Rockman Xover Adds 12th World and OVER-10 Armor

Rockman Xover Adds 12th World and OVER-10 Armor

While Rockman Xover was met with jeers and disdain upon its announcement, the game continues on to this day in Japan, and has even managed to build up something of a cult fandom outside of its homeland among those Mega Man fans who would seek it out, despite not being released abroad. So with that in mind comes this bit of news and information.

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Mega Man and Co. Join in Mobile Title "Street Fighter X All Capcom"

dumbcapcomthingAmong a of newly announced iOS and Android titles, Capcom introduced Street Fighter X All Capcom, set to launch November 13th of this year. The game is a "hero training RPG" which is played with card battles. Since, when you think of Street Fighter, you think of card battles. As seen in the artwork and screens from the game's official homepage, we can so far expect characters hailing from Mega Man, Mega Man X and Mega Man Legends. The game boasts over 500 characters from a number of beloved Capcom series. As cards. To be honest, this game actually looks a lot like Minna to Capcom All Stars, a mobile card battle RPG whose service ended earlier this year. All Stars was also touted as a hero training RPG. Some of the artwork even appears to be exactly the same (compare Okami's Amaterasu). All Stars was originally a collaboration with GREE.

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Rockman Xover Gets Yet Another Collaboration

dragoncoins Not content with mixing things up with Seven Thousands Wars, a new collaboration with Xover is in the works for Sega's smartphone titles Dragon Coins. Labeled as a "coin RPG," Dragon Coins uses this basis of a medal game (i.e. coin pusher) as a mechanic to fight monsters. Special skill cards you can receive in lottery give you additional abilities.

Dragon Coins today launched its "Can't Beat Airman" campaign (since that seems to be the most noteworthy Rockman thing in popular culture in Japan) with a Rockman/Xover themed arcade board. The board lets you battle Airman, Cutman and Dustman. Naturally you can also get Rockman themed skill cards to use. The collaboration runs until June 6th.

It is unknown if Rockman Xover is receiving any Dragon Coins content in return so far.

News Credit: CAP Kobun, Tarbo

More Details for Capcom All Stars, With Everyone

Capcom All Stars, With Everyone is back in the news, this time with more details on what the game is about, who will be in it and a release date!

The game will be a social "hero training RPG", according to Siliconera. This means it will likely be a card game with RPG elements, much in the same vein as games like Fantasica. Also of note is how the characters on the revealed header image will not be the only ones in the game, with X, Tron Bonne and a Servbot clearly shown in new artwork for the game.

Capcom All Stars, With Everyone launches on October 25th for the GREE mobile platform in Japan. If you register the game before October 24th, you get the super rare Chun Li card based on the teaser art above. For smartphones (Android, iPhone) go here, for feature phones go here. You will need a GREE account to register the game before launch.

The game will be compatible with DoCoMo feature phones, Android 2.2 and up, and iOS 4.3 and up.

Sources: Siliconera, Famitsu App, Official Site

Mega Man Spotted in Upcoming Capcom All Stars Game

On top of Xover, it appears Capcom seems poised to have every single franchise and character under their control turned into a social mobile game. Famitsu recently covered Capcom All Stars, which one would assume will feature stars from their most prominent franchises. Among them is Mega Man, who seems quite at home and pretty happy in the above teaser image.

Capcom All Stars is one of five Capcom/GREE collaborations and has only been confirmed for Japanese release. However, two other collaborations were already shown at E3 this year. It could only be a matter of time before this game also ends up being released worldwide, although for now the game is only being distributed in Japan.

Credit: Famitsu via Andriasang

Rockman Poker Joins the Capcom Party

A surprise new game has joined Capcom's mobile Capcom Party service in Japan this month: Rockman Poker. Following last month's Rockman Solitaire, you wouldn't be foolish for thinking Dr. Wily might be opening a casino. As you might imagine, it's your typical five-card draw poker. You start with 1000Z, and the goal is to survive 10 rounds and leave the table with any money at all. In the course of the game you face off against Roll, Proto Man and Bass, although the last is very elusive and I've only encountered him once. Not sure what triggers him. After each win, you have the option to play high-low split for double or nothing.

Like Rockman's Solitaire, it's a basic Flash game played over the mobile service, and has no sound besides key tones. What it does have over Solitaire, however, are rather nicely done win and lose animations for each character. Even idling, they blink and rap their fingers. It's a nice little detail to have, which you can see in the below video.

Mobile Rockman 9 Goes a Little Easy

Rockman 9 released for purchase on mobile phones in Japan earlier this week, adding to a long list of Rockman games supported by cellularly. And we now know of some features this edition includes. First of all, it is reported to come with all the DLC that could be purchased optionally via the console versions. However, if playing the super hard mode doesn't meet your fancy, that's not a problem either. This Rockman 9 also comes with a "Rookie Mode," which starts you off already having three E Tanks and an M Tank. Additionally, there are fewer enemies in stages. If you live in Japan, you can "rent" the game for ¥315 (roughly $3.80 US) a month, or purchase it for ¥525 (roughly $6.33 US). And if you don't live in Japan, well, just keep playing it on console I suppose!

News Credit: COCOROG

Mega Man defends the seas in Mega Man Rush Marine

mega_man_rush_marine_In the series' continuing quest to be unpredictable, Mega Man Rush Marine takes Mega Man and his canine companion's submersible form to defend the waters from the evil Dr. Wily. I'd almost not believe it myself except that the retro-styled shooter is slated for release on mobile phones. It seems even Dr. Wily is feeling the pinch of the recession, and has taken to drilling for oil in the sea. But since everything Wily does causes trouble, his drilling activities begin to earthquakes above ground, and now only Mega Man can stop him. Thankfully he has a robot dog who can transform into a submarine. According to the fact sheet released by Capcom, Mega Man Rush Marine carries the following features:

  • Exciting side-scrolling aquatic shooter.
  • Explore three aquatic environments including Shallow Water, Volcanic Reef and Deep Water.
  • Battle through ten levels and defeat as many robot masters, each with a unique weapon that you can capture and use for good.
  • Fight your way through expansive levels teeming with 14 enemies and numerous hazards.

With the ability to gain new weapons, it'd stand to reason you can select stages in any order. Now the major thing to wonder is if there will be any new robot masters, or all returning robot masters that have been modified for aquatic activity.

No word yet on when it'll come out, but with Capcom cooperating on other mobile titles like 1942, Cash Cab and Where's Waldo?, there's a good chance we'll get some more details at E3.


Update: According to Capcom's press site, Mega Man Rush Marine is set to release Q3 of 2009, and the three above screenshots are concept images.

News Credit: Examiner