An Up-Close Look at Mattel's Unreleased NT Warrior Figures

Back in Battle Network's heyday, it was getting all sorts of animes and toys and comics and what have you. Toy manufacturer Mattel was also getting in on the merchandising train. However, after having released two waves of figures, Mattel decided to pull out in the midst of the planned third wave. Today, those prototype figures find their way on auctions from time to time, and generally sell for steep prices.

Recently, hobbyist TiggerCustoms acquired a few of these figures and decided to share them with all, since pictures of the prototypes are pretty rare still. The unfinished figures he acquired include FreezeMan, seen above, as well as ShadeMan and BurnMan, who you can see after the break. Pretty neat stuff; Mattel was sure building up a well rounded selection of characters! It's a shame they didn't follow through.

Now you might be thinking Tigger would love to flaunt these off in his own collection. However, he tells us that he plans to paint them to their completed appearance, and sell them at a future time. If you're interested in nabbing them yourself, you should send TiggerCustoms word!

Vile and Zero 2 Appearing in Living Color, Plus a Mystery Zero

We've already been wowed by the prototypes of Vile and Zero "Type 2" but they are just that, prototypes. And typically, when a prototype is shown, it means more months ahead before the final thing comes out. But it seems these two prototypes is growin' up real fast. These are the full color prototypes set to appear in exhibition at Tamashii Nation 2011, starting tomorrow. Also, along with the additional gold trim and boxy shoulder pads, Zero "Type 2" naturally comes with his beam saber for slashies. Other included accessories, not to mention price and release time frame, still remain unknown. Nevertheless it looks like they're coming along great!

There are appears to be an X1 modeled Zero, but with a faceplate not featured with the original figure. Could this be a hint at an Iwamoto manga styled Zero? Unfortunately no details are present.

While I wouldn't consider it a major chance, I am lined up to head to Akihabara this Sunday and check out the Tamashii festivities myself. And with luck, I may even run into Ucchy-san and Bandai's Adam Newman. Can't make any guarantees, but if you'd like me to relay some questions, here's the place to propose them!

Thanks for the tip, ExiledCross! [Image credit: Shimazou Report]

A Tease of D-Arts Zero "2nd Ver"

This may come as no surprise to anyone. After all, Bandai's original Zero figure was given the mark "1st ver", so it seemed almost inevitable a figure of Zero's updated look would come about. And inevitable strikes today.

On Rockman Unity, Ucchy-san is teasing the above photos of a Zero prototype figure, clad in those all-too-recognizable shoulder pads. Like with the Vile figure, little is known for now (as it's still just a prototype), but more details are expected to come out from the Tamashii Nation 2011 event in Akihabara this weekend. I may just have to drop by and bug Ucchy-san himself about it!

Thanks for the tip, Auto!

D-Arts Gets a bit Villainous with Vile

For a short while we weren't clear on if there'd even be another major X themed D-Arts figure from Bandai, but today you've got something new to look forward to! Vile, the first villain character to receive the D-Arts treatment, is joining the lineup. And why not? He was one of the top requested characters in the chara-merchandise poll Ucchy-san held back in April. As you can see right now, the figure is just a prototype. They are still working on making sure the design is sharp while retaining a fluid sense of movement and poseability. Capcom's own designers are helping with this.

No details are given yet on what kind of features the figure will have or when it's set to come out, but we can probably imagine. Of course, since Vile has no face really, face plates might be out. Perhaps additional weapon sets?

Additionally, you can also fine lots of pics of the special edition Rockman X "Comic Version" figure from a previous post on Rockman Unity. This figure will only be available at the upcoming Tamashii Nations 2011 event!

Looking great, Bandai! Keep 'em coming!

Ucchy-San Visits Bandai, Gets Figure Scoop

Ucchy-san details in a blog post about recently visiting Bandai to report on the results of the recent character vote for desired figures. Bandai must have been pleased as punch to see Zero as number one, and AT-san, the man Ucchy met with, displayed their Zero figure prototype. Then, when Ucchy showed that Full Armor X came in second, AT had something to present for that too. Definite evidence that Full Armor X is coming, though for now it's just a variety of unpainted parts. I am curious, however, if this indicates a complete figure or just armor exchange pieces for the already released D-Arts Rockman X?

Additionally Ucchy also revealed Vile coming in third, but AT had nothing to show for that. For now anyway...

Thanks for the tip, Auto!

More Kotobukiya Zero Prototype Pics

X series Zero got his reveal earlier this week, but don't forget that Zero series Zero is in the works at Kotobukiya. The prototype model kit is presently being shown off at an in-store event. The prototype is still uncolored, but now we can see it various angles as well as its accessories, which look to include a variety of hands, his buster gun, an alternate face and alternate saber sheathes. You can see some more photos on Moeyo's article, though I must warn this site puts the "Not Safe" in "Not Safe For Work." According to the site, the figure is presently slated for an autumn release in Japan. Thanks for the tip, HeatPhoenix!

