D-Arts Mega Man Now Available in North America

dartsmm Perhaps the greatest figure ever of the Blue Bomber can now be yours. In time for Mega Man's 25th anniversary, Bandai's D-Arts Mega Man figure is now on sale in North America. Running $44.99, you can pick up the figure at online shops such as Amazon.com, BigBadToyStore, and Toy Arena ($5 off here). It may also be appearing at your local comic goods and hobby shops.

Aside from the fine craftsmanship and articulation, the figure also boasts additional figures of Rush and a Met, shot effects, an additional buster and changeable face plates. Be sure to grab one!

News Credit: Capcom Unity

Roll is On Sale

It's quite late in the month, but then it's better late than never. According to Kotobukiya's own online shop, the Roll model kit (happy HP? :p) is officially on sale as of now, December 27th. Though I've yet to see anything show up in my e-mail, you can probably expect notices of shipment any time now if you preordered. Even then, it sounds like a handful of orders shipped a little early.

And don't forget, Blues is out next month!

Edit: My order shipped!

News Credit: Ucchy-san