconceivable Bandai would tackle this fellow should the other D-Arts figures take off.

One might conclude that figure and merchandise fans are largely X fans too! Pretty interesting stuff, and good news for those looking forward to Bandai's figures. However, there's still plenty of more data to go over. Hit the jump to check out the rest.

4th place: Bass with 976 votes.

5th place: Bass EXE with 895 votes.

6th place: A tie between Ciel and MegaMan Volnutt, both received 804 votes.

7th place: MegaMan Model ZX with 783 votes.

8th place: Leviathan with 741 votes.

9th place: Iris with 724 votes.

10th place: Roll Caskett with 673 votes.

Following the top ten we have:

11th: Harpuia with 625 votes

12th: Tron with 606 votes

13th: Luna Platz with 586 votes (seriously)

14th: MegaMan EXE with 583 votes

15th: Shooting Star MegaMan with 538 votes

16th: Super Mega Man with 501 votes

17th: Rogue with 321 votes

18th: Harp Note with 300 votes

19th: Mega Man Model A with 277 votes

20th: Pandora with 270 votes

21st: Prometheus with 219 votes

22nd: Roll EXE with 214 votes, and finally...

23rd: Prairie with 176 votes.

Whew, that's it for the officially listed characters. Now for the write-ins!

1st (92 votes): Zero (MMZ version).

2nd (91 votes): Sigma

3rd (79 votes): Axl

4th (58 votes): Kuwagust Anchus (guess that lead didn't last, but still a pretty high ranking)

5th (51 votes): Sonia Strumm

6th (34 votes): ProtoMan EXE

7th (31 votes): Metal Man

8th (29 votes): Servbot

9th (25 votes): Dr. Wily, Ultimate Armor X, Copy X, Elpizo

10th (24 votes): Aile

11th (22 votes): Air Man

12th (20 votes): Quick Man

13th (18 votes): Phantom

14th (17 votes): X (MMZ version)

15th (16 votes): Alia

16th (14 votes): Flash Man, Colonel, Mayl Sakurai

17th (13 votes): Proto Man, Fefnir

18th (11 votes): Metall, Crash Man, Duo, Marino, Data, Omega

19th (10 votes): Rush

20th (9 votes): Cut Man, Storm Eagle, Dynamo, Lan Hikari, Colonel EXE

Oh man here we go...

21st (8 votes): Snake Man, Shadow Man, Napalm Man, Gate, Iris EXE

22nd (7 votes): Toad Man, Splash Woman, X (Command Mission version), Eugene Chaud, Serenade EXE, Giro

23rd (6 votes): Mega Man (Hitoshi Ariga version), Guts Man, Elec Man, Super Bass, Black Zero, Fourth Armor X, Lumine, Teisel Bonne, Bass Cross MegaMan

24th (5 votes): Mega Man, Dr. Light, Yellow Devil, Top Man, Kalinka, Turbo Man, Ballade, Mac, Magma Dragoon, Patrick Sprigs, Acid Ace

25th (4 votes): Quick Man (Hitoshi Ariga version), Gemini Man, Jewel Man, Burner Man, Enker, Sniper Joe, IX, Nana, NapalmMan EXE, Omega-Xis, Ashe

26th (3 votes): Bubble Man, Heat Man (oh COME ON!), Wood Man, Dust Man, Treble, Punk, Jupiter, Beat, Tango, Second Armor X, Third Armor X, Vile Mk-2, Double, Hi-Max, Absolute Zero, Gigavolt Man-o-war, Merti, MegaMan Juno, Denice Marmalade, Aero, ElecMan EXE, PlantMan EXE, AquaMan EXE, Meddy EXE, Alouette, Pantheon, Aztec Falcon, Dr. Weil, Geo Stelar, Queen Ophiuca, Cyngus Wing, Queen Tia, Black Ace

27th (2 votes): Roll, Eddie, Bubble Man (wait, what?), Magnet Man, Pharaoh Man, Gyro Man, Centaur Man, Knight Man, Burst Man, Tornado Man, Sheep Man, Magic Man, Quint, King, Sunstar, Plum, Chill Penguin, Spark Mandrill, Boomer Kuwanger, Bit, Jet Stingray, Blade Armor X, Vile V, Dr. Doppler, Layer, Bon Bonne, Gustaff, Horokko, Sharukurusu, Barrett, GutsMan EXE, IceMan EXE, ShadowMan EXE, SearchMan EXE, Gospel, ShadeMan EXE, Dark MegaMan, Aqua Custom Style, Proto Soul, Princess Pride, Craft, Chilldre Inarabitta, Model ZX (Aile), Model Z, Gemini Spark, Hope Stelar, A.C.Eos, Jack Corvus, Mega Man (guessing bad box art version), Ucchy-san