First Look at Kotobukiya Zero Prototype

A little ways back we first learned that Kotobukiya would be tackling Rockman Zero in their next model kit foray. And now a magazine scan gives us our first look at the uncolored prototype. Unfortunately no other details are given concerning accessories or the like, but with this coming out we should hear new details pretty soon. Just to remind you, the kit is planned to release in Japan this summer.

Thanks, Hmm! (Image via Toy-World)

Zero as Your Minimate

Your dreams of having Zero as sort of a funny looking Lego Man are growing nearer. Here is a picture of Zero in Minimate form, albeit likely a prototype. You can also check out some of the other Marvel vs. Capcom 3 crew here. From the images, it seems the figures are planned to go on sale in July. They'll come in box sets for $17.99 US. Seems like Zero's getting a lot of merchandise love this year! Via Protodude's Rockman Corner (image via

A Look at Production Kotobukiya Roll Kit

Kotobukiya's Roll figure kit should be released in a matter of weeks if not days. As a sign of its impending production, a hobby magazine has released some shots of the figure crafted with a test run of the mass production parts. This should give you an idea of what to expect when you make the figure yourself. While painting is certainly not required, it is needed to make the figure look as good as the promotional prototype. A couple things to note. First, the kit will definitely come with eye plates that have eyes painted on them, just like the Rockman figure does, so don't worry about being stuck with a zombie Roll. Additionally, while her ribbon is made with white plastic here, odds are good that particular part will be painted green during production. This similarly occurred with the Rockman figure, whose buster gauge was painted yellow after being molded with white plastic (you can an example of this before the painting here).

Thanks, Auto! (Image via Toy-World)

First Kotobukiya Colored Blues Pic... Kinda Sucks (Update: Much Less Sucky)

Update: Well now, here's a MUCH better picture than what we had before. Here are the first legit pics of the colored Blues model, from Capcom of Japan. We also have a few additional details as well: the figure will release in Japan in January of 2011, and like Rockman and Roll, cost ¥3,150, including tax (roughly $37.80 US). Naturally he can hold his shield and carry it on his back, and he will come with three difference facial plates, though no mention of what varieties (such as if he has his Breakman disguise). All in all, it's probably everything you dreamed of.

Original crappy image/post after the break. Thanks Shoot Man!

Last weekend, the Akihabara Rockman Festival kicked off, shilling a wide variety of Rockman goods. The event was also witness to the first sighting of the colored Blues figure, the third in Kotobukiya's Rockman line. Unfortunately for the time, photography was strictly prohibited. However, Kotobukiya now has their own post on the event, and are finally giving us non-attendees our first look!... Almost. For some reason, they are still keeping the figure obscured, perhaps because our minds are unprepared for its sheer coolness and our brains would boil into a plasma-hot soup of excitement. Or something. But they do promise to reveal the figure proper before long. Incidentally, "kotobukiya" is Japanese for humongous tease. Yeah I know Japanese, seriously. Anyway, you can check out their article for additional event pics.

Thanks, Auto!

Kotobukiya Blues First Look (Updated)

Hot on the heels of seeing Roll's true colors, here's our first look at the prototype for Blues. This was presented at the Chara Hobby 2010 event in Japan. The poster notes that Blues will come with a detachable shield and three different face plates. As reported before, Blues is planned for release by the end of the year, probably in December. Price is unknown, but will likely be within the league of Rockman and Roll.

Update: According the the image after the break (which I didn't look at closely enough), the Blues figure has actually been pushed back a little, and is planned to release sometime in early 2011.

Thanks Auto!

Rockman X6 Prototype Escapes Containment

Here's a Sunday riddle for you all. How do you make one of the most poorly made and most weird Mega Man games even worse? By playing the unfinished version of it! Protodude's Rockman Corner has some details on a recently leaked beta copy of the game which, among other differences, contains many sketched placeholders instead of the finished graphics and menus. There's also a download for the prototype, so if you feel like hunting for more differences, or just want to torture yourself, have at it! And if you want to yell at me about not recognizing what a fun game Mega Man X6 actually is, I'll pretend to believe you!

Kotobukiya's Rockman Figure Revealed

Back in February we reported an announcement from Japan's Wonderfest that Kotobukiya, a maker of highly detailed and poseable plastic figures, would be creating a Rockman figure. A Kotobukiya showcasing has now revealed a prototype of the figure, which is a 1/10 scale model. This prototype is unpainted but you can already observe the high detail and numerous joints. The figure is expected to go on sale in September. Images from the showcase below. News Credit: CAP Kobun, Images via AZURE Toy-Box