PrototypeZ Studios Shows Off Mega Man X Model Kit at SDCC

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Looks like Capcom isn't the only ones with a Mega Man figure at San Diego Comic Con this year. Sculptor PrototypeZ Studios is showing off their own 1:6 scale Mega Man X figure at the convention. Little other details are given now, although it appears PrototypeZ has a history of making figures from the Street Fighter franchise. I am also not sure if this is a prototype, or if painting is required to finish it. Gundam Guy, who brings us the photos, writes that the kit is "coming soon!" We keep you posted on more!

Thanks for the tip, Vile MKII! (Images via Gundam Guy Blog)

Kotobukiya Dropping Mega Man Model Kit Line

27808-00 Headby Razorsaw With Tamashii Nation's D-Arts line having brought us a number of Mega Man characters already, many are looking forward to what the line will bring us in the future. However, while these figures may be the current hot topic among those looking to collect plastic versions of the Blue Bomber, many have been wondering what became of Kotobukiya's line of model kits, which has previously featured Classic Mega Man, Roll, Proto Man, and the eponymous Mega Man Zero.

Well, according to Tomopop, it unfortunately seems that what many suspected has proven true: Kotobukiya is bringing an end to the Rockman series of model kits. It seems that despite positive feedback, Kotobukiya has opted not to continue where they left off, which means no Bass to go along with the rest of the Classic series mainstays. Instead, they will be focusing on a new license.

While this is indeed disappointing, at the very least, we have the potential for new D-Arts releases to fall back on. Thanks to Advent-Axl for bringing this to our attention.

From Pixels to Plastic: Kotobukiya Mega Man Zero

Well, this is sort of embarrassing. A while back, we told you about several episodes of Retroware TV's "From Pixels to Plastic" episodes which covered a variety of different Mega Man and Rockman figures, but in the process, one was overlooked. The following comes from November 2011, but nonetheless provides an excellent look at Kotobukiya's Mega Man Zero model kit, a curious addition to their lineup following the release of Mega Man, Roll, and Proto Man from the Classic series:

Have you grabbed one of these yet? If so, what are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below!

Kotobukiya Rockman Zero Now Available with Lots of Pics

The time has finally come for Zero to show everyone what he's got! If you cannot wait until December for the English release, then you'll be pleased to know that Kotobukiya's follow-up to their successful classic Mega Man, Roll, and Proto Man model figure kits, Rockman Zero, has arrived.

To that end, Hobby no Toriko (via GGInfinite has a review of the figure; unfortunately, however, it is only in Japanese. Nonetheless, there are tons of pics of the completed model in action, and that's something anyone can understand!

Thanks for the tip, Lalam!

Kotobukiya's Zero Model Kit Hits Japan October 18th

With the recent fun toys the X series has been getting lately, you didn't forget about the Zero series didja? According to Kotobukiya's mobile site, the long awaited Rockman Zero model kit is officially slated to release next month on the 18th. I say long awaited because originally this was planned to release back in the summer. As detailed before, the kit will come with various weapons, hand sets and facial expressions. If you're familiar with Kotobukiya's previous Rockman offerings, you ought to have a good idea of the quality.

The Zero kit will retail for ¥3,200 (roughly $41.85 US) when it comes out. But I suppose I ought to trot out the usual import sites, which often have discounts. Amiami and HLJ are your friends. Or just wait until December for the localized US release.

There has still been no word yet about any additional model kits continuing in the Zero series. It was, after all, some time before we knew there was anything coming after the original Rockman kit. Should Zero sell well, we can probably expect some followups.

Man I love that box design.

News credit: CAP Kobun

Dimension Diver Preps New Rockman Garage Kit

I'll be honest that I don't know of many garage kit makers, but that won't stop me from saying Dimension Diver is one of the best. And their latest project in the works is Rockman. Rockman was one of the first kits they tackled in the past, and you can see it here. The new model will feature improvements to the joints and balance of the feet. It will also have plenty of new options and features, like an extra part for Rockman to appear helmetless, an additional hand for his right arm you can put in place of his buster, and a cute figure of Beat. Right now production is still in the works, but the kit is planned to go on sale in Japan in August, albeit probably solely at hobby events like so many garage kits are. Should you manage to grab one anyway, do keep in mind garage kits require a bit more care; often glue and drilling are required, and painting may be necessary as well for complete effect. This particular kit will come with pieces molded in blue, light blue, flesh and red. It will also come with decals for additional details. Good luck, hobby hunters! This is a rare one!

Thanks to Auto for the tip!

