Check Out the Mega Man Panel at This Year's MomoCon

484709_10151438708263764_200918139_nIf you're going to be attending this year's MomoCon, which is being held from March 8th to 10th in Atlanta, Georgia, then you may want to check out Scott Laney's Mega Man Fan Panel, which will be in its second year. According to Scott, the focus is on the community the franchise has helped to foster, and will look at various media such as fan music, fan dubs like the one for Rockman.EXE, and fan games such as "Mega Man X Corrupted," and more. He'll also have some goods on hand to give away, such as copies of the Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide from UDON (excellent choice, if we may say).

For further information about MomoCon, be sure to check out the official website, and you can also learn more on their Facebook page.

It's OtaRockman 2011! Learn How You Can Be a Part!

It's that time of year again! Next weekend, from July 29th to 31st, Otakon returns to the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland, and as always, the Mega Man fan gathering "OtaRockman" will be there as well!

Events kick off with the annual panel, "Mega Man: Made in Japan," a co-production of The Mega Man Network, Rockman.EXE Online, and It is currently scheduled to be held from 6:30 to 7:30pm on Friday in Panel 5. Two things about this one: the first is that panels are often subject to change in both time and the room in which they are held, so make sure to keep tabs at the convention in case it is moved or rescheduled.

The second thing is that, despite coming close to filling a room capable of holding 690 people last year, Panel 5 is only capable of holding 375 people. So if you want in, you need to make sure you arrive in time to line up before things get too busy. But then, who knows? Maybe a panel occupying a bigger room will open up and they'll move us? You never know with these things.

In addition, we hope to give Capcom a good showing of solidarity among those attending the panel. To be a part, of this, click on the Servbot mask above to get a full-size version to bring out and use at the panel as we express our desire for Mega Man Legends 3, as well as Mega Man in general. Thanks to Servbot X for the contribution!

Oh, and as ever, there will be our annual raffle for lots of fun prizes!

On Saturday, the OtaRockman cosplay gathering will be held at 11am, behind the Starbucks on the second floor, near the main entrance. Following that, a Mega Man 10 "Endless Run" tournament will be held at noon this year. Sadly, there won't be any trophies this time, but at least the winner will have bragging rights, and be able to gloat until they are pelted with foam Mega Buster bullets and swarmed by Servbot mask-wearing cosplayers (ideally led by a Tron cosplayer).

And the fun need not end there; Panel 5 will later play host to an unrelated Capcom fan panel from 11pm to 12am on Saturday night. While we encourage attending, and even bringing your Mega Man cosplay and Servbot masks, please don't be unruly or disruptive; sure, there are a lot of hard feelings about Capcom right now, but given it says "fan panel," we're assuming that they are not actually affiliated with Capcom, and are not deserving of having their weekend ruined.

Those who enjoy the musical stylings of Brentalfloss will be pleased to know that he will be holding a live FAQ at Panel 6 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm on Sunday.

And finally, former Black Ranger and current voice of Zero, Johnny Yong Bosch, will be a guest at the convention with his band, Eyeshine. Plus, UDON's Mega Man Tribute cover artist Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz will be in the Artist's Alley, so stop by if you get a chance!

It's shaping up to be a great weekend, and we hope to see you all there!

In Baltimore This Weekend: OtaRockman at Otakon

This weekend in Baltimore, Maryland, from Friday, July 30th to Sunday, August 1st, will be Otakon. And what has become a part of the annual Otakon experience for many a Mega Man/Rockman fan is the gathering of like-minded individuals known affectionately as "OtaRockman." Each year, a fans tend to converge for cosplay photos and Mega Man gaming tournaments, with the time and place usually to be determined at the show (as Otakon tends to keep a rather fluid schedule; it's usually held behind or near the Starbucks kiosk at the main entrance). This year, the gathering begins at 11am on Saturday.

In previous years, Mega Man Battle Network games were the order of the day for tournaments, but host Terra Stardroid has decided to shake things up this year with a Mega Man 9 tournament in which you see how far you can go in Endless Mode within five minutes.

And yes, there will be trophies for the victors... or at least, there should be, if all goes according to plan. For your chance to be a champion, be at the OtaRockman gathering at noon on Saturday.