28th (1 vote): Dr, Wily (Hitoshi Ariga version), Batton, Fire Man, Bomb Man, Spark Man, Needle Man, Shadow Man (Hitoshi Ariga version), Snake Man, Charge Man, Crystal Man, Gravity Man, Skull Man, Plant Man, Yamato Man, Junk Man, Tengu Man, Astro Man, Clown Man, Search Man, Aqua Man, Nitro Man, Blade Man, Strike Man, Solar Man, Chill Man, Pirate Man, Ground Man, Time Man, Mercury, Terra, Sakugarne, Wily Machine #8, Launch Octopus, Sting Chameleon, Armored Armadillo, Magna Centipede, Wire Sponge, Blast Hornet, Volt Catfish, Web Spider, Dark Dizzy, Falcon Armor X, Ride Armor, Goliath, Byte, Signas, X (X8 version), Zero (X8 version), Red, Palette, Return IX, Massimo, Spider, Ferham, Sera, Birdbot, Napalm Man, BubbleMan EXE, BrightMan EXE, StarMan EXE, ShadeMan EXE, Duo (BN), Ring EXE, Cache EXE, Mr. Dark, Ms. Millions, Raika, Mick, Yuika, Prosecutor Ito, Bug Style, Burble Hekerot, Deathtants Mantisk, Volteel Biblio, Cubit Foxtar, Phoenix Magnion, Heat Genblem, Neige, Model X, Vulturon, Hivolt, Tesrat, Model HX, Aeolus, Siarnaq, Red Joker, Mr. Hertz, Taurus, Acid, Diamond Ice, Queen Virgo, Apollo Flame, Bud Bison, Bob Copper, Wood Ninja, Crimson Dragon, Mega Man (MMPU), Ice Man (MMPU), Dr. Light (Hadouken capsule), Ciel's stuffed animal, Megapin, Bond Man

Congratulations to you for reading all that. Now congratulate me for writing it... *passes out*

Mega Man X Takes the DLC Vote Crown

The voting is over, the dust has settled, and the results are in. And X fans should be accordingly happy! Because in the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC fan poll, the big blue guy won it with 2,568 votes, a whopping 542 votes ahead of second pick Phoenix Wright. In fact, 34% of all people who voted chose X as one of the three picks. Additionally, Classic Mega Man came in 9th with 967 votes, Bass.EXE came in 10th with 889 votes, Sigma came in 13th (barely falling behind Ryu (other Ryu)) with 790 votes, and MegaMan.EXE landed in 19th with 548 votes. But hey, great going X! Of course, gotta be Mr. Killjoy now and reiterate this was not an official Capcom poll, and does not have any official bearing on future DLC choices. However, should Capcom look to fan feedback in making a selection, I'd say X has a pretty strong resume.

But hey, we can still discuss it. Now that we know Mega Man X is the top pick among voting fans, just which Mega Man X would you like to see? His usual form? Perhaps his slimmed down X8 form? Maybe his stealthy Command Mission form? Or how about one of any number of armors? How do you see X being a formidable opponent?

Thanks for the tip, Racerman!

At Long Last, the Valentines Blues Winners

Folks, I gotta get something off my chest. I love these contests we do, but I find it harder and harder to settle on winners with each one. It seems like each time we get more entries, more passion. And frankly, the response to this contest blew all of us away. I feel like we could have offered more. And if we keep getting strong responses like this, we just may! It took quite a bit of deliberation to pick two winners, to the point that we actually brought on a special guest judge, jgonzo from Capcom Unity! Thanks for the assist, jgonzo!

Anyway, since the winning images are staring you in the face, I must now congratulate the two winning artists: Ruby and HJ Hikari!  Congratulations to you both, you should be receiving e-mails on how to collect your prizes already. I also have a special message from Tabby, who of course was pretty central to this contest:

"This was probably the hardest art contest we've ever had to judge on TMMN. There were so many great entries, and it made it extremely tough to pick through them. You all should be very proud. I know there can only be two winners, but every single person in this contest accomplished their goal. They melted my cold evil heart. Well done. I shall now be printing these out and rolling around in them happily."

And you can too, because we've made up a gallery of all the entries. So, I guess that's another contest wrapped up. Again, thanks to everyone who entered! And remember, there are always going to be more contests, so keep on entering!

Check out the entries!

