Rockman Gigamix vol. 2 Bonus Postcards

As we previously reported, Rockman Gigamix vol. 2 is releasing in Japan on February 27th. But here are a couple of postcards that will be included with the manga, depending on where it's ordered from. To the right is a nice Stardroids postcard that's included with Gigamix 2 from ordering the book through And below is the postcard from ordering through Tanomi Shop, which is a bit more enigmatic. It appears to be two men standing over a junky looking (and kind of familiar) robot. While I'm never one to speculate, I'd almost say this depicts a young Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, perhaps in their university days. So aside from the Stardroids and Duo, it appears Gigamix 2 may also explore the past of the two scientists. We'll just have to wait for it to come out and see!

News Credit: Dark Messiah Blog