On Saturday at 8pm in Panel 6 (Hilton Key Ballroom 1-6) (date/location may be subject to change) will be the panel "The Anime & Manga Realm of Mega Man," hosted by myself, Tabby, Terra Stardroid, Robo Nanya, and Ryouko of Rockman.EXE Online:

For the past two years our focused group of Mega Man lovers have presented comprehensive panels at Otakon, all about our famous blue bomber. This year, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing forth all the facts and interesting tidbits about the adaptations of Mega Man into both the manga and anime forms. Several of them never made it to our shores, so we're sure you'll experience something new and exciting! As always, we'll also be doing our raffle for some unbelievable prizes. Don't miss it!

We even got a "Best Panel Award" (and the photograph you see at right) from Ending B, so give it a shot if you're in the area this weekend!

What unbelievable prizes will there be? Suffice to say that we once again have the support of our friends Matt Moylan and UDON Entertainment and JGonzo of Capcom Unity, but beyond that? It's a surprise!

And if you'd like to make plans for meeting with others at the event, we have a forum thread dedicated to that right here.

Notes From Capcom 2010 and Beyond! at Comic-Con; "Oft-Requested" Mega Man Game Confirmed

While we're not at Comic-Con, we are closely following all the details from their event, with Mega Man Universe info and perhaps some other surprises, too. Stay tuned as we'll update this post with any Mega Man-related info until the event is over. - It appears that the game won't be out for a while yet. "Please support us as we provide more information later," they say.

- And now, they go into Mega Man's history.

- Inafune goes into the character's "true name" of Rockman, and how he found "Mega Man" to be goofy. Nor was he fond of the "old man" look given to the character on the American box art.

- "I know from personal experience, that more people come up to me and tell me how much of a Mega Man fan they are. This happens more in America than in Japan (guessing that's more accurate than "in a fan" --ed.). The funny thing is is that they all introduce themselves as '#1 Mega Man" fan. So let's settle this. Who in this room is the #1 fan?"

- "Ok, lets meet at the Capcom booth and you guys will have to fight for the crown. I'm kidding, please don't punch each other. Ok, let's talk Mega Man Universe what a lot of you came for. As a lot of you know there is a trailer and is designed to be mysterious, in that it doesn't show what the game is about."

- He notes that the trailer we'd seen for Mega Man Universe previously came from the idea of what Mega Man is, and what it means to different people," whether they began with Mega Man 2 or Mega Man X. "Everyone has a unique idea of what Mega Man is."

- Inafune hopes that allowing everyone to play as their ideal version of Mega Man or heroes from outside the Mega Man franchise will encourage players' creativity, with Universe uniting "Mega Man fans from around the planet to play together in one place."

- "I can't go into detail, but you might have an idea of what I'm talking about. And for those who haven't seen the trailer, we're going to show that right now." 1UP's Mike Nelson notes that the props from said trailer are at Capcom's booth.

- Inafune asks what they thought of the trailer, and is met with applause. He says they'll have the game playable as soon as possible, and more info in the near future. He expresses remorse for people coming, but says he'll "let you in on stuff that the press doesn't even know." At least we're all in the same boat.

- While MMU is something he's always wanted to make, Inafune says that's not the only Mega Man project in store for this year. "You haven't heard the last of the Mega Man announcements out there," he said, adding that fans should expect confirmation of an "oft-requested thing that you guys want."

- Crowd starts shouting titles, including "Mega Man Legends 3." To that, Inafune simply responds with a smile and a "thank you."

- Producer Akiko Ito finished things up by confirming that the game would be available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade services.

- And that's it for the panel. Clearly, this not only met the hype, but exceeded it in every imaginable way.

- That is, of course, sarcasm. However, the event isn't a total wash, apparently: there is another Capcom panel on Saturday at 12pm PST where everyone is told "a big announcement will be made."

- Do we dare to hope?

Well that wraps it up. Kind of disappointing, really, that the announcement turned out to be nothing more than an even bigger tease. Capcom ought to know by now that Mega Man fans don't need teases to get hyped up!

Big thanks go out to 1UP, who had a man on the site where we could not be, and to Kotaku for their more detailed report.