Rockman Xover is Crossing Over Even More

[gallery columns="2" ids="21956,21957"] Not content with simply being a crossover of all the Mega Man series, the latest weekly Famitsu reveals that Rockman Xover will be stretching out its already strange universe with Bandai Namco's iOS mobile game Seven Thousand Wars - Season 2. In accordance, characters from the fantasy RPG will appear in Xover as special Battle Memory cards you can get in lottery. Meanwhile in Seven, players can get futuristic Rockman themed equipment, as well as five SP cards featuring the forms of OVER-1 with medieval weaponry and looking really dirty.

The Battle Memory cards will start running in Xover near the end of June, whereas Seven's Xover content is seemingly available now until the end of May.

Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version Contest: The Results

Well folks, we've finally reached a conclusion, and it's taken a lot out of us. Not so much physically, but definitely mentally (and maybe a little monetarily). As always there were a lot of great entries; not so many this time but I feel that owes to how open and complicated the contest allowed entries to be. But that certainly doesn't mean it was any easier to judge, and more is riding on it than ever before. it was very tough, but at the same time fun to see all of your entries. Furthermore, GregaMan himself of Capcom Unity and the MML3 Devroom weighed in on the entries! First though, I need to bring up something of huge importance. Those of you who have worked hard to promote Mega Man Legends 3, you can't just kick back now. Yes, this is technically a contest, but the prizes were always meant to be an incentive, not an end. There is no "end" until we get Mega Man Legends 3 in our hands. So I implore to all of you who entered, and even those who haven't: keep going. Keep getting the word out and getting people interested. As Devroom members, that's one of our top responsibilities!

Anyway, with all the judging completed, we can now present the winners... right after this break! Oh, the drama!

Grand Prize Winner: Press Start - Press Start ran an impressive online campaign, accented with amusing artwork and Flash games. Furthermore, he was able to grab quite a deal of promotion, as his work appeared on a number of other major websites. I think Press really grasped the concept of what this contest was all about.

Second Place Winner: Omar Perez - Omar produced some very cool Servbot charms, as well as developing a plan for sales and cost requirements. He then distributed the charms with flyers, making good person-to-person connections. Omar, definitely get on the horn with Capcom, I think you have something with these charms!

Third Place Winner: Daniel Jreisat - Daniel partnered with a friend and went gigging at clubs, playing music from Mega Man and other games flamenco style! This was used as an opportunity to distribute handbills promoting Mega Man Legends 3, which sounds like it went over very well. This entry really reignited my personal wish to open a video game themed bar/club.

Runner Ups: greatmuffin1 and Servbot #286 - greatmuffin1 streamed a 24 hour Mega Man liveplay as a means to promote Mega Man Legends 3, and Servbot #286 executed multiple flyer promotions at GameStop as well as made information sheets for the staff of the Nintendo World Store.

Of course, I'm sure you're wanting to see all the entries for yourself. We have assembled them in a page you can see here, directly transferring over the text from the entry e-mails. I hope the entrants are fine with this; you may have wanted to check your spelling! There's a lot of cool stuff here; again it was tremendously difficult ranking it all. Every time we do one of these contest I always feel bad we can't give more.

So that's a wrap on TMMN's biggest contest ever. Many thanks again to everyone who put forth the hard effort in entering. And once more, continue getting the word out about Mega Man Legends 3! Let's make this happen!

Announcing Our Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version Contest!

Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version is expected to hit late this month with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS eShop. With so much excitement surrounding the game, we just had to do a contest for it! So what would you expect? Have us buy the Prototype Version for you as a prize? Eh, I dunno. Truth be told there are still quite a few people who don't even have a Nintendo 3DS yet. What if we got you one of those instead? Don't even bother answering, because yes, that's exactly what we're doing! One lucky person will win a Nintendo 3DS* gaming system in this contest. And as much as we enjoy buying your love, this time we're really doing it for Mega Man. That's because the aim of this contest is getting you to spread the word about Mega Man Legends 3, and getting as many people as possible excited about the Prototype Version. The more creative and more effective you can do that, the more likely you'll be holding your own Nintendo 3DS for free. And you have all month.

