100K Strong: MML3 Concept Album Update & LiveStream News

601311_438390766235170_2018168174_nTwo quick updates for you from 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3. First, regarding the Mega Man Legends 3 Concept Album: As you might have noticed, that hit a bit of a snag, as BandCamp apparently has a "200 free download" limit before they begin charging for it, which was quickly reached. Being a collaborative work of several fans, this just wouldn't do, which is why we're now proud to host the download for free right here on The Mega Man Network.

The second thing is that 100K Strong is going to be doing a series of one-hour live streaming playthroughs of the series, starting with The Misadventures of Tron Bonne tomorrow, March 22nd, and every Friday after starting at 2pm PST/5pm EST, with prizes given away every other week. They'll be going for 100% completion in Ms. Tron's misadventure, then tackling the proper Legends games on Hard Mode, as well as a rare, playable beta of the original Mega Man Legends. "The beta only has around 10 minutes of content," they note, "but it still contains some very interesting aspects, such as a vastly different Apple Market."

Further details of the livestreams can be found here, while the stream itself can be viewed here.

Rockman Unity Wants Your 25th Anniversary Comments and Congrats

Good ol' Ucchy-san at Rockman Unity is getting a little celebratory plan in the works. He is asking all fans (well, technically all fans in Japan) to send in their comments aboutMega Man's 25th anniversary. The comments can pertain to things such as:

  • Congratulatory 25th anniversary comments
  • Your favorite Mega Man series
  • What is Mega Man to you?

You can send in your words by commenting on the Rockman Unity post, or via Twitter using the hash tag #ROCKMAN25. As for how the comments will be used, on December 17th, the very day of the anniversary, Rockman Unity will run a live stream from 7:30 to 8:30 PM Japan time (2:30 AM US Pacific time, 5:30 AM Eastern - a bit early, eh). If you're up, you'll be able to watch the show here.

I can't guarantee how many or if any comments from non-Japanese fans will be used, but if you have something to say, you've nothing to lose to make your voice heard. Apparently there is no real plan for the broadcast itself, but hopefully it will still be entertaining!

Watch the Great Grega Man Tackle Mega Man 10

This Friday, Capcom Unity continued their hands-on approach to looking back at 25 years of Mega Man with their Mega Man 10 live streamed playthrough. Robot Masters were beaten and prizes were handed out, but you can still catch all the action if you missed it. Could Grega Man overcome our devious challenges? Watch and find out!

Also, just in case you haven't been keeping track, part nine of Game Informer's Super Replay of Mega Man Legends 2, also featuring Grega Man, recently came out. Plenty more fun watching people getting paid to play video games!

Tune In to Capcom Unity Tomorrow for the Mega Man 7 Showdown

Feels like it's been a while, what with Comic Con and everything going on, but the Capcom Unity crew are getting back to their year of Mega Man live stream plays. This time it's Brelston who will be challenging Mega Man 7, Mega Man's big leap into 16-bit (Soccer was hardly a leap, sorry). Naturally there are prizes to be won; one lucky viewer may even find themselves walking away with a complete copy of Rockman 7!

Mega Man 7 holds a special place in my heart. It doesn't quite stand out among the other classics, but it has so much neat stuff going on; a lot of thought and detail to the weapons, stage gimmicks, enemies and so on. It's hard to believe they cobbled it all together in a scant three months, as Inafune once commented.

So be sure to jump to Capcom Unity tomorrow. Watch a fun Mega Man game, win some prizes, and see if Brelston will be able to clear the latest challenges!

