TMMN's September Giveaway Winner is...

We got nearly one hundred people submitting their ideas for how they'd pay tribute to the Blue Bomber this 25th anniversary. There were definitely some pretty amusing ideas! But in the end, only one could be chosen. And that chosen one is... Anthony Martinez! Here is his tribute:

My tribute to Mega Man would be to dress up in the Mega Man costume that I made for a marching band video game show and walk around town, shouting to the world the many wondrous things about Mega Man. In doing so, I would recommend people to play my favorite Mega Man games (which would be all of them). And to top it all off, I would offer people to play some of the Mega Man games and read some of the comics and mangas.

Very neat, Anthony. I'd really like to see this Mega Man costume of yours! We've emailed you via the address you commented with, so please respond soon! And to everyone else, thank you for your comments! Sorry we didn't have much to offer this month, but there are already more prizes headed down the pipeline. Your chance to win could be coming as soon as October! Keep your eyes peeled, and keep loving Mega Man!