This is the biggest contest we've ever held, and definitely the most unique. I'm not even sure what to expect! Thus, make sure you read the contest page very closely, from top to bottom. Things might get a bit crazy with this one! And remember, you're not just trying to win a 3DS (though largely, you are), you're working as a promoter for Mega Man Legends 3!

*We can only offer a Nintendo 3DS to residents of North America. If you live outside of North America, please see the "Questions" section of the contest page for prize information.

Inside Games Gets People in the Rockman 10 Spirit

Much like they did for Rockman 9, Japanese gaming news site Inside Games has decorated their site with Rockman 10 to celebrate the release in Japan this month. Most notable thing is a music player which plays clips from the title theme, Nitro Man's stage, Commando Man's stage and Strike Man's stage (I totally called the "main theme" being Nitro Man). I'd rip them and everything, but... it's just another three hours until the game's out anyway, you know?

EXE OSS sees original jacket bonus at select stores

pic_org_jacket1pic_org_jacket2 For what appears to be a mere remake, Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star is getting a lot of special promotions. The latest reported on the OSS homepage now is a pair of special jackets you can use to place in OSS's box. There is a "light version" that features both MegaMans as well as Lan, and a "dark version that features Bass and other Navi bosses. The special jackets will be available in limited quantities at select retailers such as Toys R Us, Bic Camera and GameTSUTAYA stores.

Capcom starts OSS comic strip; groaner already ensues

osscomic_01 As another small, special promotion, Capcom of Japan's Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star homepage will release eight yonkoma (4-panel) comic strips through November and December. The first is out now, which as you can see above I've mediocrely translated. I'm not much of a typeset guy, or very funny, as this one in particular required a little improvisation, so bear with me on these. This is definitely LBD's taste in humor though.

Now for the Japanese nerditry corner. As you can tell, this comic's humor is derived from wordplay. Net Battle, written in Japanese, is "netto batoru" (ネットバトル). However, we find out in this last frame that is is actually a "nettou" (熱湯) battle, which means boiling water. In Japanese it seems there's little else to pun "netto" with. But what's funnier than some wordplay and scalding your friend horribly with boiling  hot water? Though in fairness, I guess Mega and Proto aren't friends yet in this game.

Aside from "ket battle," the only other thing I could come up with was "wet battle," but that lacks the implication of hotness. Also it just sounds... disturbing somehow.

The next comic comes out on the 12th, OSS's release date. I can't wait.

Capcom, CoroCoro and Kids Station team up for OSS promotion + new footage

bnandsfCapcom, CoroCoro and Kids Station are teaming up for the "Double Rockman Present Campaign" to promote Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star. What kind of promotion is it? Why, it's a scavenger hunt! Ten lucky participants can enter between now and November 30th for a chance to win a copy of Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star and a sticker set. However, there will also be a second chance (hence the double theme) running from December 1st until January 4th. Of course, the promotion is naturally Japan only, so that probably stops a lot of you in your tracks. So how does it work? Well, you need to find a special letter on each of the participating websites. For example, on the Capcom page linked above, clicking on the Mr. Program reveals Capcom's special character. Next, head over to the CoroCoro website and solve this puzzle, revealing their special character. Finally, drop on by Kids Station and watch the video on the top of the page with the guy who's waaaaay too excited about his job. Incidentally, this video shows off some new footage from OSS, including the appearance of ClockMan. At the end of the video, crazy man sticks the special character to his head. Why not? He already has so many things stuck to him.

When you have all three, you can head back over to Capcom, accept their agreement for entering and then input the special character from each site. Incidentally, the special characters from each page spell the name Netto... but you'll have to see each page to figure out who provides which character! Or, you can just buy the game like I am.