Silver Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue Available for Preorder

silverIf you've got more money to spend on Mega Man commemorative goods, feast your eyes here. While preorders of the previous special edition Mega Man statue have already shipped and gone on sale at SDCC, this additional statue, featuring Mega Man and X in a silver colored finish, is now available for reserve on the Capcom Store. Standing nine and a half inches tall and weighing six pounds, it's a beast of a collector's item. The statue will run you $$99.95, and the expected shipment time frame is this summer. Only 1,000 will be made, so be sure to grab it if it really tickles your fancy!

Thanks for the tip, epyon396!

Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue Gets a Revamp

mmfigurecompare Capcom Unity is still underway preparing their limited edition Mega Man figure, and has added some photos of the updated build. Above you can see the changes, with the originally revealed figure on the left and the revamped figure on the right. The changes, and other details, are as follows:

  • Darker blue with more metallic finish
  • Both feet are flat so the figure can stand on its own
  • Revised base now reads Mega Man instead of Capcom
  • Intensified LEDs for buster and helmet
  • On/Off switch for base lights
  • Slightly revised face
  • Finished item will come inside E-Tank packaging

Brelston notes on Unity that the figure is still a work in progress, so there may more changes until the final goes on sale. While I do personally think the figure is looking fantastic, the eyes are a bit off! Hopefully they get fixed up for the final product. Speaking of which, if you want to snag one of these figures, you'll have to pre-order at the Capcom Store by April 21st, Sunday. Otherwise your only way to get one will be going to San Diego Comic Con.

Famitsu Rockman Xover Item Indicating a Near Release?

Presently, the iOS social game Rockman Xover still has the vague release date of Autumn in Japan (and no clue with regards to the west, but it is coming). However, a notice from Famitsu indicates the game may be coming out soon - as early as next week even. An issue of Famitsu App, a sister magazine to Famitsu Weekly that covers smartphones, releases next week on the 18th. This issue will contain "limited edition items" via serial code for a variety of games, including Rockman Xover. While this is no guarantee of release date, it would still be a bit odd for a magazine to publish a limited availability promotional item long before a game actually comes out.

Whatever the case may be, I am curious to finally try out the full version of Xover and see if the game lives up to all the, ehem... "hype."

News Credit: CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog

Rare Dot Straps at Wonder Festival Summer 2011

This week has certainly made a lot of people cry. But one group that's been precariously avoided thus far is collectors of all things Rockman. Well, now it's your turn! Cafe Reo and Union Creative are releasing two limited edition Dot Straps at this summer's Wonder Festival, scheduled to go on today only in Japan. The Dot Straps simply feature Rockman in Rolling Cutter and Ice Slasher color variations. Thing is, they are limited to only 300 units apiece. Good luck getting your hands on these, you'll need it!

News via CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog

Dimension Diver's limited edition Rockman and Roll figures

img_1689661_27051662_70Custom figure designer group Dimension Diver has crafted up what looks like some ultra cool Rockman and Roll figures. In fact, said figures were even featured recently in Replicant, a Japanese magazine that covers figures. Each figure is 11cm, and both come with stands and the respective coloring kits and eye decals. If you're looking to grab them, they'll be available May 6th at the Hobby Complex 07... in Tokyo. Have a bit of cash on hand too — the Rockman figure runs ¥7,000, while the Roll figure runs ¥8,000 (since ladies are generally more expensive). Getting both figures would run you roughly $150 — likely more if they land on auction. But man, seeing the detail in the figures, I think it'd be worth it News credit and magazine scans: AWD!