Here is Your Winning MML3 Reaverbot Design

With over 400 entries from Japan and the west for the devs to choose from, they finally settled on this truly unique and fascinating design "Calamity" by Capcom Unity Devroom member kankan. Congrats kankan, we look forward to battling against your design! With the devs fancying designs this interesting, I can bet Legends 3 is going to have some of the strangest Reaverbots yet. The special runner up was Japan Devroom member beatinggun with his design of "Dantragoty." And the additional runner ups are Ziifee, NOCO, Boris and Invader Dan. Check out their designs and details in full in the Devroom post, as well as the honorable mentions by various Devroom staff! And really, good work on everyone who entered! Also be sure to check out Kinako's two latest reports, one concerning "Mr. Famous" and the other delivering some Valentine's sweetness.

And of course, the Town Easter Egg Event is still running!

Kotobukiya Roll Contest Winners

Hey folks! I'm sorry it's taken this long to announce the results of our New Year's themed Kotobukiya Roll model kit contest. I'm sure some of you have been a little anxious! We got an amazing number of responses, over 250! It was a pretty simple contest, but that's probably the biggest response we've ever had! But we here at TMMN went through the responses, chewed it out, and concluded on two lucky people to win the kits. And those two people are...

Sarah and Aldaric!

First and foremost, congratulations to you both! Sarah has already been sent her prize. However, Aldaric, we have emailed you twice now and not yet heard back from you! Please check your Hotmail account or email us ASAP! If we don't hear from you I'll probably have to give the kit to jgonzo. He has a thing for Roll. (Edit: Thanks Ald, sent your kit!) Hit the break to see their entries.

And to everyone else, thank you for participating! I'm sorry you didn't get selected, but we'll always be having more contests in the future, so stay tuned!


Aha! Sweet contest!

Hmm… now, what would she resolve to do-aha!

Roll’s resolution (in note-to-self format)

Dear self,

This year, I resolve to go out and have some fun! Last year was nice and all, but beating people up with a broom tends to give them the wrong idea. I now have to do all the cleaning up around here!

This year, I resolve to get Rock to do it for once!

Then again, he can be pretty stubborn about cleaning… I might just have to chase him to do it. Ah well! Barring that, I’l just tie a mop to Rush’s tail.

That should do it!


To be as strong as Gutsman. To be as fast with her thoughts as QuickMan. To be as cool of personality as ColdMan. To be as stealthy with her problems as SnakeMan. To be as funny as ClownMan. To look like a dame, like SplashWoman. To have brilliant ideas, like BrightMan. To have a blazing spirit, like HeatMan. To accept her defects within her other self, like GeminiMan. To be more independent, like ProtoMan. To be as intelligent as like Dr.Light. And most importantly, to be as brave, correct and have her own will power as Megaman.

All this while still being as cute and adorable as herself, Roll.

Here Are Your Bonne Mecha Finalists

We are nearing the completion of another phase of Mega Man Legends 3 fan-assisted development. The finalists have been decided, both for the Japanese devroom and the Capcom Unity devroom. Over 250 entries were received on the Capcom Unity side, and I'm pretty sure there were over 600 Japanese entries, last I heard.

Now, it will come down to the developers will decide which of these ten to use in the game. This will be decided next week, on the 14th! I'm sure the winners' hearts are pounding right now! Let's give them all a big round of congrats!

And also, let's see their designs! Check them out after the break.


Bernhardt by Rekkou

Seeteufel by Dashe

Mecha Duck by NettoSaito

Panzerbohrer by Korps!

Scylla by Quickdraw Mcinsomnia


Donner Wels by Kobun 46 (CAP Kobun)

Floß Schildkröte by Kobun 84

Mürbe Krebs by Kobun 455

Languste by Kobun 950

Unnamed Submarine by Kobun 1173

TMMN's Mega Man Zero Collection Contest Results!

This is a big week for Zero, with the Mega Man Zero Collection coming out. As you can see we've decorated the site a little to celebrate the release. But enough idle banter.

For one of our smaller scale contests, we still got over 60 entries. And the judging was no cakewalk. Even after reviewing all the entries, it still took about a couple hours of deliberation to settle on a single choice. A lot of you expressed trouble affording the games, or being able to find them in your area, or not having the system to play them on, and it's certainly tough. Some of your stories definitely resonated with our own personal experiences. To all of those who entered, we hope you'll be able to experience Zero if it's in your interests, and while you may not consider yourselves great Zero fans, you are still great fans nonetheless. But one entrant will becoming a Zero fan very soon, and that entrant is Roy Lagendijk!

