Rockman 2 Poster Returns from the Past

Going through some photos, I happened across this one I took at a used game store somewhere in Osaka. It's a promotional flyer for Rockman 2, back before the game came out. Sadly it's not a real poster, but a print out from a scan or photo (but I might ask for a copy all the same should I ever go back).

The text reads "After one year" and then "That Super Robot returns at last, along with your characters chosen among the total 8,730 application postcards!" It's quite a bit of hype built up for the game (well deserved, too). You wouldn't suspect the stories that the original Rockman fell flat on its face when it first came out. The release date is just listed as latter December.

The price, you can see, is ¥5,800. Best as I can find, in 1988 it would have cost around $45 US, which doesn't seem like terribly much. Of course, as a kid, getting my folks to hand over 45 bucks would have been no simple feat!

A Look at Your Signed Archie Mega Man Poster

You may recall Archie's special offer of a Mega Man poster signed by artist Patrick Spaziante for preordering a subscription their forthcoming Mega Man comic series. Well, it appears those posters are already on their way out! In fact, our own Tabby received hers just today. Because of the size I've cropped out the autograph part here, but you can check out the whole poster after the break. It's a pretty nice sized poster! And remember, preorders for the comic are still ongoing!

Reversible Robot Master Posters

The slow news week continues on. So if you need something to do, have some cash getting dusty, and are in a serious lack of geek chic decor, why not head over to Etsy and grab up one of these reversible Robot Master themed posters. The stylized art comes in Quick Man, Air Man and Metal Man versions, featuring simplistic stage depictions on the other side. The whole set of three will run you a Jackson, and make you feel more artsy automatically. Maybe hang them up in kind of a staggered assembly. And get a calico cat. Or something. I really don't know what's hip these days.

News Credit: Tiny Cartridge