A look into Rockman EXE Official Complete Works

Rockman EXE Official Complete Works, the latest continuation of the uber-big Rockman artwork books, has released in Japan this week. And for those wanting a nice look inside, Nigoli has got you covered. His photographic report of the book contains a lot of nice pages with content not commonly found in what's been released on the Battle Network front in the west. The fantastic book covers 18 games in 176 pages, with reportedly over 5,000 images. A must-have for not just Battle Network fans, but perhaps all Mega Man fans. Imports of the book at Play-Asia seem to be a little delayed right now for unknown reasons. Of course if you can wait it out a little bit, we do have more than enough hints that this will be one of UDON's future projects.

Update: Play-Asia is now shipping copies of EXE Official Complete Works.

News Credit: Sketch Redoku, Nigoli's Rockman Series Blog