IGN's Mega Man 10 Video Blowout, Plus Hands-On (Updated)

IGN has a slew of videos up for Mega Man 10 tonight, including the game's rather lengthy opening sequence, and some stage footage. Not only do they give a great look at the gameplay, but a nice taste of the game's music as well. It also appears MM10 will be using special boarders for a faux widescreen resolution support. Anyway, enjoy the vids below!

UPDATE: IGN also has this short hands-on report of the game, and while not much new information is given from this account, it does state that aside from the eight regular Robot Master stages, there will be eight more stages, which IGN believes hints at two final castles. Furthermore, the Challenge Mode will include 88 total challenges.

News Credit: GoNintendo, MaverickHunterAsh