1UP Hosting Mega Man X Retronauts Livestream Tonight

Just a heads-up, for those of you who like watching other people talk about games while playing games: 1UP is hosting a Mega Man X edition of their Retronauts call-in program tonight at 3:45 p.m. Pacific time/6:45 p.m. Eastern. Following their podcast, Jeremy "Toastyfrog" Parish, Christian Nutt of Gamasutra, and Scott "Solid" Sharkey will talk about the original game and the series it inspired for an hour, and will proceed to play the first game for another 30 minutes after that. Details are as follows:

  • Where to call: 415-547-8778. It's a U.S. number, but VOIP telephony shenanigans and other such trickery can help you keep international call costs down.
  • When to watch: Tomorrow (Friday, April 29) starting at 3:45 p.m. Pacific time (which, obviously, is 6:45 p.m. Eastern). We'll start taking calls about 15 minutes later! (If you're watching the show, you'll be able to tell when the phone lines open.)
  • Why to watch even after the podcast is over: Because Mega Man X is great, and we want to play it for you.
  • Why to watch: Because, like X, you can't help what wonder what you're fighting for. And we have the answers.

When the time comes, this is where you'll want to be for the show.

Another DASH For Charity

The guys at DASH Republic are at it again today. This time they are doing a 12 hour live-play of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, as well as the Rockman NEO demo to top it off. Furthermore, they have PayPal donations setup for the Japanese Red Cross so that you can contribute to the Touhou earthquake relief. Be sure to drop by and catch some Tron Bonne gameplay fun, and donate if you can!

Mega Man 22nd Birthday Live Stream now available for review

If you happened to miss the wonder Mega Man 22nd Birthday Live Stream, you can quit kicking yourself over it. Stickam now has the footage from the show in their archives in two parts, which you can enjoy here. And to those who have seen it, now you can relive the wonderful experiences like the Mega Man cake, Mega Man 10 gameplay footage, and good ol' Hironobu "Fail Man" Takeshita. Poor guy, I wonder if he'll ever live it down. Additionally the Japanese stream is available here.

Mega Man's Birthday Live Stream - Chat Live with Us! (Updated with Show Footage and Inafune Q&A)

What's better than watching Mega Man's 22nd live stream birthday party? Watching it and chatting about it with us Mega Man nerds! We'll be goofing around as the show goes on, and then update afterward with show highlights. So sit back and enjoy! UPDATE: The live chat is now over. Thank you everyone who came in and participated! It was very fun, maybe a little weird. Comments are now open for this post. We will post media and info from the show below.


Ariga's slice of Mega Man birthday cake, as seen on the Spiceman blog.

Update 2: Seems we forgot to include this in here, but Inafune did answer some questions presented to him from the Capcom*Unity, though for the two hours the show took, this portion was disappointingly short.

The first question was, naturally, about MegaMan Legends 3. Inafune jokingly responded that "if Ben Judd (one of the English co-hosts for the evening) would produce it, we could have a sequel."

Another question involved another possible move for Mega Man into 3D, which Inafune said would be difficult due to the different expectations which would be had by fans of 2D and 3D games. He added that there were some elements of 2D Mega Man which simply would not translate well into 3D. (If anything, X7 seems like proof of this to some degree.)

Asked about creating a new 16-bit Mega Man game in the style of Mega Man 7 for the Super NES, Inafune responded that 8-bit is where Mega Man was born, and he hasn't done everything that he wants to in that style yet. But in the future? He'll have to see where the series takes him.

Naturally, once Legends 3 was out of the way, a question regarding Mega Man X9 was inevitable (they should have simply combined every series into a single question). Inafune professed his love for the X series, but noted that he was quite busy at the moment, and has some different things he would like to do with Mega Man before heading back down that road.

Asked about the popularity of Mega Man 2 making a Mega Man 2 Powered Up possible, Inafune did not commit to the idea, but expressed a rather surprising amount of confidence toward the possibility of it happening.

Someone suggested the idea of Inafune creating a Mega Man game which uses hand-drawn artwork as Vanillaware's Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade do, and while he did like the idea to some degree, he said he would not wish to simply imitate that idea.

And shortly after that, the show ended. Capcom says they are archiving the video, however, so we'll post/link to it when they have it up.