Congratulations Roy! Once Mega Man Zero Collection is released, we will be sending that and the Official Complete Works over to you! And again, to everyone else, thank you for entering! We always appreciate your support and enthusiasm, and rest assured we will hold more contests, so don't give up hope!

Additionally, some of you wrote in stories and comments that we found pretty amusing as we were judging. We'll be sharing those entry snippets after the break.

Now I'm interested to get the collection because my name is Seven, so I like when the main character's name is a number, and I like this kind of game where there's a guy with a cool sword.

-Seven Omega

I didn't played Mega Man X & Zero yet, but it sounds like a funny game. I've heard the story is about "Omega Zero", a giant android created by a mad scientist called Weil (Wily's grandson) using a mutated alien virus and he is immortal, dying and reviving several times to fight against his rival Mega Man X (another android) to prove he is the strongest robot in the world. A woman called Ciel makes good copies of them with an humanoid appearance, Copy X and Zero, to help stop the fight between the golden giant and the blue seraph, Zero being the main character. With the Zero Collection and the OCW, I'll finally be able to discover how the story really is.


I have never been much of a fan of the non-classic Mega Man series. In reality, I desire this game so I can either change my views on the Mega Man subseries, or so I can take a long stringy dump on the game in the form of a GameFAQs review.

So please, support my cause. Send me this game.


My Dad had picked me up after school that one fateful Saturday evening.  I had just beat little Jimmy in a race after school so I felt pretty confident.  Jimmy caught up to me, managing to spurt out, “Man, *huff* *huff* it’s like you dashed to the finish line!”  Little did I know that an entire world of “dashing” was waiting for me with open arms.


I love Zero.  I think its the same reason I love cats: if Zero were real, he'd beat me.  Because I am annoying.  If my cats were big enough, they'd eat me, because I am fat.  I can forgive Capcom killing and bringing him back from the dead so many times because... its Zero.  Like Optimus Prime's many deaths, it's still lame, but the alternative is integrity drowning in an ocean of sorrow.


I have never been able to complete the first Megaman Zero game or any other Megaman game since then. Since not been able to finish the first Megaman Zero, I have so called frequent “nightmares”. These nightmare starts out at bedtimes where zero is sitting in my chair saying “what are you fighting for?” and I reply: “ Get the hell outta my room!” unfortunately, that didn’t work. It only made him stay there longer.


Thanks again to everyone!

Here Are Our Mega Man 10/Rockman 10 Package Design Winners

It seems almost like forever ago that Capcom announced their contest in creating a package design for Rockman 10 or Mega Man 10, a game that requires no package. Well the day has come that the three main prize winners, as well as five runner ups, have been decided. And here they are! Winner of the Capcom Prize Artist: Y.K of Aichi

Artist's comment: I gave it a shot drawing this on my first PC. Since I'd used Forte by then through downloadable content, I tried drawing him in as well.

Comment from MM10 producer Takeshita: This picture overflows with the happiness of children pleading when lining up in a toy shop. The production of the brightly shining effect behind Rockman and co. is also very deep. The package designs for 3 and 4, and 9 too, now that I think of it, have this direction. And being full of the boss characters' faces drawn in, it's wonderful.

Winner of the Rockman 10 Prize Artist: YUJIN of Hiroshima

Artist's comment: I tried making this with a serious and dramatic atmosphere. Besides that, I'm happy with how many Rockman figures are being sold this year.

Comment from MM10 director Ito: Making this with CG models must have taken a lot of time and work. You really feel affection for Rockman. It's very pleasant how this picture is created with CG models, without destroying atmosphere of classic Rockman. With Wily appearing a little bit kind, I wonder if this takes influence from this game's scenario. It would be very interesting to see CG models like these of Rockman and the bosses moving around.

Winner of the Nico Video Prize Artist: Jintaro Shinsaka

Artist's comment: In the tradition of "Mega Man," I drew this while being conscious of the odd American comic book style. I couldn't express the original character designs suspiciously very well, so I resolutely changed them all into old men. I would enjoy people finding fun in guessing at which is who.

Comment from Nico Video manager Megane: I was going to choose a Nico Video-like work, one overflowing with gags. As the creator himself indicated, this American comic book quality is extremely cool! Rockman's (Mega Man's) facial expression, and of course the bosses too, are made incredibly well, and impressive! By the way, Commando Man looks just like one of our employees. (laughs)

And below are the five runner ups.

by azi

by em

by Miyako

by Rio

by Neomaru

Seeing the "Mega Man" pieces really makes me wonder what Japanese fans think of us... Anyway! I also expect the Capcom*Unity Prize to be announced soon, so stay tuned!