Mega Man's First Foray into 3D?

Well, not necessarily as far as games go, but here's a neat piece of merchandise I've not come across before. This is a 300 piece 3D puzzle for the game Rockman 6, released back in 1993. By 3D, I mean both the featured artwork is 3D, and the puzzle itself creates a stereoscopic image. The box front seemingly shows both frames used to create the 3D effect. Pretty cool, though I wish they could've made a more exciting scene...

Right now this puzzle is being auctioned on Yahoo Auctions and sits at a measly ¥350 (roughly $4.50 US) - a great value IMO, though I can't attest for its quality. And truthfully, I can't say with any certainty if this really is the first 3D image of Mega Man, but it's gotta be close!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Some TMMN Contest Results, Finally!

Alrighty folks, I'm using the last of my Golden Week break to finally wrap up a couple of contests (though one has technically been wrapped up a little while now). I do apologize for the amount of time it's taken; same excuses, just been busy and forgetful for a large part. First off, congratulations go to PressStart and Chris for winning the Dot Strap contest! This contest has been finished a while now, and prizes already sent off, but I'm only now getting to posting the results here.

Next, the Roll! Roll!! Roll!!! Puzzle contest. I'm happy to announce the two winners here are Glitcher and Emmy-Roll! This one got pretty few entries, and there was a very tough split decision. It can be really tiring just to make a final decision if you let yourself get engrossed over it. Anyway, the winners here have just been emailed.

Of course, I must apologize again for the time it took, and the general poor management of these past couple contests. I also realize apologies become a lot less meaningful when you make them over and over. Regardless, there will definitely be more prizes to be won coming up on TMMN! For now, I'm just gonna leave it to LBD.

Edit: You can see the winning entries, along with all the others, in the above links to the contest pages.

March 2012 Contest - Roll! Roll! Roll!?

First of all, I do apologize about the delay in the judging of the February contest. It should be taken care of this weekend, I hope! But nevertheless, March is here, the weather's warming up, so let's get a new chance to win rolling! And suitably, that would be with Roll. But not just "any Roll." This month, the focus is all about this particular Roll! Yep, we're really going there. Your mission will be to capture Street Fighter X Tekken's Roll in drawing, but not just as a piece of art. We want to see something that sheds light on just what kind of character this Roll is. There's a story angle to it too!

The reward for your efforts are certainly better than some weird box that fell from space. Two chosen winners will receive a "Roll! Roll! Roll!" jigsaw puzzle each! You'll be rolling in Rolls, just like I'm rolling with terrible puns.

The deadline for this contest is Saturday, March 31st at midnight, PST. So, fire up that creative instinct and get to work!

Rockman 8 Merchandise Mania

Mega Man 8 released in North America with no more than the usual amount of fanfare. A special edition package came with a small booklet of the series history, and there was also a chance to buy a Mega Man figurine in honor of the Blue Bomber's 10th anniversary (even though it was still only his 9th). In Japan, however, things were a bit different. There was Rockman 8 merchandise galore! I'd have never believed it myself if not for the book Rockman Super Encyclopedia (pictured right), which came out in Japan in May of 1997. There was a whole variety of good available, from simple toys to whole room decor! And all for the game Rockman 8 (and by some association, the 10th anniversary).

Some of this stuff you've surely seen before, but I'll bet there's a good chance that some of it you haven't. Hit the break below to take a gander!

Bandai may be making waves now with their D-Arts line, but they're far from unfamiliar - they've been making Rockman goods going on 20 years now. These are their Mega Armor model kits, featuring various characters from Rockman 8. You've probably seen these before; I even had a few a while back (although they were Chinese versions). The Rockman and Blues assembled figures had a buster capable of shooting a small metal ball. The page also says there were Duo and Astro Man kits available too. I do recall seeing Duo (and Forte as well), but I can't ever say I've seen an Astro Man figure! Maybe it's a mistype?


Rockman 8 gashapon figures! You know, those dispenser machines that pop out a random encapsulated toy. There were a total of 21 types of these figures, and 2~3 were included in a capsule for a mere ¥100. Not a bad deal!

The rest of the gashapon figures. I wonder how many full collections are still around today? Over on the right, Roll laments that she wants to be made into a figure too. Don't worry, Roll, you got your day eventually.

Here's where things get more interesting. On the left we have a variety of vinyl figures by Bandai once again. The top were "Power Buster Rockman" figures for ¥200 and the bottom were "Rockman Fighters" figures for ¥100, which also came with a sticker. Both were included with packs of ramune candy. They could be purchased at supermarkets and candy stores.

On the right was how the real big spenders showed their Rockman 8 love. Itoki Co. is a manufacturer of furniture, including a line of study furniture for children. They'd made other Rockman themed furniture before, and 8 would be no different. But be ready to hurt your wallet - the desk alone cost a whopping ¥89,800, or $790 US using the currency exchange back at the end of 1996 (man were those the days!). And all it really had was a nifty Rockman collage. Sold separately were the chair with Rockman 8 cushion for ¥19,800, the Rockman 8 floor sheet for ¥9,800, and a satchel backpack with a Rockman 8 keyring for ¥27,000. If you were lucky enough to get all those things, you better have studied hard!

Here we have stationery galore. On the right is a variety of goods by Mitsubishi Pencil (who are a part of the electronics and automotive super conglomerate) and Showa Note. The left features pencil cases and a sets of colored pencils, with 12 color and 24 color sets. On the left we have regular pencils, a sketchpad and coloring book. Other products by Mitsubishi not shown include a container for slippers and a handbag.