Kotobukiya Zero Gets Some Much Needed Color

He has been looking a bit pale after all. Today on "Rockman Day" in Japan, Kotobukiya has revealed photos and details of the finished, full color Zero model kit from Mega Man Zero. Accessory-wise, Zero comes with the Z-Saber, the Buster Gun and the Z-Knuckle. He also has two faces, as well as seemingly alternate eye sets allowing him to look off to the side. It also features some pretty bad ass box art. Originally the model kit was going to release in Japan this month, but due to delays it is now hitting store shelves in October. It will still see the standard price of ¥3,200 (roughly $39.94 US right now). Check out many more pictures here.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Bandai D-Arts Mega Man X and the Metallic Armor

Good news, everyone!

We have received word from Adam Newman of Bandai regarding a very special D-Arts Mega Man X action figure which will be available at this year's San Diego Comic Con International.

Bluefin and Tamashii Nations, the premium collector's label of Bandai Japan, have teamed up to announce that the D-Arts Mega Man X Metallic Version will be available exclusively to those attending the 2011 SDCC.

"This high-precision action figure will feature shiny blue-metallic coloring, superior articulation, as well as X-Buster blast and rotating triple-shot effect parts," notes the press release. In addition, the figure includes two interchangeable face parts, as well as additional interchangeable hand and arm parts.

As with many other SDCC exclusives, however, this 12.5cm (about 5 inches) figure won't come cheap. If you line up at the show, you're going to need about $45 (and maybe tax) on hand.

Side note: If only there was a Vile figure along with it, then perhaps I could have called the post "Mister Vile and the Metallic Armor." But then I have to wonder how many of you would have gotten it...

Grab Your Kotobukiya Mega Mans from Capcom

If you've been looking forward to Kotobukiya's Mega Man model kits, but haven't felt like importing or would just rather they be Mega Man branded, you should head on over to the Capcom Store. They currently have Mega Man, Roll and Proto Man on pre-order, $29.95 each, and shipping on out in July. Of course I'm sure many other outlets are prepping them as well, but hey, this way you get them from Capcom!

More Kotobukiya Zero Prototype Pics

X series Zero got his reveal earlier this week, but don't forget that Zero series Zero is in the works at Kotobukiya. The prototype model kit is presently being shown off at an in-store event. The prototype is still uncolored, but now we can see it various angles as well as its accessories, which look to include a variety of hands, his buster gun, an alternate face and alternate saber sheathes. You can see some more photos on Moeyo's article, though I must warn this site puts the "Not Safe" in "Not Safe For Work." According to the site, the figure is presently slated for an autumn release in Japan. Thanks for the tip, HeatPhoenix!

Capcom Wants to Know Your Desired Figures

Japanese figure makers have been pumping out a lot of Rockman themed goodies lately, and it seems that is a trend intended to continue. Capcom of Japan's Ucchy-san has opened this poll, which allows you to select which characters you'd like to see a figure/model kit of. There are 24 total characters ranging from various series, and you can select up to three. Furthermore, a field beneath the choices lets you submit any other character not listed. Additional questions include your age range, and your favorite series (Rockman, X, DASH, EXE, Zero, ZX, Ryuusei). The poll will run from now until May 10th. On May 16th they plan on showing the results. It does not openly state which figure makers will be using this info, so likely it's just a general consensus to any interested parties. Still, definitely seems like we'll be having more Rockman toys. Make your voices heard!

News Credit: Ucchy-san

Upcoming Kotobukiya Zero Display

Kotobukiya is prepping another Rockman themed in-store event, the Spring Rock 2011 exhibition, on April 29th. They'll be selling the usual assort of Rockman model kits and goods, including a limited supply of Mega Man branded kits and badges, for whatever strange reason. I think the big pull, however, will be a display of the upcoming Zero model kit, albeit still in prototype form (so potentially still uncolored). Furthermore, the e-flyer seems to indicate the kit is releasing in fall now, not summer as originally announced.

Of course, you might be saying to yourself "Well that's cool and all, but I don't live anywhere near Japan!" Fortunately, Capcom's Ucchy-san has your back, and will be reporting from the event!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

First Look at Kotobukiya Zero Prototype

A little ways back we first learned that Kotobukiya would be tackling Rockman Zero in their next model kit foray. And now a magazine scan gives us our first look at the uncolored prototype. Unfortunately no other details are given concerning accessories or the like, but with this coming out we should hear new details pretty soon. Just to remind you, the kit is planned to release in Japan this summer.

Thanks, Hmm! (Image via Toy-World)

Kotobukiya Rockman Kicks Butt

Here is an incredible stop motion animation by Counter656 Productions featuring Kotobukiya's Rockman model kit. I don't know what's going on when Rockman finds himself battling against Gundams and Transformers, but it's pretty dang cool. And the action runs over a good five minutes, so you know a lot of work went into this.

Thanks, Stealthwoman, for the heads up!

