DASH 3 Reparations from the Japan Side

Kind of tough to believe it's been over two months now since Legends 3 was cancelled. Time sure flies when, uhh... you're feeling pretty crappy. Nevertheless, atop all the apologies and condolences, "reparations" were promised to those Devroom members whose work was already selected to be used in the cancelled title. In Japan, it appears those are finally starting to arrive. Pictured above are the contents of an envelope received by CAP Kobun (whose Donner Wels mecha design was selected as the basis for the Bonne mecha revealed in the Prototype Version). They include a letter, a Servbot image saying "Thank you! From all the DASH 3 team at Capcom. 2011" and two mobile cleaners. The mobile cleaners appear to be goods that were originally planned to be offered at Capcom's 3DS trial event in Akihabara, which was cancelled in the wake of the Touhoku earthquake and tsunamis. You can see more pictures of the goods in his post.

I'm actually unaware what the status is on presents coming to western Devroom members, but I don't believe it's been announced still (I may have just not seen, though). That being the case, it will probably not be much longer now, though the contents may differ than what's showing here of course. Keep an eye on the mail or await further word from Capcom.