Then in the lower right is something real interesting. Apparently, Bandai had machines called "Prename" installed at various game centers. These let you select from various designs and make your own meishi; eight to a sheet. And wouldn't you know it, there was a Rockman 8 design too.

Hey, wait a sec. What does it say there on that pencil box on the left? What the...


...Huh??? What the heck does that mean? Who is Dr. Nemy!? Even if that's not what it says (maybe it's "OR. NEMY."?), I really can't understand what it ought to mean. Was it just supposed to say Dr. Wily? How do you misspell it that badly!

Finally we get to the end, and back to a little more familiar stuff. Up top is a puzzle released for Rockman's 10th anniversary; a collage featuring all the characters from the past 10 years. A friend of mine named Joey managed to get one of these and I was always really jealous! What I never knew, though, is that there were actually two varieties. A 300 piece puzzle for ¥2,000, and a 500 piece puzzle for ¥3,000. The puzzle was produced by a company called Central Hobby.

Below is the CD single by GANASIA, featuring the Rockman 8 opening song Electrical Communication and the ending song Brand New Way. Actually, did you know that besides this, the duo of GANASIA only released one other single before they broke up? A little sad, that.

Anyway, that wraps up what the book had to offer. I'm sure there's plenty of other Rockman goods floating around out there. It may be impossible to document them all!

Push Mega Man Characters into Pushmo

Into puzzle games? Have you picked up Nintendo's 3DS downloadable title Pushmo? Do you... like Mega Man? (Why are you here if you don't?) Well good news: all these things can be put together! Pushmo is an action puzzle game that focuses on platform puzzles generated from 2D sprite images. It also allows you to create your own puzzles, and share them via QR scan. You can probably see where this is going now. It wouldn't take long before people start making puzzles from awesome Mega Man sprites, like Heat Man here (which is the best puzzle). You can find the rest of the Mega Man 2 cast here (via Pushmo Room).

Have you been making your own Mega Man themed puzzles in Pushmo? If so, share your QR codes in the comments!

Also, I should warn that huge puzzles like these Mega Man 2 sprites aren't accessible until you make some progress into the game. So if you're just starting out, the below puzzle by kamukamu ought to be playable.

News Credit: Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Rockman Sprite Logic Hits Japanese Phones... Except Mine

A new Rockman game is available on SoftBank, Docomo and au branded mobile phones in Japan. As briefly mentioned a while back, this one is Rockman Sprite Logic. If you've ever played Mario's Picross, you know exactly what the deal is. However, with the increased 20 x 20 grid, these might be even more challenging.

Using the numbers on the side and top, you determine where to place a dot and where not to. For example, a 7 3 would mean there is a line 7 dots long and a line 3 dots long in the corresponding row or column, but with at least one empty space between them. Entering the dots correctly builds a sprite image. And Mega Man is pretty well known for sprites after all. Unlike Mario's Picross, though, there's no timer and no penalty for hitting a wrong dot, so maybe not so challenging?

Unfortunately I ended up getting an iPhone. Not really happy about it but long story. Nevertheless, for cool Japanese phones, 20 puzzles are available now and 20 more will be on October 3rd.

Via Rockman Unity

New Japanese Cell Phone Game: Rockman the Puzzle Battle

A new Rockman-themed game is out for Docomo series cell phones in Japan: Rockman the Puzzle Battle. Rockman must once again battle Dr. Wily's robotic forces... but this time with puzzles! I love the art style this game features, replicating the sprite poses of classic Mega Man.

The rules are pretty basic. You swap blocks next to each other and try to line up three or more of the same color horizontally or vertically. This makes Rockman attack his opponent, and you beat the opponent when their life gauge reaches zero. As an added feature, although it's not explained in great detail, Rockman can gain special weapons from his defeated opponents and use them to cause various effects in puzzles.

Of course, this is just a simple puzzle game that could have any characters slapped onto it, but I'll say it anyway; Japan gets all the cool Rockman stuff!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Yet More Wonder Fest Reporting

Capcom's own Ucchy-san stayed up quite late to deliver you his own report of the Winter 2011 Wonder Festival. I don't think he even got to play Rockman 4 before nodding off. His report has some photos of stuff we've seen, and some photos of stuff we haven't. But I figured if anything you'd enjoy this completed Roll! Roll! Roll! puzzle, since the image seems to have a strange effect on some of you.

Additionally, Bandai is having their own Tamashii Features Vol. 2 event in Akihabara later today, and it sounds like their D-Arts Rockman X figure will be on display. We'll keep you posted.

Kotobukiya Mugs Going on Sale, Roll Puzzle Too

Previously we reported that Kotobukiya would have a couple of Mega Man themed mugs on sale at their in store event this Friday, but it was uncertain if they'd be going on regular sale. Well, it appears the mugs will be hitting the e-Capcom store on February 28th, for ¥1,050 a piece (roughly $12.79 US). So this is hopefully a good indication of them being produced on a larger scale, and may even hit importers.

Additionally, since Kotobukiya clearly foresaw there'd be a lot of fans of the design on the Roll mug, they've also used the artwork to create a 300 piece jigsaw puzzle entitled "Roll! Roll! Roll!" This will be available at the 2011 Winter Wonder Festival next month for ¥1,890. Of course, in this case, no word if it will be going on large scale production yet.

News Credit: CAP Kobun