"Supermor" Model Kit Report

Awhile back on eBay I found a couple of obvious bootleg Mega Man model kits. Now, I have never seen anything on these, ever. After finding them I did some research and the only thing I found was a warning blog on bootleg Mega Man merchandise where they mentioned these. There was no talk of quality though, and knowing that some bootleg models can have wrong proportions I didn't want to see a bunch of fans get sucked into getting one of these and it turn out to be crud. They make a good selection too, so far I have seen X, Zero, Vile MKII, X3 Max Armor X, and All X armor. I bought one of Vile Mark II, as he is my favorite and I had been wanting another. With shipping, the model cost about $40 USD, so about half of what Vile typically goes for. The other ones were about the same price as the original Bandai models.

One thing you will need to note is that all of these Supermor model are gold plated. So unless you want a pure gold (except for the stickers) figure, you will need to paint the model. You will also need to do some mods to take care of some errors, on Vile at least, but the ones I found could very well be on the other kits, too.

The first error I had on this was that it stuck to the model trees. With most model kits, you can cut through the tree parts with ease; however, this one took a good amount of energy to get out. I had a brand new X-Acto knife, so it should have slid through like butter. Because of this, you are bound to either have nubs on the plastic, or rip the paint off.

The second error I found was that the head pieces did not match up, or fit well. In the front of Vile's head you can sit half of his mask. This slid right in, and now it will not come out... a bit annoying because I wanted to test it out on the Mega Man head I also got with the kit, but it's a good fit, so no need to fix whats not broken. The back of his helmet does not go all the way in; it goes partly in, but then it stops and you have to wiggle it a ton just to get it to look like it is sitting okay on him. If you're going to fix this, you'll want to drill the hole just a bit deeper, which can easily be done with a small hobby hand drill. You could also cut a bit off the peg that goes into the back of his head. From there, I would suggest you use a bonding agent to make sure it sticks.

The third error that I found was at the arms. There were two errors on these, but they were found at different sections. The first one I noticed is when I was cutting out the parts, near the ends where the hands are, the edges of the outside parts were slightly melted. It wasn't a great amount; in fact the left arm was hardly noticeable, but the right arm was enough to make me want to putty it up. I honestly do not know how they did that. I can only guess the machine making the trees had a crack near that part and the plastic seeped out, so it looks melted, or that tree was close to a hot surface and it did melt. It's hard to tell what really happened.

The fourth error on the kit is a big one. In fact, it's big enough that I am not sure I can fix it to make it replicate the Bandai ones. It's a measuring error, and while this can normally be fixed with putty or plastic sheet, this one was on a polycap joint. In the arms, the polycap connects to the body frame perfectly, but the gold forearms do not connect with the polycap well. You can fit one end into the arm, but the other is not long enough. It's almost like they made the arm bigger, but I compared the two and its no different in shape. What is wrong is that on the inside, there are holes for the polycap to sit in, but they do not come out enough. A major flaw.

The fifth error isn't a major one if you're going to strip the paint and repaint; I only noticed it on one leg. There was a patch where it looks like they sprayed the paint a bit too much at one point, so there is a lump of paint. Nothing major, but an error nonetheless.

The sixth problem with the kit was a rather odd thing. While clearing the nubs left from the tree, I noticed that the paint made an awful sound.  I have never known a model to make this sound, and I didn't enjoy it. If you have music blasting you might not notice it, but I am sure its just the plastic or the paint being cheap.

The last error is the one I think is the worst. When I first opened the kit, it smelled bad. REALLY bad. I didn't think anything of it, though, because it has been sealed for who knows how long, so it is most likely the air inside was stale. I work with a mask on, so I didn't notice that the smell stuck throughout the build. When I finished building, I went out to grab a bite to eat with some friends, and we came back into the room to get photos of the kit. When I opened that door we were about knocked over with a super odor. I instantly recognized it, and walked over to the model, still on the work booth. It was horrible; this kit stunk enough to make me want to escape the room. I am hoping that once painted, the smell will be sealed. Right now, the kit is stored in its box inside a tub in my closet. Horrible.

Not all was bad though, as there were some good things. This kit was stiff, stiffer than any others. The armor parts do not fall off at all, which is more than I can say for some of mine, like X and Black Zero. It was also a good price for a rare kit, and it came with a cool box.

So overall:


  • Stiff
  • Stays together
  • Great price
  • Plated kit of one that was never plated


  • Sticks to the trees a bit too well
  • Some parts do not fit correctly
  • Appears to have melted
  • Bad paint job
  • Made a horrible sound when working on it
  • Worst smelling model kit EVER

Overall, I think if your into customizing the kits, you should go for it and get one of the rarer breed. They are cheap, and most of their errors you can fix with ease. They are also good for spare parts. If you are just a straight builder, though, don't risk it for a smelly house.

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Photos taken by Cheston Tang via cell phone. Apologies for the poor quality.

Kotobukiya Reveals Zero as Next Model Kit

After Blues came out, it seemed uncertain what Kotobukiya would tackle next, if anything at all. But the Winter 2011 Wonder Festival has an unexpected answer. Kotobukiya's next model kit foray will be Zero. And that is, specifically, Zero of the Mega Man Zero variety.

Price and release date info will be forthcoming (a general release frame is available, but it's covered in this picture sadly. Update: The kit is planned to release this summer.

News Credit: Ucchy-san (updated image via Hobby Stock (NSFW))

TMMN Fan Art Contest: Valentines Blues

Funny that Valentine's Day should land within one of the coldest months in the year. But if it's help warming your spirit you need, a fun little contest might just do the trick. It's been a while, but Tabby is taking helm at the festivities once again with a new fan art contest! And I think it will be worth your while, because two people will be winning a Kotobukiya Blues model kit! Just look at this guy, so mysterious and dreamy.

Tabby is not easy to win over, though. She is one of the coldest and most evil people I know (yeesh, women). But I have a helpful tip for you all. I happen to know that she simply goes gaga for Blues (aka Proto Man). So, I think if you draw something Blues themed, you just might have a shot. In fact it's mandatory that your picture be Blues themed. Better yet, just take a look at the rules and guidelines and you should be all set!

You have until Monday, February 14th, 10:00PM PST to submit Tabby your picture. After that, Tabby will confer with a handful of other TMMN staff judges, totally disregard their comments, and pick two winners on her own.

So, get learned and start creating your masterpiece! Good luck to you all! You'll probably need it.

Kotobukiya Roll Contest Winners

Hey folks! I'm sorry it's taken this long to announce the results of our New Year's themed Kotobukiya Roll model kit contest. I'm sure some of you have been a little anxious! We got an amazing number of responses, over 250! It was a pretty simple contest, but that's probably the biggest response we've ever had! But we here at TMMN went through the responses, chewed it out, and concluded on two lucky people to win the kits. And those two people are...

Sarah and Aldaric!

First and foremost, congratulations to you both! Sarah has already been sent her prize. However, Aldaric, we have emailed you twice now and not yet heard back from you! Please check your Hotmail account or email us ASAP! If we don't hear from you I'll probably have to give the kit to jgonzo. He has a thing for Roll. (Edit: Thanks Ald, sent your kit!) Hit the break to see their entries.

And to everyone else, thank you for participating! I'm sorry you didn't get selected, but we'll always be having more contests in the future, so stay tuned!


Aha! Sweet contest!

Hmm… now, what would she resolve to do-aha!

Roll’s resolution (in note-to-self format)

Dear self,

This year, I resolve to go out and have some fun! Last year was nice and all, but beating people up with a broom tends to give them the wrong idea. I now have to do all the cleaning up around here!

This year, I resolve to get Rock to do it for once!

Then again, he can be pretty stubborn about cleaning… I might just have to chase him to do it. Ah well! Barring that, I’l just tie a mop to Rush’s tail.

That should do it!


To be as strong as Gutsman. To be as fast with her thoughts as QuickMan. To be as cool of personality as ColdMan. To be as stealthy with her problems as SnakeMan. To be as funny as ClownMan. To look like a dame, like SplashWoman. To have brilliant ideas, like BrightMan. To have a blazing spirit, like HeatMan. To accept her defects within her other self, like GeminiMan. To be more independent, like ProtoMan. To be as intelligent as like Dr.Light. And most importantly, to be as brave, correct and have her own will power as Megaman.

All this while still being as cute and adorable as herself, Roll.

Kotobukiya Blues Detailed - Last Kit for Now

So, you know how I said yesterday that Kotobukiya's Blues model kit would be releasing pretty soon in Japan? Well evidently, it already has in Hong Kong! And our good friend Auto has provided some details and pictures for what you can expect when you get yours.

First and foremost, however, it seems that Blues is the end of Kotobukiya's Rockman line for the time being. In the space on the box where future figures are advertised, Blues' box only remarks that Rockman and Roll are also on sale. So, if you've been holding out for a Forte or, I dunno, Bubbleman model kit, there's no confirmation for you. Bandai will have the spotlight for the foreseeable future.

Next is a detail that I'm sure will be disappointing for some. The kit has no eye pieces, meaning that your dreams of displaying a visorless Blues will be on hold (unless you're already with him having a creepy, eyeless face). Additional dismay may come from Blues having no charged shot piece like Rockman does, and his E Can is molded in gray, likely because Blues has no native blue parts (though I suppose, technically, an E Can would be red and gray for him in the game, no?).

But other than that, it appears to be everything you've come to expect if you've gotten your hands on Kotobukiya's other Rockman model kits so far. So, some disappointment aside, it's still a nice, high quality kit.

Hit the break for all the images. Tons of thanks, Auto!